Intex pool bended outlet

by energywave Jul 9, 2017
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Work fine for me, after 2 - 3 try

Final parameter work for me:

stock pipe.
ring : -0.4 xy compensation
outlet connector: -0.5 xy compensation.

Thanks for the thing

What threads did you use for this? I would like to make a fitting in fusion 360 for my pool

et bien chez moi les filetages ne vont pas ni la grosse partie ni le coude qui s'est cassé

Si la grosse partie n'est pas correcte tu peux le modifier avec le fichier OpenScad qui j'ai partagé. La partie petite peut être un problème de tolérance de ton imprimante. C'est un bonne idée de la calibrer (avec mon thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1523887 ) et depuis utiliser lès paramétrés découverte avec la calibration.

Ultimate clearance calibration test
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Hi, would it be possible to publish .scad files for the other parts, too ? Partially I have difficulties with the threading ring not fitting well (assuming precision of my printer), partially I am learning how to do things in openscad and the curved tube seems as an interesting part :)

Hi, I'm sorry but I've designed the other two parts with Fusion 360, not with openscad as I'm a rookie with openscad It seemed to me more fast to design them in Fusion 360. The big part was a challenge with myself and I could generate a good stl but then I needed the functioning thing ;)
If you're interested I can add some format that you can still edit in Fusion 360... If you want just tell, I'll publish (don't know what's the best format, if you have suggestions...)

Thanks for this thing, we will test this weekend ;)

Great! Hoping you can make good use of it! :)

At first it was a bit to small but printing it using the instruktions worked fine.

Comments deleted.

Great design, thanks. There is nothing I would change on the design.

As others suggested, I used Main_body make with 101% and the Threaded_ring with 103%.

I only used the angled spoud. Already here I get a kind of a whirl in the middle of my round pool containing all the dirt.
I fear with the 90_spoud this effect gets worse.

I didn't think that my printer is capable of printing the riffled surface that well.


Thank you so much, as said before I'm so happy to help other people with that model! I'm still using it too with great success!
The only advice I want to share is to not scale the object in XYZ directions as that would slightly change the thread. At least scale only on the X-Y plane (without affecting the Z axis). Or better use the "Horizontal expansion" as called in Cura 4.x or "XY something" in Slic3r (don't remember exactly the name) by using a negative value after have found your specific value by using a test like this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1523887
This way the proportion of the desing will not be changed and you'll compensate the printer overextrusion.
That said... I'm happy that the print worked well by scaling it, happy splash on the pool! :)

Ultimate clearance calibration test

Great thing! Re-printed the ring @ 50,5 mm in x/y (equals 103 %) as suggested in previous comments, with perfect result. Thnx!

Thank you so much, I'm so happy that this object is helping other people!!!

Thanks for making this! I'm going to test it out!

I'm happy that this model could be useful to other people :) Please reply here how the test was as there is the doubt that Intex has slightly different outlet threads... And a big thank you if you post a picture in the "made" section ;)

I'm having trouble getting the ring on. Should it be extremely tight?

Not really. I've printed it with some negative XY size compensation as my printer is not calibrated (and cannot be...). I suggest to reprint the ring with higher negative XY size compensation until it get on without too much friction. The ring should be very fast to reprint and waste very little filament. I've used -0.2 for the spout and -0.3 for the ring, if I remember correctly.

I grew the ring X & Y to 50.5MM and it fits the stock angled spout perfect.
The main body does not fit my blue intex parts (too tight), but a gray intex like spout I have fit, but it is tight.
Overall it is good to go! Thanks again!

for me too, thx.

Maybe you have the other dimension as the user here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1649784 from where I was inspired to make this model.
He was using a thread diameter of 84mm while for my intex spout was too big (thread dents didn't even touch). I measured with the caliper and the correct size for me was 81.25mm, wich is the size I've used in my design. I did even measured thread pitch with a thread counter (don't know if it's the right english name...) and was exactly 2.5mm.
Could your diameter be 84mm? Or it's a matter of some decimals?

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