Universal Phone Tripod Mount

by jakejake Jul 7, 2017
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This design is perfect, good job!
Btw, how did you make that nut? Did you used OpenSCAD or something? It's very comfortable and I would like to add the shape to nuts and knob in my designs.

I printed it but the screw for the phone holder is very tight, how many layers for the wall/top/bottom are recommended for both pieces??

My phone has a width of 92mm, do you think it will fit?

The threads on the main base what are the stats for those?

Printed it out! Everything is great but it does not come with a nut at the bottom and the screw for my tripod is too small so it does not fit.

Trying this out! Looks amazing so far but hope my printer can handle it.

Very professional design! I added GoPro mount under it, (just set in FreeCad two stl parts overlapping and exported resulting stl) but the added mount seems to be much weaker, than the rest of design. For others, it will fit approximately 50-85 mm wide phone. If you need different size, you have to scale the components before printing.

Very nice design, thank you.

I like the spring. I like the way the nut restrains the slider in both directions. I like the threading. And I like the arm inside the shaft that limits twist of the lower jaw. Everything about it displays quietly superior engineering.

Even with 0.2 mm layer height, the base printed with perfectly fitted moving parts. The knob threaded onto the base easily, and with the right tension--no lube needed. As for the slot for the nut, yes it's too narrow for a regular 1/4x20 nut. But go to your local Ace or Tru-Value hardware store, and ask for a "jamb nut". It's thinner, and fits easily into that slot. Jakejake, excellent design, man!

I printed one as well.. in bright orange. Came out very nice and the nut is a snug fit, the buttons on the phone aren't touched by the arms, but... as another user has said, the hole for the nut doesn't actually fit a store-bought nut.. it's just exactly ~1mm too small to fit the height of the nuts I can buy.

The solution is, of course, to grind the nut down to correct height :D

Looking forward to see the sturdiness of the plastic between the nut and the tripod, as I am planning on using mine for faceook live while walking ariound with it :)

this one is so awesome its getting reprinted with more density! works well with this old motorola slider

You rock jake! Thank you for modeling this. I only have one change......

Make the place holder for the nut, the dimensions for an actual nut....pic attached here from fastenal.

Today I printed it. It´s just perfect. Thank you. :-)

Im glad you like it!

Works like a charm! The only real recommendation I'd give on it is to also include a 1/4" 20 nut stl to go along with it. I found one and used that instead of having to go to the hardware store, and it works perfectly.

I remixed the base with a integrated 1/4"-20 thread. You can screw it directly on the tripod if you dont have a 1/4" nut.

Universal Phone Tripod Mount with printable 1/4"-20 thread
by Poenni

i have been looking around for one, could you link it? as i cant find any locally

Thank you for sharing this!

Not all heros wear capes! Thank you!!

There are 2 small sections on the base that are narrower than my .4mm nozzle width and don't appear connected to the model after slicing with Simplify3d. Are these designed this way on purpose for support and are meant to be removed later..or is this an artifact of slicing with Simplify3d?

Here's the solution for anyone else in my scenario...if your slicer supports changing extrusion width...lower it to .35 and scale model up to 105%. If changing extrusion width doesn't work well with your slicer....printing at 115% will make all the missing areas of the model slice and print correctly.

Do pay attention to the clamp area of the design though as my main phone with an extended battery/case doesn't fit in. Since the clamps aren't separate pieces you'll have to scale up even more to get it to fit...and reprint everything.

Once you get all those things set correctly, it's a very great design and works great right off the print bed ( I didn't need any wax or anything for the knob to turn nice and smooth).

Thanks for clearing that up powerscissor, I hadn't seen an issue like that before. Maybe I will create a model with a larger grip as a few people have mentioned this.

I couldn't get a good import into sketchup with the stl files...but it would be amazing to use your design and turn into into a little desk vice. I've printed a few vices from Thingiverse and the main draw back is not clamping evenly on things that aren't perfectly parallel. Your "spring" design would make that a non-issue.

I was able to print and glue in "adapters" so my phone will fit now...although most people probably don't use phones with a 10,000mah battery...so I'm in the minority.

Just built this, superb design.
Love it.

Do you think you could design a version that has a GoPro style mount on the bottom for being compatible with systems like the Modular Mounting System? (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2194278)

Modular Mounting System
by yyh1002

works great for iphone 6plus! the nut hole was a little small for a home depot 1/4-20 nut. but i jammed it in there.

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Thank you so much.
I made this holder and it works perfectly.
When I get home tonight I will take my camera and take a photo of the holder and my phone and post an "I made one".
Again, Thanks for the great design.

Thank you! I've been looking for a great phone holder for a long time, this might be it!

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