Primaris Bolt Rifle & Pistol

by aaskedall Aug 18, 2017
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Based on my caliper measurements of a replica glock, printing this at 50% size will make it fit nicely in the hand of someone who isn't a giant gorilla-man with three lungs.

For Scale, this was printed on an Ender 3 at 80%

I am 6ft2 with large hands, so yeah, even at 80% its pretty damn big, but that works fine as yes, its supposed to be big.

I did at 20infil, 0.2 res with raft and support and took around 11hrs overnight.

will post whole thing when done

Great file so far. Thank you for your hard work doing it

Yeah, 100% is space marine size. Glad you are digging it so far, excited to see the result.

Do you have an stl of all the parts combined?

Great model! I've printed the pistol version in 93% scale (about best I can do on my printbed) on my MK3 and I just finished the last piece. I'll post it as a make when the guy I'm printing it for puts it together and paints etc.

One thing though. I think I've found an error in the _Pistol-Version-Front file. The top barrel doesn't seem to be quite right on the left side where it attaches to the base and the bottom of the front sight (see pics). Sli3erPE doesn't see it as a wall. With 'detect thin walls' on you get more, but not everything. I tried correcting it in CAD, which did work, but all I have is Tinkercad, and that introduced a bunch more artifacts lol.

Thanks for printing and commenting. I'll have to check out the cad files. Good catch!

I'm having a similar problem. the piston tube/front sight assembly is being printed as a separate part with some gaps in its structure.

That being said, it is an awesome project and I greatly appreciate your hard work.

due to the outrageous size of this thing it would be very easy to convert it to be able to fit all the internals of an air-soft gun inside.

Is the Magazine removable? as in a lock and click mechanism? If so then all you have to do is hollow it out so that something like an M4 mag can fit inside :D

if you are able to convert this into a airsoft rifle I would like to see it in action

The magazine comes out but no click mechanism.

This is way too awesome

hey can i ask the measurements of assembled maybe added to the thing details, for 3 versions with scope, without scope, pistol and preferably in mm if in inches ill google it.
measure points i would like
-back of back-metal to front of muzzle break length
-bottom of pistol grip to top of back-metal, breach and one top of scope height
-left side of middle breach/body/receiver and right side thickness
this would make scaling easier before dumping in the filament
greatly appreciate it as i too fell in love with the new bolt rifle on the primaris bois

I will try and get to those measurements. You also can just dump all the parts on the build plate and see which is over the build volume the most and scale all the .stls to the same percent.

This is hectic bro

Your pistol grips appear to be a little too large. I loaded them up in Cura and they look like they are about 10 inches long from bottom to top. It is almost the width of my print bed of my Taz 6.

Primaris Space marines have big ass hands. could scale it all down 80 / 90%

Good point - you did mention the model was quite large - I just didn't realize you had designed it to that extent.
Can't wait to give this one a shot.

hey i was just wondering if you could provide me a file of the complete 3d model as one thing? as i was looking to convert it into a pepakura file and unfold it. obviously i would credit you for the original model

Hey if you ever get that pepakura file made I'll love to use it for making cosplay

hey there, so I actually designed it modular to start, so I didn't cut it down from a bigger model :( You could maybe combine them all in another piece of software and merge the stls?

Loved this model, lots of fun to print and looks fantastic painted! We need a printable helmet, next :)

Thanks! The make looks awesome, lucky kid!. If i do a helmet i'll let you know :)

holy shit that is fucking awesome!


Can you tell us what percentage infill you were using for varius parts? I am figuring somewhere between 10-15% infill for most parts.

I did about the same. Really the only part that takes the brunt of the leverage is the pistol grip. I'd do 3 shells and 15% infill next time I print one.

I'm using Simplify3D on a FF Creator Pro and for some reason the 2 ribs on the pistol grip are not printing properly. Looking at the layers in the preview mode it appears that the rib locations are hollow and the ribs themselves are being printed as thin unattached strips and this is indeed how it is printing. Any hints on fixing? After taking it off the bed I also notice about a 2mm gap between the top of the grip and the attaching slide rail.

I just ran them through netfabb and reuploaded, and they still seem to have an error or two but they may work better for you. I created them in blender and it is a jerk for making water tight meshes sometimes. The other option would be to run it through a site like makeprintable.com or download meshmixer and do a "makesolid" command. I hope this helps!

Thanks for taking a look at them. I'll give it another try.

Well, I would love to buy it but for some reason I can't get the files to work with 3dhub...

That is a bummer! You can download them and find a hub near you on their site.

Now you need to make Chaos weapons :)

Anything for you bae

Sooo, about those Chaos versions.....

you use brim on all the parts ?

I printed everything with Rafts. It's the default on the printers to help hold the model down from curling.

WoW, that's F N awesome ! well done, this is a must print for me......although it will take me a while, I don't have a farm....lol

Ha yes, one of the perks from my job! Can't wait to see it printed brother.

Purge Brother!