Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Lotar's Dual Gear Extruder

by LotarInc Jul 8, 2017
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What does this extruder do better over already commercial alternatives, like a bondtech BMG extruder?

Lovely design!
I also like how your prints look like they're milled and anodized aluminum.

That SKAM person (pun intended), is desperately and constantly seeking attention.
Probably 60+ living in her mothers basement, wondering why she has no friends.
Clue: constantly bashing other peoples design, saying they're bad but failing to tell what the actual problem is.
Fun fact: SKAM declares to be an Advanced Level Designer!

Ooooooh Noooooooo... You've doomed me to set up a new extruder on my printer!

Oooooooh Yes !!! :)) Have fun with it man !! Mine is still up and running to this day, choochooing along with gears printed in in Nylon :)

Wow. Now I'm definitely printing this.

This is a good-looking design and...is that actual documentation I see!? I feel faint...

I came up with idea of dual counter-rotating gears on my own, only to discover I was definitely not the first!

One idea I was intending to use was RC pinion gears, 5mm bore. They cost ~£2.50/$3 per pair on AliExpress. I'm not exactly sure how many teeth are needed for a proper mesh, but it's around 13 for an 11mm Ø filament gear, I think. The advantage of an all-printed design is no waiting around for Chinese post.

I think I have all the hardware for this one, so can try it out in PETG, which is definitely stronger than PLA, just maybe not as stiff.

P.S. I've met Lawrence Krauss...twice. Alas, he's had a recent fall from grace.

Don't faint man :)) Yes, using metal gears would defiantly be better. If you design an dual gear extruder with off the shelf metal gears you should definitely post it !!

yes I've read about Lawrence Krauss's accusations. Unfortunately, in current times, innocent until proven guilty is not a thing any more...

Is the ptfe spray needed?

Hi, I recommand it for any plastic on plastic gearing. Normal grease is not ok for most 3d prints.

Try Fluid Film. It works like a charm and does not dry out.

Nice work!....wich material prefeer for the gears pla or petg? (Dont have nylon)...Thanks

From the two, the PLA is tougher but petg has less friction.Probably PLA is best (with PTFE grease/spray)

Hi friend. Congratulations, the design is very impressive. Could you share the source files? I have to adapt the design for my bearings. Thanks a lot.

Hi, alvaroserdotte, ty for your kind words. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress, and not a finished product. I recommand printing the gears in Nylon (not pla and certainly not abs). ( I've sent you a private message.)

Really nice design, as far as I can tell, the best DIY dual-gear/dual-grip extruder!
The filament gears you are using don't have the best grip, but they have the advantage that they can actually dual-grip!
I'm currently considering just buying the bondtech dual-gears (5mm edition) and redesigning my extruder around them, I think they might actually be worth the money.

Thanks oysteinkrog !! I know the brass mk10 are not the best filament gears. I chose them for the 11mm outer diameter (and availability at my local 3d printing parts shop ;) ). They have acceptable grip for my needs (3 rolls of pla and 2 of abs so far and no slips). Check this out (BangGood Brass Gear) : http://www.instructables.com/id/Extruder-Drive-Gear-Shootout/

The bondtech dual-gears are very nice from what I've seen ( https://toms3d.org/2015/07/31/review-the-bondtech-extruder/) . The design is very simple (direct mesh) and strong (steel). The only minor problem with that (apart from the price) is to keep filament shavings away from the cogwheel teeth (probably not a big issue with regular maintenance/cleaning).

If you get to buy the bondtech dual-gears and make an extruder based on them, please post it !! (Don't mind the trolls.. :) )

Where are the specification ?

No specifications are required. There's no point as the required push force differs for each printer based on the quality of the PTFE tube and other factors.

You took a bad design and made it worse ! :)
printed gears may have been OK 5 years ago but are a BIG NO, today !
How about giving the specs like weight, push force of this thing ?

Well, is your opinion friend. But, I think you missed the point of this extruder. The main idea is pushing the filament from both sides while accommodating the changes in filament diameter, all in a small package. And it work's just fine ;)

As for plastic gears. Even if one of the 4 (red) gears would strip, the arm would continue to press on the filament and work as a standard idler. Of course, a 5:1 metal planetary gearbox nema17 can be used to replace the herringbone gearbox assembly. Of course, I would use machined helical gears for the reversing clockwork mechanism. Of course, the body can be made from die cast aluminium and so on... I don't have a 5 axis CNC at my disposal :) . But I can design and I can 3d print just fine.

And no, i did not measure the push force. If you would have read the description, you would have seen that my issue was not the motor skipping steps (force) but filament grinding (grip) when using a small nozzle. For my purpose, it's doing it's job (no more grinding, and still no skipped steps). If you really care about the push force I can test it for you and post it.

Nospec ? First thing to do !
No proper analysis either. You would have seen your hobbed gear is shit !
"beautiful", ttaht is an opinion and totally worthless !

Hobbed gear != shit. I print using one on my Ender 3 and I have never (NEVER) had slipping or grinding filament, or underextrusion as a result of that.

LotarInc just pointed out that you might not understand the != operator above. It means 'does not equal' or 'is not equal to'.

hey man, pls don't confuse this holinesses, the mighty engineer mksa, with inverse math operators. He clearly can't read and understand simple text. He might not know the meaning of != and take the comment as an compliment ;)

True. I've edited my comment appropriately.

As an engineer myself I agree that your design is better in many ways but your behavior is totally out of line.
Try to learn some manners and stop behaving like an autistic child. It's people like you who drag down the reputation of all engineers!
Dragging down other people like you are doing here is counterproductive.
If you have any intelligence at all, please apply it to learning social norms!

Venting your frustrations on thingivers ? Sad...

You know your coment si just an OPINION also, and (by your definition) totally worthless.

If you don't like my design, that's fine. Don't use it.

I've looked at your toy extruder. Now I get your frustrations. Terrible "extremely powerful" design. Using recovered gears ? Yeah, like that's gonna help anybody, without the exact same gears. Perfect design for thingivers.

Please stop poluting the comments section.

AT least my design can be a source of inspiration to make a REALLY good extruder ! Not a complex heavy poorly performing unreliable unprofessional no spec crap ! Oh yeah but BEATIFULL :) Just need cheap readily available gears. Any gears found in old office equipment will exceed yours while being smaller !

In fact a simple extruder using just a NEAM17 and a good hobbed gear will better yours and be enough. I designed mine to reduce the weight and be able to print up to 180mm/s any kind of filament. Mission accomplished.

The comment section is not yours, it is for all to see.

First things first. Your extruder is worthless to Thingiverse because good designers don't need inspiration. And besides, if we did, there's always the Bondtech BMG. If I want something, I go ahead and design it. I DON'T wait around for someone to hand me some inspiration.

Second, this design doesn't need to reduce the weight. It's intended as a bowden setup. And even if it was used otherwise, it's still geared down, allowing for use of a pancake stepper instead of a longer and thus heavier motor.

Third, this setup is much better than a regular single gear extruder. While it is possible that the idler could potentially act as just an idler while things are going well (due to backlash) as soon as the filament starts to slip it will engage and help push it through.

Lastly, just because you have the right of free speech doesn't mean you should go trying to trash others' designs(though you may need to do this in order to make yourself feel like your 'designs' are of worth).

Ok, you're either troling or you are a child. This is why I don't usually argue with dimwits. They bring you to their level and beat you with experience !!

I know is hard for you to read. Lots of words and letters. You missed the part about already having a direct drive extruder ? And filament grinding ? No problem. I will not repeat what I already said.

Your extruder is better ? Fine... I don't care (and by the looks of likes/collected, nobody does).

First learn to read, then learn to write.

p.s. I did not call my design "beautiful". Read it again.

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Piezo bed leveling for Kossel mini with 220mm bed

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Thank you so much !

My pleasure meshal, if you print it, please tag it as "made" ;)