Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by ShadowWeaver2067 Jul 2, 2017
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Printed these front feet twice now, the front holes are too low and too close to the side of the printer by about 2-3mm. I've made them fit by drilling the hole out into a slot, and as I've used washers you can't really tell but it's still something that should be fixed

I am sorry, the original ones printed fine and worked on the model I had. ( I no longer have this as it was sold about 6 months ago) Apparently they have adjusted the manufacturing for some reason and I do not have a model to test by. If this continues and all the new ones are the way they are I will pull this from Thingiverse since it apparently is no longer relevant to the newer models. Sorry for the Inconvenience.

Printed the front feet for this and the holes for the front plate don't line up at all. I've tried printing it in multiple different orientations and it still won't fit properly. The hole if off by a few mm.

Is there a version without the feet and adjusters? To me, I don't find a leveled bed nearly as important as a trammed bed to the nozzle. You can actually print with a 3d printer on it's side if it's stiff enough.

You don't have to add the feet, it works fine without them.

Comments deleted.

Just got done making and installing this, makes it really nice and sturdy. Is there a tool holder for the Allen wrenches and scraper you would suggest since most mount where you have the upper brackets.

A question: Why there are no bottom supports for the middle frame?

And now that I look at the printed parts, it's a poor quality print... raft and supports still attached, no clean up at all, really bad surfaces. Despite waiting a month for this, it was obviously a rush job. I'd say this speaks to the quality of U3D's support and professionalism. I would be ashamed to sell a print of this quality and still call myself a maker.

I would recommend NEVER buying from ultimate3dprintingstore - there are lots of other sources.

Sorry, ShadowWeaver - you chose your business partner poorly.

I no longer produce the parts they are actually printed by the staff at U3D now. If you can email me at shadowweaver@charter.net I will work with you in reference this situation. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Here's what I read: "Do you need to struggle and try to print this yourself?
No, as I have partnered with Ultimate3dPrintingStore to offer both the Hardware and Printed parts for this for those that are new and struggling to get started. https://ultimate3dprintingstore.com/collections/brace-kits"

To me that means the kit (you partnered to produce) is supposed to come with the support rods. I just received one, and it does NOT include rods (or at least mine does not). Nothing here or on the order site indicates this is only the PLA parts - in fact, quite the opposite - the clear implication is that it comes with all of the parts needed. So what gives? Did I just pay $30 for something I could have printed for $3? I ordered the "kit" because I wanted to be sure to get the right length rods.

(I also did not get the red version which the web site clearly states is the one they ship ... but I like the color I got so I'm not dinging on that)

Have you made a video on assembling the parts yet? Is that something in the works? Thank you for sharing these, the parts are coming out great!

Unfortunately the individual that was supposed to do an install video has not done so as of yet and I do not know when they will. Sorry I do not have better answer.

I am having problems getting the front feet to line up with the existing holes? I have cleaned out the groove for the face plate but it will not slide high enough to allow the screws to go back in.

Can you take pics of your machine front from the bottom so that I can check...the front feet should line up unless there has been a manufacturing change or the legs were scaled in the slicer software. I have printed and sold 20+ sets so far and they all fit the Wanhao Duplicator I3 Plus...I cannot guarantee the monoprice or other rebranded versions as I do not have a hard copy of them to test the parts on. When you take the pics please send to shadowweaver@charter.net and I will take a look and see what may be the problem also show a pic of where you have tried to install it so that I can see the line up issue. Thanks and look forward to helping you out if I can.
Shadow Weaver

You bet, I will try and send some in the next few days. It may have been the orientation I printed the parts in as well. I did manage to get them installed in the end and the kit works Great!

Hello. I am looking to buy this kit:


The description reads as though it is only a purchase of the printed pieces. I am looking for a kit that includes the hardware. Do you know if there is one which has the hardware? (hardware and printed parts or hardware only will do as I can print the pieces if needed)



While this kit is designed for the SWD1 frame 95% of the parts are there for the kit. Only missing Items would be the M4 or M5 screws on the front and back plates I cannot remember the size as its been a few months. But the metal rod and the nuts and m3 screws needed are all there. For this kit and you will have to print your own parts. If you need them printed as well contact me here at Shadowweaver@charter.net Thanks and I hope this helps you out.

Hello, I am getting ready to print this and is how you have them oriented above how you suggest they are printed? I just want them to be as accurate as possible. Thanks! Awesome design :)

Do you have any plans to make "center" feet / leveling feet? (Is there a reason to?)

I did make center leveling feet on the V2 version as the way it connected was slightly different than how the plus connects. I can modify the V2 feet to fit the plus as it is designed with levelers already.
Considering the stability of the plus base, as it does not rack and roll like the V2 does, the center leveling feet really are not needed but if you request I can modify the V2 set for you.

If it's not neccesary, then I'm not sure that you should bother. Given there are only two screws holding it in place on each side, I've kind of wondered about how "secure" it really is (even with the Z braces.) But, if nobody's having issues, then nobody's having issues!

Hey - just a heads up, on download the filename starts with "SWD2." I'm not sure where that originates, but you might be able to fix it?

That apparently is Thingiverse grouping the files and putting them together in 1 zip file. I only uploaded them singularly so the individual uploads should be accurate and sound as those are the files I used to print the initial set on my printer at home.

Hi, this works for monoprice maker select plus with the touch screen? Website says it doesn't?

Where? as I will need to adjust the text to say it does the above kit does work with the Monoprice Maker Select Plus and The Wanhao i3 Plus with touch screen. Sorry for the typo if there is one.

Dude, I just made comments on this, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1549403. Ask if my monoprice select plus will fit, now you have another design, that's awesome! Maybe this will fit mine. right? What I noticed here is that the z-brace is on the other side. I am using Cura should I need to do some adjustments in the settings?


Yes, this will fit the Monoprice Select Plus it was designed for it and the Wanhao Duplicator I3 Plus.

Sorry I am confused. Just now I have seen 4 holes for rear and front on your design. Thank you.

Sorry not sure I understand as the SWD2 Kit and the SWD3 Kit both use the same top mount pcs.
Neither are designed to mount from the front of the machine.
So, I am not sure I am following what you are trying to do.
Please send a photo of the top of your frame on the side and a full front view.

If you are trying to make your z-braces for the front I have not made a front mount Mod for the Plus as of yet.
Yes there is a difference from the side mount top pcs and the front mount top pcs.
The length of the wings that align the rods are different so they would not line up on the front.

Sorry, I do not know how to send/ upload a photo here yet. I like to make my z-brace on rear but the 2 bolts on each side of the frame align in front. I will find a way to send you pictures. Cheers!


Hi, just sent 3 pictures to your mail. Thanks.

Ok I see where you are confused, two of the holes go all the way through, those are for mounting to the z-brace. The other two holes do not go all the way through those are for the top mount cover cap to mount after you have assembled and set the z-brace to cover up the ends of the bolts. The part that the threaded rod goes through is to be mounted to the outside of the frame for proper line up. Hope that helps.

Thanks, it helps me a lot one more request can you send me pictures in which I can see the 2 bolts. I mean before the cover
So, your SWD3 kit fits all to my monoprice select plus. right? Sorry for taking your time man just want to make sure I am going to print it correctly.

There is a picture in the SWD2 kit that show the top corner of the frame with the top bracket mounted and the bolts mounted to the frame. I did not realize I had not put the same type of picture in this kit will need to update this, this evening when I get home. But if you go to my SWD2 kit and look for the picture that shows how the threaded rod mounts to the top it will make more sense to you. The top of the brace for the SWD2 kit and the SWD3 kit are exactly the same no difference.

Just trying this out. Noticing a couple of things. 1/4-20 x 3/4 long bolts heads didn't fit in my printed feet. I ended up using M6 x 20mm bolts with M6 nuts for that bit. And the nut caps have the supports built in so you just need to twist those out if it's not obvious.

The 1/4-20 fit fine on my feet, which slicer were you using and what were your settings for the print. minor over extrusion will create a smaller opening which would force the M6 bolt and nut substitute. Another thing that will create smaller openings is Print Orientation different slicers can cause oblong openings if the hole is printed from the side vs standing up. Hope you like the model otherwise.