FlashForge Finder Simple Filament Reel Holder

by TimmyTopHat Jul 3, 2017
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Was able to print everything just fine. I extended the spool holder end ever so slightly just in-case it wouldn't hold my filament. Can confirm, it holds an Amazon PLA 1kg filament spool just fine. I ended up having to hammer in the supports to the base. The filament feeder arm didn't want to stay attached to the rest of the assembly when printing. A little bit of gorilla glue keeps it in place. No complaints really, it's a great solution to the small filament enclosure pre-build.

I just made this, and it is fantastic. The pieces fit together well on the whole. I had to widen the aperture where the filament feed tube goes using a 1/4 drill bit, but it worked just fine after that. Thank you for posting this! I had ordered a bunch of filament (I just started with the whole 3d printing thing) and didn't expect my new spools not to fit my printer (Flashforge Finder) cartridge/housing. I was about to buy a spool holder...when it occurred to me I'm probably not the first one with this problem, and I looked here. It works great! I'll post pictures later.

I just printed everything as is, no scaling and one of the arms wouldn't go in with light hammering... and broke apart. The part that took 3.5 hours to print ... UGH

And the one side that went in wont come out now. So I'm going to have to reprint 4 pieces.

Was hoping this would fit together without modifications, but can't get any parts to align. Flashforge Finder.

Works well, thank you, but probably I'll make modified version of the filament arm so it will connect the hooks. Makes the structure somewhat stronger.

for some reason my filament guide tube doesn't fit inside the hole

That's odd. Did you apply any scaling? What is the diameter of your guide tube?

TimmyTopHat - I wanted to give you a T$P for creating this file but it said you weren't set up to receive $. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this file. Aloha from Hawaii!

This is a life saver! Only one problem - the arm holding the spool is too big for some of my spools. Is there a way to make this part customizable or even just like 5-10mm smaller?

I've never tinkered with scripted CAD files, but I'm going to be updating this project in the next few days (hopefully), so I'll add holder sizes that conform to different reel sizes, if not script it.