EggBot or Robot Easter eggs

by Trigubovich Jul 6, 2017
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I love your design! Any chance of sharing the design STEP files?

(is pretty cool)

I just find a way to use CNC V4 board, with aurdiono nano, with Inkscape Egg bot plugin

Egg Bot CNC v4, 608 Bering, Arduino NANO

Anyone have Arduino Nano anc CVC V4 Board working firmware ?

Hi there, i'm looking for functional version of firmware for CNCv4.
I tried EggBot_Trigubovich_Update_CNC-V4, which does nothing on console command SM,1000,200,200 (only says OK).
I tried EggBot_Nema17_myUpdate_CNC-V4 which rotates rotors (after repining cables) - it looks OK.

But i have issue with Inkscape inkscape-0.92.4-x64 - there is no communication with eggbot while trying to controll eggbot.
Do you have any idea, please?

Thank you for reply.

I have noticed one main difference between the original Eggbot and your design: the arm stepper motor is not height adjustable. with the height adjustment Eggbot allows for change to the radius of the curve the pen tip is following. Does that make any difference or is the error it creates negligible? I have noticed that so far all the Eggbot derivatives here on thingiverse have omitted that feature.

Hello. Take a look at my remix. I missed the same feature, and changed a view other things. It is often worth looking for the remixes.

Eggbot remix/ extension

Hello! I am print parts for this now - I was wondering what all those small black parts are that you have on the units in the pictures? (looks like shims around the tailstock, at the end of the adjusment handle and on the end of the bearing cover.. )

Yes exactly, felt pad.

solidworks drawings help

hi.do you add laser firmware and stl file?

I updated your firmware. But 2 step did not working, I used arduino nano+ cnc shield v4 +step 17PM-K483-p3Vs(2.1v, 1.8A, 1.8deg), + inkscape 0.91with Extension Eggbot_250A. PLEASE HELP ME !

or change in previous firmware:

//Pen Stepper:

define step2 3

define dir2 6


define step2 6

define dir2 3

I tried and it works, but not exactly. I think maybe by extension of Inkscape, you can give me your eggbot_extesion. I tested with "Manual Command" then ok. but Plot not exactly.

Inkscape 0.92
EggBot 2.7.1

try this attached *.svg file with my settings

if this size is big for you,
it means your controller does not use mikrostep

this is a problem found in CNC shield V4

It not change, may be my Nano was faulty.

can be fixed if you have a soldering iron

How to fix? Or I will try uno + shield v3?

I think that best try with shield V3

please send me your firmware

Do I need to change your extension inkscape?

Tks you very much!

hello experts, I need your help. How to set all MS1,MS2,MS3 to be HIGH in order to get 16 microsteps? I used Arduino CNC shield V3.

/* MS1 | MS2 | MS3 Microstepping Resolution
L | L | L -> Full Step
H | L | L -> Half Step
L | H | L -> Quarter Step
H | H | L -> Eighth Step
H | H | H -> Sixteenth Step


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Nice design!

How does the egg clamping assembly go together?
I'm assuming I should tap a thread into the Tailstock_holder, thread the rod through and then use M5 nuts to secure the bearings to the threaded rod. Then slide over the bearing cover, and push a suction cup into the end.

Does this sound close?

Also, what is the purpose of the part Flag_mount.stl?


yes it sounds close

1.screw the M5 rod into the hole
2.screw the nut m5
3.put the bearing
4.screw the nut m5
5.place the suction cup in the bearing cover
6.put bearing cap on bearing

Flag_mount - This is the place where you can set the flags of your country )

Thanks for the reply, and the cool design!
I'll post up pics of my make when I get it finished.

just printed most of this, then i realized i have one nema 17 and one nema 23 motor... any chance you can modify the rotation mount to accept a nema 23 motor?

Ok, let me time.
Approximately 2 days.

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this project is beautiful,
I thought you might be interested in my project, it's a lamp printer.
what do you say?
thanks bye

si seria excelente y como estaría el proceso...

Hola, gracias por la respuesta.
es una lámpara de impresora, la luz blanca solidifica una resina de fotopolimerización.
si desea más información, puede escribir a jessica.baroto@politronica.eu, que responderá a todas sus preguntas
gracias, nos vemos pronto

Hi Trigubovich,

I want to build your version of a eggbot.
You wrote "Aluminum rod 6mm, length 160 mm or more" in the parts list but if I have measured the STL (and my test print) the holes are bigger. (About 6,3 - 6,4mm)
May it possible you have used 1/4" (6,35mm) rod?

Regards, Dirk

Hi NixToDo,

I used a 6 mm rod and in my case (I mean print settings) it was very tight.
Such settings as - the width of the layer, the feed of the extruder, the temperature, all this affects the size


Hi Trigubovich,

Perfect design!
But i have the same problem with it - hole tolerance. I have steel rods which are perfectly 6mm. And my printer is really calibrated and it prints with 0.1 tolerance (PLA). Is it possible for you somehow to change those holes to 6mm exactly?
Or maybe you could add source files i could do it myself.

ok, tomorrow I will make changes.

Comments deleted.

Thanks for the beautiful design!

And thanks for the recently uploaded files - I do have some questions on these, though:
is it just me or does "CNC_V4_holder.stl" actually consist of two components of which one appears to be floating?

Similarly with PEN_HOLDER_for_GRBL.stl: excellent to have holes in the arm for screws - nice!
But: it would probably be a challenge to print them like that and have them function, right?

Regards, T.

Hi Thingi_Verse.

Thanks for the positive feedback.
Made as separate parts.


thank you :)
that was quick!

It looks like the threaded rod should go through the tailstock holder, but hole does not go all the way through. Is this correct?

Yes, it is true
The cover is closed with a thin layer of 0.5mm
in order not to print support material
this layer is easily removed

If you look at the tailstock stl file, you will see the blockage is in the center, not either end. This does nothing for stopping support material (which can be turned off in most slicing programs).

You can not correctly print this part without support, if there is not this layer.
If you use support, then this layer is not needed.

Do you have any assembly instructions?

I did not do the assembly instructions
ask, answer all questions

It looks like there is a threaded rod (or very long screw) used, but I don't see it in the parts list.

added - Threaded rod M5, length 70-80mm

This is a great looking design and I actually own an genuine Egg-Bot. I fully intend on printing and building one of these for my son's class after I'm done printing your Combination Lock (v2) :)

I'm curious as to what code you are running on your UNO R3, is it the Spherebot code?


Hi Jarrod,
thanks for your feedback.

I was guided by this:


If there are difficulties with the firmware,
ask again.

Good luck to you

Has anyone tried this firmware with the adafruit motor shield V1?

need to try on the weekends

do you have instructions from the cabeling and firmware?
Thx Christian

1.Firmware - Grbl 0.9,
2.Vector editor - inkscape,
3.Plugin for inkscape - J Tech Photonics
4.Gcode sender - Universal Gcode sender