Easy to print T33 jet trainer aircraft scale model esc: 1/64

by guaro3d Jul 3, 2017
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great model, but Tail_FIX.stl is in wrong scale. I wanted print model downscaled to the 1/72 scale. All other files i scaled to 88.89%. But Tail_FIX.stl must be down to only 1.39% instead od 88.89% and still need some putty.


hello dear sir

i just downloaded the T33, and tried to print it, but the tail_fix part is too scaled too large, and does not fit the rest of the plane? do you have any idea on what i might be doing wrong here?



I am getting this same issue. The tail fix is too large. I even opened it in windows 3d builder using mm measurements and it is HUGE.

Hi Marc, just checked the model and all the parts are ok. Make sure you are not using some sort of automatic scaling on your software since some parts are small, the software might scale them up trying to convert them to inches (I know that Simplify3d does this, and Cura sometimes). Let me know how it goes, which software are you using?

hi again...

all parts are ok when i open them up in slic3r prusa edition, except the tail fix part, i get s message that it is too large and that he has to reduce the size so it fits on the build plate...

will do some more trial and error finding tomorrow...



I buyed your Pucara. Beautiful!!!
Any A-4 skyhawk, hawker hunter or mirage III on the pipeline?

Great, thanks for the support, the A4 is already developed (sponsorship by a client) I just uploaded to cults3D (I can't paste link here but it should be easy to find in cults3D search). The mirage III is going to be free, I will publish it in two days (I am from Venezuela and I am trying to develop the aircraft of our air force for free, so expect the Sukhoi Su-30, the F-16 and a few others free too).

For the Hawker Hurricane I don't have it on my list yet, but we could arrange a kind of sponsorship for it, greetings, again thanks for the support, it means a lot

Great work!!! Already bought!!!

Thanks! If you have any suggestions or want me to do some sort of modification to the model let me know. I have just published the DASSAULT SUPER ETENDARD too. Greetings

Dollar exchange rate is gonna kill me this month.....

Thanks for your support!, I really apriciate it

I'm the one who requested it. I've printed out a copy and will post a finished make in a few weeks. Thanks!

Great to hear man! thanks for your interest

très beau travail, il serait beau en RC !

Ce serait bien, si vous voulez que nous pouvons développer le modèle RC ensemble, je peux le concevoir, mais je besoin de quelqu'un pour le tester, je n'ai pas assez de ressources pour le tester moi-même.

Just in case: It would be great, if you want we can develop the RC model together, I can design it, but I need someone to test it, I do not have enough resources to test it myself.


Thank you for this nice proposal but I'm a verry
Bad RC driver.
I just get it with quadcopter which is well stabilized Yuneec Q500 and my other little Tarot ROBOCAT 250 that I often break because too optimism in my driving!

I really think there are some good RC riders on plane.

sorry for my English

I like it but it looks like the tail part is missing a hole for the guide.

You are right, it has been fixed now. Thanks for your interest. Greetings

Awesome models!!!!!

thanks a lot!

Good. As expected.


thanks! couldn't be doing it without your support!