Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus E3d V6 Effector

by grantp69 Jul 6, 2017
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Would you recommend this as a first, beginner printer?

No I would recommend a cartesian style printer first. They are easier to set up understand.

What printer would you recommend for under $200 ish?

Something like a Tevo Tarantula.

I heard that was dangerous

All kits in that price range could be described as dangerous. They all have corners cut somewhere. I got an anet A8 that definetly has its safety issues. They can be upgraded and improved and you should budget for that and do a little research into upgrades to make them safer.

The anycubic i3 mega is another one to look at.

I was considering the Anycubic Kossel or the Tronxy x1, and I've reasercved for a year or two. I'm getting one for a 14 year old

The anycubics are ok. Safer than most out of the box but there are still mains wiring to be done so I would recommend overviewing that part of the build.

I'm confident he could do all the machine, but is the wiring soddering and do you need electronics experience, or is it just put this socket here, etc. ?

They are mostly follow this step next step ect. Not all have great instructions. The anycubic did. Electronic experience isnt required but useful if something dosnt work. Choose one that has a good facebook community. The anet a8 has one of the best and most responsive.

Ok. Thanks for the advice! I'll let you know when I get whatever one I decide

Did you get this from gearbest? If not where and how much was the shipping? Thanks

I got my anycubic from amazon. I have used gearbest, they are mostly OK.

Is the Anet A8 good to start out with

Yes but for satety you should do the following. Add an external mosfet for the heat bed. Upgrade the psu to 360w and replace power cables to 14 or 16 awg silicon wire and crimp all connections. Find the facebook group and join. Full of helpful advice.

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