Replicator Foot with Grip Pad

by garyacrowellsr Jun 3, 2012
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I'm in Australia and couldn't find the gripper pads you recommended but I found a cheap Chinese brand which fit perfectly. Details here for anyone looking for them: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sahrchitect/8356281855/in/photostream/http://www.flickr.com/photos/s...

In case anyone is curious... By modifying the openscad file to widen the gaps to 6.35mm and move the gripper "bumps" by 0.7mm, this foot will work on an Ultimaker.

Also, Canadian WalMarts carry the correct pads, but under a different name. Here they are sold under the brand "Shepperd", #3602.

cool! good to know. It's really neat when stuff crosses over between different machines.

Great design! These fit so perfectly snug with the walls, I feel much better with these on than the old rubber tubes :) Plus, they look snazzy!

These are great. Thank you. Unfortunately I bought the wrong gripper feet from Lowes and though they are "non-skid" they skid more than the actual Rubber feet. So I would suggest the rubber not the foam. But it's an easy fix. Peel the bad ones off and put the new rubber ones on. Thanks again.

Nice! I have to confess that I've been getting tired of losing and re-finding the feet for the Replicator every time I move it. And since I've been taking it to demo with the local 'hacker' club, and some local tech shows, I'm amazed I haven't lost the feet already.

The bumps on the sides are a clever idea. I'm going to steal them!

These feet work really well, using foam rubber discs on the insert section improved the noise levels on the Replicator. Also these do not fall off when you move the Replicator, great work thanks :)

Definitely better than the stock rubber tubes. I used some soft black rubber feet I had laying around, and the printer has a solid hold on my desk. Best of all, the feet don't fall off when I move the printer. Thanks!