Temperature Tower

by AbuzzDesigns Jul 9, 2017
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I use this tower model a lot and I recommend it to everyone. Good size, good mix of features!

Congratulation for your work, I really like your tower.

Would I like to know the specification to print this tower?


In mm, what is the exact difference between temperature marks? This would make it easier for folks to tweak their Gcode, as a number of layers doesn't take layer height into account.

I measure around 13.3mm which is really odd. Wouldn't it have been better to make it say 10mm per step?

Could you do a third one from 200-230°C?

Thank you!

What are the lengths between sections? Right now I'm having to do trial and error to get my slicer right?
But thanks for remixing this I like it a lot.

In S3D I used split process on 16mm, 29,5mm, 43mm, 56,5mm, 70mm, 83,5mm
Advantage over layers is you can also tweak layer height if you want.
Though maybe I will lower each process because the nozzle temp change is a bit slow

If you're using S3D the layers where there are changeovers are 81, 150, 217, 285, 352, and 420.

I know the answer, and since she didn't answer yet ... (it's only been 14 hours, and we ~assume~ she has a life ... LOL)

I pulled it up in Cura and went to layer view. The changes occur every 50 layers.

If you don't know how to change it - in CURA, at least, you use the Plug-In Tweak at Z. Start high and go DOWN 5°C for each 50 LAYERS up. (50, 100, 150 ...) Be sure to use the box labeled "(ALT) Layer no. to tweak at" not the 1st one "Z Height ..." which is MM !! I missed when I did it the first time, LOL! It was on 240°C at the third section since it hadn't hit 50mm yet!

Not sure on the other slicers, but Google will tell ya. :-)