CR-10 levelers

by pixel2 Jul 16, 2017
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Printed the skeleton leveler for my CR-10S, works great. Thanks!

Works great, thanks!

Works perfectly on my CR-10S. Thanks!

Absolutely fantastic fit like a glove didn't need to anything other than print it even I couldn't get that wrong or could I ;) brill job and I thank you s**t loads .

Work great and snaps in tight - it is a great addition to the printer. not a long print. I saw this one on a YouTube video. Thanks for share it.

Worked like a glove on my CR-10S. Many thanks!!!


Here's a time lapse of me printing one of these....3 more to go!

Would you mind adding the Fusion360 exported project? I would like to add the direction guides directly into the knob instead of having those printed separately.

Obviously I can build my own from scratch, but since you are already sharing it...

I really like your design! However my I suggest to remove the invisible hollows inside? I understand your idea about it but I think the double walls use more filament then an adequate infill would.

Cheers, Markus

The hollows are there for peace of mind when using 0% infill. Without them there is a bit of air printing at the end of the spokes but it all works out in the end.

I think your idea is brilliant in general and I will definitely keep this trick in mind for future projects. Just in this special case I am suggesting to ditch the hollows and rather use a small amount of efficient infill (eg. concentric). Overall I think you will consume less material while having the same or better support, because you don't need to have double walls in this place. What do you think about it?

Import into Blender, delete hollows, export stl = happy Timetraveler

No need to stress over a fraction of a gram of filament:)

What slicer are you using? I use Simplify3D and set all the parameters you show. (walls 3 layer, top 4, bottom 3) I then fed it to Octoprint since I use my computer for work outside the house. When I came back after it printed, the bottom layers didn't even print. I'm also wondering that since I duplicated the item and and put 4 in one print, if that messed it up... I still mounted the part, as seen in this image because it still works, but I am trying to refine my process and make it look like what you have in your presentation image.

(Sorry for the low quality image, but you should still see the internal structure exposed)
Note, I am still really a newb as I got this printer just two days ago, and it is my first printer.

This part should work in any slicer [I'm using Cura]. Do the bottom layers show in the preview?

I just printed 4 of these - good looking part. I printed them @ .120 layer height and 20 % infill. They were a looser fit than I would have liked and rattled on the original knob. Just so happens that a 1/2 in o-ring 1/16 thick used as a spacer between the part and the bed carriage takes up the slack and compresses enough to give a nice feel to the adjuster. The original knob sits about .060 proud of this part and I found some o-rings that were about .068 thick - just a nice amount of compression.

Will these work for the cr10 mini

Yep, the skeleton version works fantastically on my CR-10 Mini.

You need about an inch [2.5 cm] of clearance from the edge of the original knob.

Is this part ok to be printed with 0% infill (I'm a newbie)?

I've made around 16 of these with 0 infill. It's all good.

.2 layer height
3 walls
3 bottom layers
4 top layers

Wow, these snap right on so perfectly! Thanks!

Clipped into place beautifully and makes the somewhat difficult to turn stock adjustment so easy with this add-on. cannot recommend highly enough!

the lever printed nicely and fit into the leveller.. BUT..
it can only be used with the 300x300 printer..
i got the CR-10S4 400x400 bed.. the lever will hit the bottom rail since the S4 and S5 have 2 bottom rail that is very close to the leveller

Thanks for the info.

Love that you added the direction piece... I literally screw that up everytime

Ditto! Fantastic Idea. In the middle of printing them right now :D

It's good to know I'm not the only one:)

Nice mod. Works and fits well. Prints a little faster than the other one that's similar.

Thanks for the feedback.