Octo+ PCB Workstation

by giufini Jul 31, 2017
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Just wanted to chime in and mention I finished making some rigol probe accessories for this thing (see my remix). Thanks again for sharing your awesome design!

Thanks for sharing your design! I have done electronics as a hobby for over 40yrs. So I've seen lots of gadgets, but this thing brought a big smile to my face. I didn't even finish printing the outer frame... just 6of8, because it is already quite useful with 18 spots to place arms (I'll print the rest, but arms first so I can start playing right away). Such a nice addition being able to fish probes through the arms too! You might laugh that I used to just grab bits of cardboard and tape to make probe holders. Commercially available 'flexy arm helpers' I have seen either fall short of my needs, or are way overpriced. At a predicted $50 worth of filament and energy (according to octoprint), this thing is a Cadillac with a huffy price. This thing is a welcome luxury at my bench... a very well thought out design imho.

I like how I can store the pieces in a small bag when I don't need it out. That was why, with a 220^2 build plate, I chose the 8pc split version. It is quite large when assembled.

I'm still in the process of printing ball/sockets to suit my needs. I'm printing those 0.1mm in abs, since the overhangs are a bit heavy for my rig at 0.2mm. It takes while, but at 0.2 they curl quite a bit (even with a 45C chamber) and come out too 'notchy' when I move them around. 0.1mm is very smooth, yet still good 'bite' to avoid slumping arms. I plan to print some of the crane clips too... if you don't mind I want to design crane arms for the newer Rigol probes... giving you remix linkage of course.

Hi, i am into electronics and now 3D printing and this looks like an awesome PCB workstation. I suffer with problems with my spine which causes problems with my arms/hands and i never seem to have enough hands or be able to hold everything in place. This looks perfect if i add a few croc clips!

Hello David, thank you for your comment, I really hope you will enjoy my PCB Workstation.
Let me know if there is anything I can do to improve this tool, especially if it can be useful to help you.

Already bought this for work with Medusa Pro Box, i will let you know how it goes. Thank you very much

Do you have a link for the needle probes please?

Where is the stl for the large PCB holder?

Hello Jesse, I have just added the missing file (06B_PCB_Holder_XL.stl).
Remember that it is necessary to add a rubberized adhesive pad on the vertical face of the piece, in order to guarantee a good locking of the PCB.

awesome, thanks!

Any chance you could post a full frame that isn't split into pieces?

Edit: NVM

The crane arm base is difficult to print. Maybe a little fillet on the base of rectangular section might have done it easy.

I just published a little add on based on your design. I hope you do not mind.
Thank you for your great design!


Wires Soldering Aid


I developed a cunstant current led driver which could drive at least 4 led tools, has a variable input voltage from 9 to 36V and in the end only consists of a transistor a zener diode and some resistors. I bilt it using smd parts and would like to incorporate it in the frame. Unfortunately I still did not have time for that but I think it would be an optimal solution. The connectors to the leds should be pointing inward to the frame and the power supply connector outwards.
Btw. thank you for sharing this super useful design.


what print settings should be used for ball joints i couldn't find it exactly? Like is 0.1mm layer height too much and what percent infill?

Hi, I use ABS material, 0.19mm layer height and FULL infill.

it's not on my genre, but what an amazing design...!

Good Job, Beppe...!

P.S.: ho visto dopo che sei italiano <:-O
bellissimo lavoro...


Grazie Dan!! Io progetto e realizzo le cose in base alle mie stesse necessità, poi le condivido pensando che magari possano tornare utili anche ad altri ;-)) Saluti!!

Could someone recommend the number of ball and socket joints for each arm? I saw there is a straight, 30, and 45 so how many of each would work best?

Hello SlashValintino, I usually make an arm of the Octo+ PCB Workstation using 23 straight ball and socket joints.

Thank you, I'll give that a shot.

I am using a makerbot replicator 2 and the setting I have keep making the knuckles too brittle. I have it set to 3 shells, infill at 0.2mm, shell at 0.2 mm. The balls all need to sanded down since they are not smooth enough to rotate freely around.

Now there must be more ideal settings, what settings did you use to make the knuckles?

Hello Vlad, yes it does. You can mount it exactly in the same way as the older model.

Hi, does this station support vertical pcb mounting like the older model? Also: Thank you for you work!