World Map Decor

by Nidou Jul 10, 2017
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Hey. Don't know if it's you, but someone is selling your world map on https://firstguru.eu/

Seems like somebody is cashing in on this design.

Great design! It is missing some locations :) but I look forward to printing it!!!

Wheres New Zealand!! I can't print if my country is missing :(

hey i just thought id let you know that someone is selling this on etsy. here's a link to their store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BadAss3dPrints?ref=search_shop_redirect

Hi !
Thanks for your message ! I send them a e-mail to let them know that's not really fair.
I put this 3d for free ! Not to earn money. I'm disappointed...
Thanks to you

FWIW you have your licence set wrong. Add NC to it, at least future stuff.

what does non-commercial do to the license?

Basically it means if anyone is making money off it, it should be you. Or rather the person who created it.


Without NC people are free to sell your work on Etsy, etc.

Thanks for the informations I will do it for my next design.
But you know I m not here to earn money.

Wow. Italy is totally gone! :)

How did you get the lines between the islands etc

This is just a picture taken from web

I don't like how florida is totally gone, but other than that this is great

C'est toi qui a fait tout le design? J'ai vu la photo exacte sur vente privée pour 60€... Mais bon en même temps tu l'a mis en licence A... Par contre la Attribution je la vois pas non plus...

J'ai redessiné à partir d'une image prise sur Google image. Donc je ne vois pas en quoi cela pourrait poser problème.

nn je voulais juste savoir si ils t'ont niqué le design ou quoi

Ah ok. No problem. Merci de m'avertir alors ;)

I wish the Northern Europe Part had a little more detail. It's kinda missing a whole sea there...
Other than that it looks fucking great.
Je viens de voir que t'es francais, bon travail :)

Merci :)
Je sais que le nord de l'Europe n'est pas très détaillé, c'est pour garder un aspect pixelisé.
Et le design est repris d'une image, je n'ai pas beaucoup de mérite ^^.

I think you're missing New Zealand ;)

Hi GaruChan,

Yes I know... Greenland, Iceland... too.

Hi Nidou

You would not perhaps be able to create a DXF of this world map for laser cutting.



Hi Stuart,

Does the format DWG is OK for you ? I don't find the DXF format with Inventor...


Hi Nidou

We can try DWG, I work in Corel and sometimes it does interpret the drawing. Other alternative is PDF

Thank you


Hi Stuart,

DWG are available

Thank you will have a look hopefully it works