Anet A8 X Belt holder and tensionner

by Miranina Jul 9, 2017
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This is awesome :) A massive improvement over the original belt mounting.

I had to sand the top edge to make it fit my printer as the screw holes were slightly too low to meet the threaded holes in the printer head carriage. After that, a great fit and easy to adjust the belt tension.

I sliced with Cura using horizontal expansion -0.2 but should have used more like -0.1 I think. Still does the job well.

100% infill for strength.
100mm/min print speed was good for the borders, 200mm/min infill.

I also had to remove about 2mm of the top to make it fit. Anova changed the bearings/gliders - mine are plastic unlike the ones in your picture - could be the cause.

What's that part that is holding the belt? I don't see it on the stl and look like a m3 screw is holding it on place. Thanks!

Thanks for this! Just installed this part and I am totally happy with it! Total recommendation!

so here is the link for my belt. it says tooth is 2mm but it works with stock A8 toothed motor bearings. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B078YMDQJ9/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

which piece do i need to print?

Best advice I can give, take a caliper and measure the thickness of your belt ( not tooth spacing ... thickness of it - GT2 mean gates tooth 2mm so it's always 2mm tooth spacing for a GT2 belt ). Once you've measure the thickness of the belt, print the body of the holder accordingly.

thanks for fast response! means i gotta take my fat a$$ upstairs lol

Perfect solution for both tensioner and holder!!

Excellent!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

It worked great except for one thing; the side that rests up against the top linear bearings had to be shaved a lot in order for the screw holes to line up. Other than that slight mismeasurement, this is great!

I had the same problem. The holes in the Anet body is 2mm above the holes in the belt holder. I could not use the screws because of that, so I tighten it with some zip ties but I found this is a amazing design.

A couple of people have reported that, although Anet is known to have slack in design so it might account because of that. On mine it fitted perfectly on the metal carriage and I moved to a printed bowden since that time.

This is amazing ! Thank you ;)

This thing is amazing. It fit perfectly and eliminated the x ghosting I was having.

great design! but only works if you didnt cut the original belt nice and neat on initial build........i need to get a longer belt or look at other designs

I love it, but I can't make it to fit my Anet :/ holes don't match holes in extruder maybe about 2mm, weird right? I need it more up, but if I file the rounded top, it will lose the strength

what do i need to install this?

Any chance you can update your file to work with this mount system or upload the file so I can adjust the mounting hole location?
I love this belt tension design and would love to be able to use with this setup.

E3D V6 Bowden carriage DL V1.2

The bearing blocs seems to be in very similar position so it should work as is.

Nice job! I used the 20mm allen head screws like you to mount. I needed to trim/refit nothing with the 'body' sizing using Slic3r. Just mounting the belt was tighter than before, before I even turned the screw :)

This tensioner is absolutely great. What a great piece of design. Well designed and a perfect function. Thank you :)

This part is super cool. Printed PLA at higher temp and layer height on my X5S for strength and I can get the belts scary tight. Love it.

Pop. The nut pulled through the slidey part

Great design.

print this part in abs. i printed it in pla originally. wen i installed an enclosure, the part failed on the side with one screw.

I printed body.stl and tighter.stl. However, I can not get the tighter to slide into the tracks on the body. It goes into the hole just fine, but will not slide onto the tracks beyond that. I have printed it with a .1 layer height, and my nozzle is the .4 that my Anet came with. Both parts look completely correct but they don't seem to fit together. Any ideas?

file it down with sand paper your overextruding most likely

I have the same problem. make sure you print this part with supports as the tracks tends to droop. if you want to make the best out the part you already have, file it down using a flat file or some sandpaper until the tracks is smooth and straight.

simple, neat and awesome work.
I'm printing it right now, 'cause I'm upgrading to bowden with my A8, so I'm collecting parts for tomorrow big day ;-D

many thanks for yr good work.

"genius is in simplicity..."

;-Dan from Italy, an almost old sexagenarian who wants not only teach, but always learn...
(I'm an High School IT teacher)

I just printed this and I have to say the design is excellent!

What size screws are you using for the tensioner ? Tks

I used the 30mm length screw supplied with the Anet for the tensioner and the 18mm screws to bolt it to the bearing bracket.

Look at the question of The_Neebles bellow.

Answer is : "Don't remember by heart, they are the one you're supposed to use for the steppers but don't fit."

The offical anet a8 sensor mount uses two of the holes in the carriage, one is the screw pictured top right in your photo of this model, but it also uses the matching one on the other side. I am planning on replacing the standard sensor mount because it's crud but it might be worth adding the extra hole to your design,

Great design, fits perfectly. Fixed end requires some force and big flat screwdriver to insert (as it should), so don't try doing this on printer. Force it in on desk, make sure it sits properly, then bolt it to printer.

You did a great job adding the tensionner :O

My gates fiberglass belt doesn't fit on the "thin belt" stl. It's still too big of a gap. I have to fold the belt over so it fits tightly and force it in to the gap so there's actually two pieces of belt in the toothed gap but this bends the model slightly and worried it might snap.

Instead of folding the belt I would try a shim of folded paper. Might I know the thickness of your belt ?

Between the teeth 0.83mm. Teeth and belt 1.30mm

This is actually the thinest I've heard about ! I do have fiberglass core GT2 myself that is thinner than the stainless steel core, but it's 1.5mm not 1.3.

I'll upload in a minute a new body. Could I ask you to tell me if the fit will be better ? I've designed it with 1.3mm for the toothed groove and 2mm for the folded groove.

Brilliant. I will give it a go. Thanks.

Perfect. Thanks very much Miranio

Best design out there. My prints are 1000 times better since I installed it. Well done and thank you.

Simply the best x-axis belt tightener around. Neat, elegant, hidden, strong and very effective. If you made the mistake of clipping the belts too short like I did when you made your printer, this design has you covered.

Great design! Pure work of art

Great job Miranio! Fast print, fast assemble, no new belt nor new screws needed if you have all spare screws from the A8 kit. Thank you very much!

Thanks ! That's the spirit : reduce reuse recycle, part of it for me is using what I have on hand !

I tried it but it isn't holding the end of the belt on the left, it keeps coming loose.
I made a tight loop of the end of the belt so it won't pull out.
I'm also using https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2337449 as an 'external' belt tensioner

Anet A8 Improved X-belt Tensioner with GT2 pulley
by TecNerd

Did you printed the thin belt version of the body or the normal one ?

Brillant, does a brilliant job, @Miranio well done and Thank you

Thank you ! Necessity is the mother of invention they say !

What size screws are you using to mount this to the extruder carriage?

Don't remember by heart, they are the one you're supposed to use for the steppers but don't fit.

Great! But I also had to file down inner section to fit the small piece.

Added a post-printing section about that. It's by design very stiff as it's the last thing you want in a tensionner that it's loose. Thank you !

This is a great upgrade to tighten the belt. Previously with an A8 out of the box, the diagonal lines were a little wobbly, but since installing this beauty they are perfectly straight now which has really improved the print quality. I had to file down the inside bits of the main piece to fit in the smaller piece.

can you upload a picture of where the supports go? I am using ideaMaker and not sure supports are appearing in the right spots.

Thank you very much! This work is a beautiful example of smart engineering solution and accurate technology realization

That's exactly what I was thinking after the flawless installation. Really nice work!

Just a noob suggestion, I printed the tightner rotated Z 180deg with no supports. Reason for this is my first print I printed both together but the tightner broke at the screw hole while taking it off the heat bed.

Nice work. I love the concept of tensioner and clamp at the same time. I don't mind the left side being a bit tight. we don't want that to slip.
I took a spring from an oldish pen and placed that on the screw between the tensioner and the body. This just provides opposite tension for loosening.

By any chance is there one for the Y belt like this?

Hi ( sorry for the delay, I was on travel vacation ),

Unsure what the noob question was ? But for the print there is a screen capture showing which way they are supposed to be printed for maximum strenght. FDM is not the same strenght in all direction. It is the strongest in the direction parallele to the layers and the weakest in the direction perpendicular to the layer ( in the Z direction of the printer ).

I'm using a different y-belt tentionner for the moment, but doing a similar design for the y-belt would make the screw difficult to access being under the bed. I might give it some thought.

Thanks !

My bad. I was too excited to get to print this, ::facepalm:: I did not see the screenshot. This design is working perfectly for me on my A* (New model) The belt still holding up.

The spring I placed inside helps quite a bit when loosening the tesion.

Can you share the link to the tensioner that you are currently using for the y belt?

I use this y-belt tensionner. Work well for me : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1959208

The spring I understand the idea, but the tension of the belt itself serves the purpose of the spring. But if it help, why not ?

Anet A6/A8 upgrade: Y-Belt tensioner

This is a really nice X belt holder and tensioner but I had a hard time to get it done. First, it was not possible to slide the stopper, it stuck in the left side. I practically had to shave the groove off the back side, you don't need that anyway. Second, the left side is a bit too tight, you could loosen it a tiny bit, I had to use a screwdriver to shove it in. Again, this is definitely a winner, thank you.

Hi i have a noob question , in the resolution .02 does that correspond with my nozzle size? im running a stock anet a8 with craftware slicer
with stock nozzle that came with my kit? will it work with the stock nozzle?

Hey there ! Welcome in the 3d printing world !

Actually your nozzle size is probably 0.4 if it's a stock A8.

0.2 is the layer height resolution in the slicer so it will be the height of each layer of material. Smaller give a nicer finish and bigger print faster but with less finish and bigger tolerances for dimensions. That you use 0.2mm layer heigh is not a requirement it's just to give an idea of the parameters I printed with.