Spyda 500 Hexacopter

by Gyrobot Feb 6, 2014
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I have never built a drone before. but ball park idea of payload capacity? I k ow it depends on motor prop pitch and what not. just looking for ballpark vs the quad version

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Can you provide .iges files on some other format that is compatible with Fusion 360? I want to make some changes to suit my wants and needs. I really don't want to draw the plates again. I will be using your arms as they are. This looks like a very nice design and seems to be a logical step up from a F450 quad. I have just finished the F450.

Uploaded in step format, please see new file.

Thank you, that is just what I needed. I will make my modifications, when I have printed the necessary parts and assembled the hexacopter I will post this as a remix.

Printed this out, how did you mount the arms tot he plates?

The standard DJI Arms have nut inserts that can accept machine screws through the plate. Otherwise, print the arm model attached and use self tapping course threaded wood screws and let them make their own thread in the arms.

Sounds like what I envisioned, just making sure my file didn't fuck up. my print :) 4 on top 2 on bottom...seems odd, but I guess it will have to work!

I am French.
Sorry for my limited English .
I find your drone modeling , great.
I will like to know if you had stolen ? ( Engine, propeller, ... )
If so, what equipment did you use?

Thank you

I especially like the flying out to sea pic. lol. Cutting one this weekend.

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I would love to see a mini version of this. Using 1806 motors. I have motors and esc's on the way and this design would make a great mini hexacopter.

I don't have a 3D printer and I would like someone to print it for me if it can be done. The only bad thing is I'm 67 and on a fix income. It look like it would be fun to fly.

hi what did you use for a plastic I would take the FMD12 its flexiebel and light
do you think that would be a good material ?
mfg julius

I don't like the sound of flexible, the frame and arms should be a stiff as possible.

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Nice design. However, the slots don't line up with the bottom screws with genuine arms. The top holes and slots all line up. The bottom slots would need to be about 1mm closer.

I might try scaling this down a few percentage points to make a "bottom plate"

Hi, thank you for printing so far. I have just check the model and the outer part of the slots are for the upper plate screws and the inner part of the slots are for the lower plate screws, due to the slight pitch differences on the stock DeeJayEye arms.

I have the top pitch of the arms at 23mm and lower pitch at 21mm.

If you are experiencing problems, can you PM me with your email address so we can swap photos?

Many thanks,

Hey I was wondering, if i do this hexacopter could i use de Spyda 500 Quadcopter Accessory Pack?

The picture of your laser cuttable plate file makes it look kind of iffy... have you considered running it through 123D make? You can put in the stl and get out a really nice DXF. Also just wondering why the outer holes are ovals rather than circles like the inner ring?

Have you had any issues with the .dxf files? The profile render that you see above is from the Thingiverse generated content and does not represent the quality of the DXF curves.

The holes are slotted due to the DJI stock arms having a slightly different hole pitch for the lower and upper plates. I made them slotted so that the same plate can be used for either sandwich.

Are these arms the same as those on the f450/ 550.
I have a F550 which I'm looking to convert to a spider hex.

They are indeed the same arms.

i might just have to build this one

Hi again.Im printing it at last.Ardupilot incoming, can you tell me what motors can be good for him? Minimum and maximum power KV? I wild like he flight better he can.
Thanks a lot.Anxious to finish it.

DJI Brushless Motor, 2212, 920kv

Thanks a lot friend.You are the boss !!

I have started to print the parts to put one of these together. First body panel is almost done.
It should be an interesting toy to set up.

I have been distracted by a couple of other projects. Now I'm back to this one. So far I have both body panels and one arm printed. Looks good so far. It will be a good size. Big enough to easily see, and deal with wind. But small enough to load in the back of the car. I will upload photos when I assemble the body.

i want to mill the bottom and top out of Carbon. How can i convert the files in a .dxf file?

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Thanks a lot!

hi man.
Im scaling whit repetier for print in prusa but no easy.I prefer real size and printed in PLA. I m working in a new printer and is nearly finish.Waiting for the Spyda 500 !!!! Ardupilot board gonna ride this hexa. Motors i think 1000kv its good.
Thanks for sharing xdd

i gonna do one hexa right now. ouyeah

Go for it please, I would love to see.

I wish this would fit my bed I would build one for everyone to see how they fly

I can be scaled down, and then you can print the arms scaled down too, smaller motors/props etc!!!

I love the look but are the motor centers following a circle and evenly spaced? Boards like the kk2 can be programmed to fix non symmetrical designs but if you put a naza onboard, you'll get some funky dipping when applying yaw.

In the description, : "8" Props are positioned on a 500mm diameter circle, hence the name.
They are all evenly spaced, except the gap between the front two which have been pitched rearwards to open the view for FPV.
I wouldn't use the NAZA (lite) anymore due to flyaway problems I have had, I now use Ardupilot.

It's the front spacing change that will cause unwanted effects and the two front motors to work harder. The FC would expect those motors to have a specific % of lift for the frame and by moving them back so far, your reducing the leverage of those motors. I'm certain it will fly, but I'd expect custom mixing to be required for perfect behavior. Nice design work either way.

I appreciate your valid comments, which also applies to my previous design, the Spyda 500 Quadcopter. However within the FC board the accelerometers detect unwanted pitch, roll and yaw and then continually adjust the motor speeds to keep the machine level. This is exactly what happens if the COG wasn't central either, after a camera or battery is added. Perfect COG and motor positioning is always a nice requirement but I guess some factors are more important than others for FPV flying. The downside will be less manoeuvrability and reduced battery performance, if these are the highest weighted requirements then a perfect star shape hex is best to build, with an under-slung camera.

Personally I prefer the look of this, along with the easy to orientate shape and a free view forward of the machine. I don't want my Go-pro camera underneath, taking the brunt of heavy landings. I guess everyone's mileage varies as the saying goes.

Thanks for your comments.

Does this thing actually work? Never seen one with so many props!

hi, Looks cool. what for electronic i Need to assamle a functional hexcopter? greetings smuk

I would recommend the Ardupilot every time.

i am very new in this .. i found this (3DR ArduPilot Mega APM2.6 Flight Controller for Multirotor) is the 2.6 Version the rigth one? i also nee 6 Motors som wires to connet an a accu .. or?
do you know a good side where i can read about this stuff?

Yes, the APM is the Ardupilot, Google is your friend when it comes to research. Motors, speed controllers, batteries, transmitter, receiver, then its the world of upgrades. Try fleabay.