Ankly Robot - 3d Printed Assembled

by Shira Jul 12, 2017
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Not to bad just a couple strings behind one of the joints on the back leg

HECHO Y PERFECTO. Muchas gracias. https://www.thingiverse.com/make:507052

FACT AND PERFECT. Thank you very much.

Ankly Robot - 3d Printed Assembled
by fjma23

Dang 4th try , he came loose again ..

It's challenging - I finally got a version that prints reliably, used a LOT of glue stick and made special mounts for the elbows and hips. I also flattened the back of his head more to give it more surface to adhere with. Here you can see an early version where I didn't have enough gap for removing the elbow supports.

Really love the design you came up with for Ankly. For some reason I had a lot of trouble getting my Prusa to print it without many of the classic failures so I tweaked the model a little bit and got one to print! Bravo, good work! Here is my "punk rock" version.


Ankly Robot - 3d Printed Assembled

This is my favorite print so far! Prusa MK3, Silver PLA

Hi Shira I have make a remix if you allow me to post it? I hope it can be a keychain and its make for my wife, thanks!

The 60% one (I've only printed that one so far) has a keychain hole on the back.

TIP: you should add support on the hips. Joints are lose and moving while print (100% in case you have moving bed).

i printed the puppet vercion which came out very loose.. also the joints keep popping out. is the normal version stiffer with better joints?

Printer at 80% and 65% and came out great!. The key is definitely to print .16 for the height and have a big brim to support the robot while printing. I had downloaded the files a while ago and didn't see the puppet version. When i look at the puppet version that I just downloaded, 80_little_puppet_Ankly__.stl I do not see the hooks the attaching the strings for the puppet. Am I looking at the correct file to print the puppet?

I'm glad you had a good result in the printing
I joined the strings with a hot silicone gun. The files do not have hooks.

I have hard times printing this model on the replicator 5th gen. When I start printing, it elapses like 6 seconds and then says it’s done, could anyone help plz?

Nevermind, I got it, it was just too big for my printer in 100%...
By the way, this is an amazing print!! I have no clue how people make stuff like this..

Anyone tried the 60% reduced file ? does it move after printing ? @shira

hard to get the wrists to rotate with a smaller sized print. otherwise breaks looks fairly easily and with some working becomes quite moveable

I had this problem with robot's feet. Do you have a stl file of the parts seperate?

Que guapo!! Enhorabuena!! Intentaré imprimirlo a ver que tal queda ;)

Que bien ! Gracias

Como todo lo que haces, espectacular. Voy a tratar de imprimirlo a ver que tal!

Genial!! espero ver la impresión. Muchas gracias

Can you make a version without support? I'd like to see if my slicer can do a better job, especially around the hips.

I had the same issue with the hip joints. Shira's supports work well everywhere else. So I just added a tiny wedge under each hip. Now they print perfectly. Love it! Thanks Shira!

i can confirm it prints perfectly :)

Thanks Bojwais.

"100 size Ankly without supports.stl" I have removed all supports. Good luck with the file!

I wanted to ask for the same thing. Thank you.

Please repair the files. Both files are corrupted. In addition, at a height of 4 mm (80% version) in the pelvic region, the parts are exposed to air. Therefore, support is needed. The version of 100% does not apply to the table on the first layers.

Please try with this file "100 size for Slic3r.stl", try if it is ok in Slic3r

Both STL's aren't manifold and can't be sliced in Slic3r. Parts of the body disappear.

Please try with this file "100 size for Slic3r.stl", try if it is ok in Slic3r

This version is manifold and slices correctly in Slic3r. Thx! Will post make if I succeed in printing ;)

Chulísimo el diseño. Me lo apunto para imprimir y ya contaré a ver como sale. Muchas gracias :)

Gracias!!! Espero que salga bien. Lleva bastante tiempo de impresión.