Blasthook Gunship (28mm)

by SebTheis Jul 2, 2017
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Love your models! Would love to see a Stormtalon!

I'd love to leave a tip as I'm 3d modeller and I know it takes time to makes these. However, I'm using Prusa Control Slicer for Prusa i3 mk3, and a lot of these STL are broken with no calculated vertices. I've been trying to fix normals, remove doubles etc... Nothing works for some of these. I have tried the Imperial Knight you made as well, and I can't get past certain broken parts. What's the solution for these parts?

This is a common issue of overlapping meshes. Can't you slice with Cura ?
If you still can't find a solution let me know. I'll merge the meshes for you

...correct size? I'm printing one and is obviously smaller than stormtalon :S

Mine is 11cm long (without front weapon) and 12cm wide

I'm not 100% sure of the size. If you have some measurements I'll be glad to resize my model

Comments deleted.

I'm painting it right now. It begins to look really cool

Do you happen to know if the canopy fits the GW model? (I am in need of a replacement)

I have no idea (as i dont have a real Stormtalon for test)

Thanks. I'll print one off and find out! I'll let ya know

It is the ST_Tail Right file missing?

I didn't post it as it was a symmetry of the left one. You can mirror the part with your slicer

uploaded a repaired version of the body. could you give it a try ?

Ill give it a shot, there are also issues with many of the stls in the package. If you want i can go through them all to see which ones need to be repaired.

oops don't print the "repaired" version, there are some details missing.
I'll try to correct everything tonight

uploaded main hull repaired 2 - 2017/07/24

Do you have in your slicer an option like "merge volumes" ? It should help a lot. I didn't have any trouble using CURA

using Simplify3D, no option for that as they are REALLY slow to upgrades and new features

If you have this issue only on first layer this means that the surface is detected as non plane. Try cutting 0,1 or 0,2 of the part in your slicer. For example in cura apply a negative Z translation of the part. If the problem is still there I will check the mesh.
Or perhaps is there a slight angle between print bed and the part?

Looks fantastic, I'm really enjoying your models! They are being queued up much quicker than my printer can work :). Keep up the great job!

One of the noticeable differences is the 3 exhausts under the body (4 on the original).
I have been modeling this with a base model found on the net + many additional details and modifications, inspired by pictures of this gunship.

Thanks for your comment

Fantastic job! Hard to tell the difference between the GW model and this one just by the pictures! Can't wait to print one!