Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Raspberry UMPC

by Pole_ergo Jul 12, 2017
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Why did you omit the touch display? Can I use this with the 1596 display and Kippah?

Hi Davidbitton,
Omission for no real reason, at that time I must not have seen any interest in it. No objection to installing it, it must work without problems.

Best regards.

I'm looking forward to making this project. I accidentally purchased this same keyboard and I have no idea what to do with it until I saw this. I do have a raspberry pi 3 A+ and about 3 screens to mess with. But I'm willing to get the exact products to get this project done. Also, I want to add audio speakers to this project, if you don't mind me modifying this a bit. overall, I love what you've made. :)

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WOW! This is one of the coolest things I've seen one Thingiverse. Great job.

Is this your own original idea.

Best Regards,

thank you for your complimentary comment. Indeed, it is a personal idea inspired by a particular taste for UMPC.

Best regards,

would you mind sharing the fusion files? or whatever program you are using :)

working on another project but with the same keyboard

Hi Pokelia,

Thanks for your interest for this project. Unfortunatly, it is not foreseen other sharing except for the STL files.

Best regards and goog luck for your project.

Which kind battery charger do you have use?

Hi Junnu78,

The battery is charged with the Adafruit Booster 1000c module.


I mean do you use phone charger?


Yes it could be a phone charger as long as you follow the Adafruit specifications.


Nice projects.
Where you bought on off switch? I don't find it anywhere.
Can you put link here?

Hi Junny78,

Unfortunatly, I found this switch in my components stock and I dont remember where they where bought !
Maybe at Mouser.com it is possible to find it ? You can find on photos the exact size of it.

Best regards.

Splendide conception, ça donne envie d'en faire un même si aucune utilité (déjà bien équipé avec ma GPD Win).
Est-ce que quelque chose est censé se trouver sur la droite de la Pi dans le boîtier principal? Il semble que non, auquel cas on pourrait y mettre 2 batteries 14650 en parallèle à condition d'augmenter l'épasiseur de 4mm et du coup éviter l'appendice à l'arrière...

Bonjour Kilrah,

Merci pour vos encouragements.
Effectivement l'espace que vous mentionnez est, pour l'instant, inoccupé. L'option que vous proposez a été étudiée mais l'épaisseur obtenue n'étant pas satisfaisante, elle n'a pas été retenue. De plus, l'espace nécessaire au booster d'Adafruit posait problème.
Enfin, l'appendice en question offre une autonomie de plus de 4 heures avec les dongles WIFI et Bluetooth ce qui se révèle satisfaisant, il est d'ailleurs certainement possible d'obtenir une autonomie supérieure en choisissant une batterie de plus forte capacité.

Bien cordialement.

Hi DanielBull,

Thanks a lot for your kind comment.
This battery comes from the first ebayer found for a low cost 26650. If you know some other interesting brand, please share.


Fantastic project!
I would recommend a different battery though, UltraFire are well known for being very poor quality batteries and lie about the capacity. If you changed to a good quality brand you would probably get between 4 and 8 times the battery life.

Oh, wow, really nice!

I would buy this thing. With an Trackball and Windows and this thing is perfect.

Hi KallenG,

Check the picture : added exact size of the switch. No references to give you because it is comming from my stock.
About Adafruit Raspberry Pi modifications, check the text thing details, you can find the link in it.

What do you mean by "and could you post the raspberry pie please because i can't find it?"


and con you post the micro switch you use please

sorry for all of the questions i just want to get the right stuff so i don't blow 150 bucks. lol

Hi KallenG,

Thanks for your interest.
A making of video is not planned for lack of time. But, if you follow instructions from Adafruit for their module, it could be a huge help.


ok thanks is there any chance you can give me the link please

and could you post the raspberry pie please because i can't find it?

Thank you KallenG

if you mean the version number, he used a pi B v.1.1, you can see it at the top of the board near the GPIO pins in one of the pictures. I think you might be able to use a pi 3, but i'm not sure on the size difference.

Hi Radon37,

Thanks for your insight : thats right.
Working actually on a pi 3 version : same size, works well but too much heat. I'll update project when problem solved.


and could you make a vid of you making it too please thanks!

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