Miniature Painting Holder

by stigweard Jul 12, 2017
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The base is in the printer right now. I had to flip them to make them fit better on the bed, so the holder is printing vertically. Question, why would you need the short insert? I guess I'm not sure what purpose having the shorter one included is, wondering if I'm missing something.

Hey! Good luck with the print. The shorter inserts allow you to quickly change from one mini to another if you print multiple of them. I primarily paint my minis in sub assemblies so it was easier to print and change out the inserts rather than having to pop the cork all the time

I found that a size 14 cork fits in the holder. A size 16 will also fit, but it will be a bit tall. You can cut down the cork with a hobby saw if you dislike it's height.

I am unsure about a size 12 or 13 cork. I was not able to find one to test with.

Is there a version without the hole in the base?

Hey there! Not really as there wouldn’t be any other way of pushing the cork back out once you’re finished ;)

Just acts as a rest for your hand :)

What is the arm on the top for?

the most comfortable way of holding a mini tends to be thumb/finger on the base and another on top of high point of mini or head. Instead, you use the bar to hold on to.

Hey! The minis are attached to a cork as usual with a couple of pins then the cork is a simple friction fit. The inner collar is tapered on the inside face to fit the type of cork that I had to hand. I can measure them if it'd be of any use?

Would be great if you could measure the corks. I'm interested in trying this one out but need to no which corksize I need to get :)

Hey! They're 32 x 32 x 28mm if that helps? I believe they came from eBay somewhere. :)

This looks great! I'm curious how you are securing your miniatures to the holder.