E-11 Stormtrooper Blaster - Return of the Jedi (ROTJ)

by mh319 Jul 2, 2017
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Where I find Blaster Builder's club pipe templates? Images in files has a very low resolution. Many thanks for the model!

Hi there

Thank you for modelling this, am just about to give it a try at printing, how did you fit the pipe part into the printer, it is way to big for mine and I wouldn't have thought it would fit in a prusa i3 mk2 either

thank you in advance

Hey lysaer!

Thanks for your interest! to answer you question, i had to cut it up into sections using the cut function in Slic3r, just make sure when you do so you make sure you can line everything back up again! :)

Hi there

Brilliant, thank you

I haven't used Slic3r but I am sure S3D and Cura have a similar option

I don't see where the rear_Pin goes. I'm guessing it has something to do with the Rear piece but I can't figure it out. Great design though! Looking forward to finishing it

Hey there! I think that's part of the stock! if its a long pin it the bit that attaches the butt on. all the holes and pins are made to measure so you should be able to tell which pins go in which holes by lining them up and having a look :) dont forget to post a make once your done!

should be 1:1 :)

Missing the pattern on the handle..

if i ever figure out how to model it then i shall add it :) however in the mean time feel free to model it yourself and add it as a remix! :)

yep i will add with fusion 360 and pattern function

:D cant wait to see it!

Does the folding stock work on this design?

unfortunately not, was thinking of doing that but it prooved too challenging for the time I had

Just to let you know the end caps do not fit the inside diameter of the new pipe design.
Otherwise I am enjoying getting it built. I have also done some mods to include led lights in the front of the pipe section and a laser that are both activated with the trigger. :-) thanks for sharing.

I posted the corrected pieces

thanks for letting me know! i'll get on a fix as soon as i am able :) looking forwards to seeing your blaster done, doing it for any clubs? or just cos it's awsome ;)

haha, ya its just that its awesome and I am a star wars fan from way back. Cheers :-D I will either post pics before I paint or after...

Are there any instructions how to assemble it?

I'm sorry I haven't had the time to make any. of start by gluing the pipe parts together, then add the end caps. from there it real is just a matter of sticking the parts on in the right place. of your worried about placement, then I'd suggest starting from one end and using something like blue tack to make sure everything is where you want it before you stick it down perminantly.
hope this helped!

Oh no! Its beautiful!!

Damn, you are awesome, Mel. Fantastic model! Now I really have to get my printer going again.

Great model! Well done.
Have you printed this one yet?
Also just because I am nitpicky, those U track should be rounded instead of squared.

Mk.2 Uploaded! many thanks! ^_^

hey! thanks :)
yeah I have printed one, waiting in the pipe and time To put it all together though :p

I'll have a look at the u tracks! good spot! :)