Three Heart Gears

by emmett Feb 7, 2014
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I do not know how to properly collect. Everything seemed to be printed normally - but it is constantly falling apart. Details play and fall off when you try to crank it. The teeth turn. But maybe SBS is not quite suitable for such printing.

Hi, I love this. I love gears and I would like to print this and do a video of it on my YouTube channel would you let me do this I will give a link to your page here and give design credit to you. But it would be amazing to print. thank you.

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hello, thanks a lot for the files, i have printed the 5:6 version and start to check the video. mmmmm problem is: the video is for another version and i can't figure out. do you have any instructions for the 5-6 version please? i have try a few but one or two parts doesn't match always. thanks in advance for the answer :)

We need instructions for the 5-6 STL. Damn near impossible to get this thing together, unless it's just meant to fall apart whenever you try to turn it.

Awesome design. I am a noob so hopefully I can figure this out.

Great design. NOTE: Read all the comments before you slice this file. If you print it with supports, as I did, you will take a bit of time with your Dremel and files to clean it up.

Hi, this is a really cool design, but I am having some problems.

When printing on a Wanhao i3 Mini, I had to scale it through Cura to 45%. This or something else could have caused most of the gears to be printed partially inside of or connected to each other.

Is there a way to prevent this at all? Perhaps a similar design but made smaller? Thanks in advance!

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Would be nice to have the pieces in separated stl, my printer connot print them all together :(

use Simplify3d and you can print any piece at one time

Umm first of all this is an amazing model. But I have a problem. 20x20x20 print bed does not enough for set of STL file. Need to seperate them but my slicer is special for my printer. So I could not seperate them. Any suggestion ?

Meshmixer should be one solution, Slic3r also has a feature to ungroup / divide the items. Then you could print them separately or maybe export as singel stl files.

crazy question but does this need supports

Great design! I didn't find the bottom piece for ratio 1-2, is it somewehre else or is it the same as 2-3?

Is it Posible to Print without Suport?

i cant find instructions for the 5:6

Hey this is an amazing design! My print failed during the process and i lost the two tallest heart pieces. is there any way you can post the individual files for them?

Excellent design.

Small tip for future creators; on a 0.4 nozzle size print I found that 2 shell layers wasn't enough to completely cover up the overlap on some parts, a 3 layer shell thickness fixed that.

how did you design that would be interesting to know

First of all, very neat design! One of those snap-fit pins failed during printing and now i need a spare one. Could you add a single pin in the files ?

Printed the 5-6 rotation and all the parts came out flawless and easily fit together. Thanks for a wonderful design!!!!!

Thanks a lot.....I printed with wood filament and...its beautiful.

Can someone send me the file for just the connecting part?

Hello, awesome design, Thank you!
Made the 5-6 but I have a little issue: My part seem to be just a little bit too big, the gears dont fully click in when I put them together and loosen when i spin it. Does anybody else have this problem? or a solution to it? Could be that I just messed up the printing settings as I am still a complete noob.
Thanks a lot and have a great day!

The 5-6 fits very tightly for me, it might be your printer. What you can do is print a calibration cube (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1278865) and check the measurements with a caliper. It should be 20x20x20. If it isn't, your printer might need some tuning :)

XYZ 20mm Calibration Cube

This is an amazing design, well done!

Here are some tips I encountered while making this:

  1. The pins worked much better for me in ABS. ABS is a bit more flexible and slippery. When I tried PLA, it came out very malformed and was hard to work with. This could partly be my settings, but all I can say is ABS pins worked perfectly for me, PLA pins did not.

  2. Print without support. If you use support it will clog up the holes and make a mess. But without support some of the angles are challenging. I used PLA, and two things that help with the overhangs are : (a) print at the lower end of the temp range; (b) turn on print cooling (after about 2 layers).

  3. Note there is a remix (click in remixes) that has each part individually. That can help if you mess up one thing and just need that one part.

  4. I got silicone differential lube at a hobby store that sells RC cars/trucks. It worked fine.

  5. I ended up printing without skirt. First try, I used a skirt but it merged with the parts and made a mess. There are probably skirt settings that would work, but what worked for me is “no skirt”

  6. I did 3 layers top, 3 layers bottom and 2 layers for the walls, and 13% infill. Probably a wide range of settings would work. I think for the pins I used lower numbers on both walls and infill, to make them a bit more flexible.

  7. The assembly video is helpful, but a few extra tips:
    a. On the big flat gears, you can feel one tooth that sags downward. That tooth goes directly into the “valley” of the heart.
    b. When you put the bottom on, the “EL” marking directly faces the side, and aligns with the tooth of the matching gear that is pointing straight down.
    c. The two smallest pieces can be placed correctly without trial and error. Lay their flat surfaces on a table, and look at them from the direction of the lowest tooth. You can see that the upper surface of one tilts to the right, and the other to the left. The lowest tooth goes straight into the broad/flat piece (as shown in the video). But look down in the hole at the other two touch points…you can see (or measure) that the touch point against the side lobe gear is deeper than the touch point against the bottom gear. So the higher side of the little gear goes against the side lobe gear. That tells you which one goes where.

This design is great, but I am troubbling with some parts. When printing big gears like the left-top of the heart, the part will detach because of the hotend touching a few gear teeth that somehow lift a little bit off where it should be. I was wondering if you had the same problem and which configuration works fine (temeperature, layer height, speed).
Sorry if my english is not correct

do i need all parts of Thingsfile??????

Can you show the dimensions for each piece on AutoCAD, just so that I can make it on my own.

A few people have asked below how to assemble the 5-6 heart. The video suggested is for the 1-2 heart (I think), but doesn't match the 5-6. I can't get the 5-6 to line up. Does anyone have any details or pointers ?

It took me about 10 minutes.
Start with the top and bottom part on 2 oposite sides, then the biggest one, then the 2 wider ones left and then the 2 small ones.
You have to play a little bit until the parts fit togehter.
Enclosed some pictures.

Thank you for posting these photos which I found very helpful - was on verge of giving up and glad I didn't. Wonderful design - works a treat. Thank you for taking the time to share your fantastic work and giving enjoyment to others.

Well done! Great design and the video was a big help! Thanks for this.

I can print with PLA?


I find that sometimes the printer is the problem , but I feel that considering the amount of people here who have printed a successful print of this that it is operator error.

While assembly can be tricky, the part that sucks is when someone freely shares something they went through the effort to create, and someone else encounters difficulty and decides to use all caps and multiple exclamation points to express their frustration, rather than expressing gratitude that it was shared with them in the first place. I am sorry you had trouble with the design but there are more mature ways to deal with your frustration.

Try this version instead: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1698203

Heart Gears with Assembly Spots

Just Printed the 5-6 Heart. Assembly was easy with the instructional video. Looks good and works nice. Thanks.

some reason my pins printed flat-they look 2-d and they don't fit into the outer heart sections like they should thanks in advance

Just made a 2-3 red version. Printed, clipped together and works perfectly!
How on earth did you design this one??

Great design!

I wanna print one out but I can't figure out which one is the blue one that you showed in the video. Could you please tell me which one is the simplest?

This was awesome! I tortured myself by printing the complicated one. After I figured out that there were small and large faces, it went together easily. Now I see that it does need some silicone grease, so I'll take it home to do that. But, very impressive!

Totally useless tutorial the camera is too close and I you make it clear that there is hardly any differece between the 2 mirroed gears. Spent all day on it and totally failed.

emmett, wanted to let you know expect a influx of makes and comments. makergeeks just made this ther group project in the 3d geek box.

Two of my pieces came out wrong. Is there anyway I can print just those two pieces?

Did you get individual parts for individual printing?

Comments deleted.

Just printed this GEAR HEART! Check out my time lapse video of the print:


Thanks for a great model!

I printed it at 50% because i was too lazy to break the files apart and i have a small printer.
It worked really well, I'm going to print at 100% as an added Christmas gift for my GF. Thank you

Looks pretty awesome, looking forward to making it this evening. Thank you

when you remake this, how about making #'s for each piece, so when you give instructions, you can say "Place gear #1 here..."?

There are 8 pieces, not too hard to assembly.

I was just thinking it would make it easier to assemble, and especially since a recessed # doesn't appear to cause any issues in the movement. Either way, thanks for making this.

I am loving this project, but seems like the pins, they way they are designed, do not hold the gears. Maybe they should be asymmetrical and thicker on gear side than at the part that goes in the center piece?
PS older x type pins also don't work... wondering how to modify either

The Files are LOCKED! Can't move them around on the Build Plate.

he said you can open the file in a slicer to be able to move the pieces separately

I love the work that was put into this! I made the 5-6 rotation heart and like other felt lost with the lack of information on assembly. I got it together but it doesn't feel right or line up perfectly. This is frustrating, I see others ask for help and it's seems people just don't care. They go tell to look harder. We are not all trolls! Love your work! Gong to print the basic one in the morning. Using a PRUSA MK2s.

Just printed the 2-3, came out perfect, very easy to put together after watching the video. A little bit of silicone based grease (plastic friendly made for RC cars) and the gears move like hot knife through butter :)

Thanks for amazing design!

I have all 3 models going on 3 different printers. All coming out very nice. The video helped get the first one together, the other two just take some thought to follow the same concept and look at the parts to see where they go. Printed in ABS, PETG and PLA so far. PLA almost done, anxious to see how it holds up.

Spitballing' here, can you embed a some sort of a pattern (like maybe zebra stripes, tiger stripes or a nice wavy Stars and Stripes) in the outer parts so it could be printed on 2 or 3 color printers? I think that would add nice touch to them, too.

Hope you come up with some more clever designs!


Which file corresponds to the red, blue and black models shown?

Anyone else getting somewhat funny results running this with the most recent OpenSCAD (version 2015.03-2)? I was running the script with the default settings, but it generates a heart where the gaps between gears are too large, and the center piece is misshapen (the shape of the "big" faces are almost a triangle, rather than the expected 6 sided shape)

Thanks once more for this awesome model. I printed it with 150 µm in PLA on a PRUSA i3 MK2. On the large round piece I can clearly see every single face from the 3D model. Perhaps, if you export the stl-files once again in the near future, it would be great if you increase the detail/resolution. HD mode release :-)

Did you find a solution? Same problem here, the model prints perfect... so perfect that the faces from the heart.stl 3D model are visible. Edit: The original heart is generated with matlab, so it's quite easy to increase the resolution. I uploaded an HD version as https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3410035

Exploitable Heart HD
by kjellm

Nope. Sadly I found no solution and didn't had the time to make a new version.

The idea and model itself are lovely, however your instructions are a total shitshow. You could as well record a 5sec video that says: "You pretty much have to guess where everything goes. If it doesn't work, try again." The video is a pure comedy.

Thanks for the lovely feedback, but tell it to the other 295 people who've made it. You're welcome to make an easier to assemble version. Isn't there some old adage about a gift horse that would apply here?

Thank you for the awesome ideas, I think there are enough of us here that appreciate the concepts you have brought that will outweigh the few crazies out there.

You can make it happen or wish it to happen and then there are those that just complain it hasn't happened...

the 3d assembly link was helpful.

I want to print your Heart Gears2-3 stl. However, I have a da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3 in 1 printer and it wants to resize your file. Is it possible for you to break this file into 2 parts so I do not need to resize? I would like it to print in the original size as you designed. I am new to this 3D print thing. If there is a way for me to do this myself please educate me on how.


There are lots of 3D programs that allow you to individually select meshes to move them around or delete them. If you use Windows 10, then 3D Builder would work easily for this. I think Cura can do this as well. I'm sure there are more. Send it as a feature request to XYZ.

Thank you so much. I am on a crash course of learning everything 3D to teach at my school. I didn't even think of 3D builder. Thank you, thank you. Oh, and I love your design.

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Just did the 2-3. Awesome work! I love it!

I printed the 5-6 version, and the assembly looks NOTHING like your video. The central block is an octahedron, and there is no "small face" or "larger face" they are all the same size. Any help assembling the 5-6?

Hello there @tarrant1701, how are you doing? hope you are ok, you sounds angry, like if you paid for a service that you didn't get... Anyhow, the center are practically identical. I took it from each stl and put it together for you to see that they are almost the same:

I guess you printed the small model. That center's small face are the perfect triangle. (if you pay attention one of the faces doesn't end on a tip. Making it a "not perfect triangle". In the picture that I uploaded for you, the "small face" are the ones UP.

Hope you manage to put it together soon.

I'm not sure what you printed either. The heart5-6 clearly has as different center block than the heart1-2:


Also taken directly from the STL.

Comments deleted.

Hi Emmett, Great job on this ! I have printed out all the parts and they came out perfect. I did the version 2-3. I am having a little bit of a hard time assembling it. I get the first 2 on then the other 2 that form the other side of the heart is where i am stuck. These last five gears have 1 tooth that is longer then the others. Could you make a assembly video for this version?

Update: I got it!. Sometimes looking at gets me now where, then all of a sudden...BING!. Love your work.

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Very Nice,

Ingenious, Not easy to design! Good job. I printed it with Prusa mk2 and came out really well.

Seneko...What printing parameters did you use? Did you change any of the defaults or just simply create gcode and print?

Sliced , scaled and created gcode. Later created small stand also....

Been looking for a stand for this, I've seen it on thingiverse in the past but unable to locate it..
I'm after the ones that look like this, the little heart detail in the middle makes all the difference when valentine's is around the corner!

Comments deleted.

In case anybody else is wrestling with identifying the parts to follow the assembly video, here's a diagram showing how to tell them apart: http://imgur.com/a/xBQsZ Hope this helps!

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing. Your work is incredible, and I'm shocked and dismayed at the negative comments I've seen on here. Trolls gonna troll, I guess.

I can't print just one gear at a time. Can you mention how to separate them? One gear failed in my build and I wish to print only the defective one so as to make a complete working set.
Way cool parts though. Snap together readily.


  • download "Meshmixer", then import the right one .stl
  • click on "Edit", then "Separate shells"
  • a window opens (Object browser), click on the part in the list that you need (the selected object illuminates)
  • Click on "File" and then "Export" as STL binary format

Have fun

Or take this...

Heart Gears in separate files

Sweet with the individual parts. You miss top part for heartgear_2-3 in the folder though.

Anyone knows what the printsettings are for the ultimaker 2? My prints always fails....

Printed one , so easy to install !!

I just printed this heart and it turned out really cool, but it seems like either the wholes are too small or the snap pins are to large, because they don't fit. What are the print parameters for the print? Fill density, shell thickness, etc. Do you have a file that has all of the parts as separate objects so I can just print smaller pins? Thanks

Great! It really works!

Comments deleted.

Huzzah! Been thinking of this sculpture long before I got my printer. I just printed it over night and finished assembly! The wife LOVES it!

That is so beautiful! As a Mechanical Engineer, I must say, this is more beautiful than a diamond ring.

This is fantastic! Thank you so much for these. Prints beautifully on a Rostock Max V2 at 0.2mm/layer, no raft, on a Zebra plate. The white grease on the pins is perfect.

Wondering how it will print scaled to 50%?

Well, I can tell you, scaling 90% can introduce some issues with the pins. These models are fairly detailed and the smaller you go, the bigger any printer issues become. Im working with a closed system and boy it can be more frustrating than open source!

I have printed all the parts in 90% and I struggle at assembling the heart. I only read your comment right now... gosh.. .___.
Did you find a solution or should I re print everything? :(
Thank you in advance!

Please forgive the Noob question, but can you print all the parts in one go using Cura with the setting to Print All At Once? Or should I print all the parts separately?

And Thanks for providing this for nothing Emmett. Your signature is staying on my prints. Its a very cool design.

Got really excited for this. I used PLA on my Ultimaker2 and split the parts on Cura. Everything was perfect until I tried assembling it by following your video.

Sad to say your video was confusing since some parts are mirror of each other, there are no markers for each part, and sometimes your hand blocks what you're doing or what you're assembling goes offscreen. I suggest marking every part first and organizing them neatly on a table, so that enthusiasts can simply follow your lead from there on. You can also do some video editing for labeling and guiding but that maybe too much to ask. But really, thanks and your efforts are highly appreciated.

After fully assembling the heart gears (I printed the one with the most number of revolutions to do for "funstration"), I'm not quite satisfied with how it turned out since it was supposed to be smooth all the way in the shape of a heart - its been 2 hours now after removing and putting the parts again and again, I ended up with an ok Heart Gears. Nevertheless, it still works.

personally i like the first gear heart u made better

Can you shed some light on how you design those weird looking gears? I mean in other designs too??

what sittings/material did you use in printing this

is it possible to have the moving parts in a separate .slt? I want to print them in 2 different materials

Missing heart.stl included in openscad file

In the file says that is the thing 6190.


Exploitable Heart
by emmett

Should I print it with a raft or directly on the bed? Thanks a lot for the design!

I am proud of you....good job...i hope you can provide individually the parts of your three heart gear...because i want to make it as one of my collection...thanks in advance...hopefully you can provide it ASAP...

I made the 5-6 version and came out really good, just sanded the pins a little bit and it's turning smoothly...

Don't have a printer yet, but would love to buy some of these!!

Hi Emmett, will I have any problems if I print this using PLA? Many thanks

Not till he removes the engraving. I don't think the kiddo realizes how much he lost by doing that. Downloads and makes would be exponential. Everyone ive spoke to kinda hates him because he does this. Its purely greed and it stops anyone from being able to gift it to someone, so his whole video on "valentines day" is a joke when it has someone else's initials in it, and he hides it in the pics too to try to trick you. I have no time for people like him.

Who the hell is "everyone ive spoke to..."? You are the only one who would feel this way and also not understand how to remove one line of code in an openSCAD file.

Comments deleted.

Certainly nothing says greed like a "Creative commons - share alike" license..

Chill out man.

Wow, I've never heard someone so up in arms about an artist's signature on his work before. You know you can easily remove it if you just look at the OpenSCAD source, right? Anyway, it's not like I gain anything from downloads or makes besides a warm, fuzzy feeling anyway. I give this stuff away for free for your pleasure; if you don't like it, make something better.

Don't worry about it. There is always someone who can't produce any file of their own, but thinks he can criticize someone else's amazing work. Good job on the heart emmet.

Can I print these files on a 6x6x6 inch bed on PLA?

Thanks, Emmet for making a cool idea into a reality and letting other people print it for free. I can't imagine how much time it took to design, test, re-design etc. I'm working on one of these heart gears next. Thanks again and just ignore the guy who is complaining about being allowed to print cool stuff for free.

about how big it the heart?

Comments deleted.

could you upload the parts seperatly?
the way you organised them on the print platform doesn´t work with my printer.

Some of the remixes have some of the hearts split into smaller files, you might peek at those. (But if I do that, I'm going to make sure it gets posted on Emmett's "I Made One" page.)

You can easily separate parts in blender ("p" button) and arrange them on a plate as you wish later.

hi, don't you have instructions fot the 5-6 heart? the central block is different and I don't know how to assemble it...

You can watch the video to assemble

Which infill should i use?

10% - 20% is enough

I used 20% but the top is full of holes. Shoud I change something in Cura?

couple of extra top layers and you should be good =)

Hi, that's a pitty!
When the top Has holes you need to give it more infill...sorry!
Dit you look at each layer in Cura?(right top)?
Every 3D printer has it's own different manual????
Wish you succes!

Hi, that's a pitty!
When the top Has holes you need to give it more infill...sorry!
Dit you look at each layer in Cura?(right top)?
Every 3D printer has it's own different manual????
Wish you succes!

Is there anyway to just 1 of the gears? Everything but 1 gear printed out perfect..

If you use "Cura" it will allow you to separate it in to individual pieces. The command is "Split object in to parts".

Comments deleted.

Hey Emmet, are you aware of this: http://www.amazon.com/Printed-Rotating-Keychain-Gear-Blue/dp/B00M273S2Q/ ? Appears to be a derivative work, but they do not give attribution.

I noticed that, too. They may not charge for the design, but I bet they make a healthy margin on the "service". There are several objects for sale that I've seen on Thingiverse, and I'm pretty sure none of them are attributed properly.

Yes, it's a derivative, which is attributed to the last author: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:24675. There are also some up under my name, though they are all sold by carrythewhat: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=bl_sr_3d-printing?ie=UTF8&field-brandtextbin=Emmett+Lalish&srs=8323871011. He's been selling my designs on Etsy for quite awhile and gives me 10% without my asking. We talked about the Amazon store before he put it up because he wasn't totally happy with the attribution (apparently links aren't allowed). It's experimental, but I appreciate that it's up under the designer's name (though I think people probably think I'm the one selling them). Anyway, yes, I'm on board.

Working Micro Gear Heart Keychain

Hah, the seller is actually using my name, though it isn't actually me, which i think is kinda funny (I would have specified Emmett as the creator myself).
I cant imagine this is actually worth-your-time profitable, but it is interesting to see a market price placed on it (i would have guess $8 as the highest "reasonable" amount someone would pay)

my printer is having trouble printing this. so far 2 failed attempts an hour and a half in. it seems like some of the small gears keep moving out of place while printing, and none of the pins seem remotely close to being good.Any advice? Should I print all the gears separately?

Just for future reference, I think you need a hot bed at higher temperature for the objects to stick. About ~70°C does the trick for PLA. Pins should be printed separately with 0.1mm layer height.

I printed the hub by itself, pins in sets of 4, and the rest 2 gears at a time. I don't trust my Robo3d to do the whole thing at once

My Flashforge Creator X did it in 10 hours. Great file! Thanks very much for creating and sharing it! Took me three failed attempts before I got it to print but I think my wife is going to like it. Thanks again!

Can anyone give me an estimate on how long printing all of the components would take? I have access to a 3D printer that charges per hour

I'm just starting my print now. Cura is predicting 15 hours.

Hi it took me almost 6 hours to print... I can click them together, but when I want to turn it arround they fall apart. Infill 0.5
Good luck

Wow, those pins are a pain in the butt! My bin is completely full of little strings and big blobs of failed pins :)
Eventually got it with a brim support in cura, 100% fill, 0.2 first layer and 20mm/sec

I encountered the same problems. Four tries and those pins always come of the heatbed and mess up the print. Usually I don't see this problem. Tried it in 100µm, 150µm, and 200 µm :-(
(printing on PRUSA i3 MK2)

OK, I will try it your way - now that I am a happy owner of Ultimaker 2...
I tried this on my old Velleman K8200 and I found it absolutely impossible to get it right!

Awesome! Love the video of this, it's seriously cool.

This has got to be one of the coolest things I've printed! To get it to print on my Kossel Clear, I scaled it down to 80%. Also, a warning to others, Slic3r too overnight to slice it. The pins didn't come out very well, so I reprinted them separately. My GF loves it! :-)

Something that I've been wondering about while looking through your videos is why the pieces aren't numbered. You noted that a lot of people were having issues figuring out which piece goes where, it seems like that would be fixed by putting a small number next to the pin hole. You line up the numbers, and everything's exactly where it needs to be. Besides that, your work is amazing. Keep it up!

Check this split version out in case you don't want to do the splitting job. Might save you SOME time http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:287121/http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Split & De-monogramed "emmett's Geared Heart"(2014 version)
by jpan

Thank you!

Really looking forward to printing this! Took me ages to split up the stl as it was too big for my bed but luckily slic3r v1 on the mac helped me.
I'm trying to change or just remove the monogram. I've tried using OpenSCAD to do this but can't for the life of me understand how it works. How can I select just one part to export?

Thanks for any help

Also check my thing out through the link in the later post by me. I have uploaded a de-monogramed version.

The monogram is my artist signature. If it really offends you, I'm sure you can read the code enough to remove it.

Sorry emmett. Hope you don't mind me uploaded that. I really appreciate your work, but I want it as perfect as possible as a gift for my mom.

Just my $0.02 but it's pretty disrespectful to remove someones logo of of work that you didn't create yourself.
He probably spent a ton of hours getting it perfect.

Totally agree with Blizz!!!

Hi Emmet,
I printed a 1-2- heart gear. it looks verry nice, but when i start turning it around it fell a part.
it does'n stick together. Even after I hear a click sound as at your video...
Is it possible to glue the pegs inside the center part, and must i make the hole's in the other parts a bit bigger????
Sorry for my bad English.

I printed the plate at 50% scale, and it doesn't really hold together -- the pins come out of both sides really easily. I'm fairly sure they're snapped in all the way -- there doesn't seem to be much of a "lip" to hold them in.

Also: the OpenSCAD file doesn't make a heart -- does the "heart file" need to be added in?

Hey, Im just wondering if this needs to be printed with supports? Thanks :)

No supports needed. Just use the stl files provided and then print lots of spare pegs :)

I have a trick for the assembly too. I put two pegs in and the first two pieces according to the video. I follow the sequence in the video, but I fit each piece, one at time, without a peg. When I see the gear is perfectly placed, I use painters tape arrows to indicate the gears on each part. Then I put the peg in and snap it together for a perfect fit every time.

I have made a half dozen of these in translucent red and purple. Excellent design! These are so much fun. I can't get them back from anyone that picks it up. Thanks for putting the pegs up too. I managed to break one, but these are not fragile either. Great design there too.

Made one and it worked great! Wife loved it! Nice job on this! :)

Thank you for creating this! I printed it out a few gears each night this week. PLA on a Makerbot Replicator2 worked great. Everything fits perfectly. Used a little grease to help out. The video you provided was extremely helpful for assembly.

Very nice! Prints easily "overnight". Great work.

Printed this last night. The video was great though I may have messed up on the last two smallest gears.

Excellent design. Simple print and informative assembly video.

This is fantastic and impressive. Can you shed a little light into the creative process? How did you go about creating the gears? Thank you for sharing this.

Hey guys, pins keep popping off. Also there is a 1-1.5mm space between the center piece and the the rest of the gears. Should there be? Thanks in advance!

No, it sounds like your pins might not be inserted all the way into their snaps. Maybe try a little grease?

No love. the pin snaps into the center peice very frimerly but does not snap into the the gears. Its just too lose and they want to fall off. Im wondering if its because I am useing ABS and its more flexible that PLA so the pins contract too much when pressed into the base... In fact I think that's the problem as I just noticed they fit properly in the gears unless they are seated in the middle peace.

fyi, I printed everything in ABS, without problems.

still having problems. just seperating. hmm I have my first layer extruding 150% from when I had bed bonding problems. Though might be making a 'skirt' of sorts on the bottom layer. this could be my problem.

thank you i am reprinting the pins and will verify.

Hi there,
Could you please post the individual parts? My pins got messed up while printing!
Thank You

Okay, after being deluged by the same comments, I've added the pinpeg for individual download. It's not hard at all to get the separate pieces yourself. Please everyone, read the rest of the comments before writing your own. Thanks.

Heh... that's the easiest one to separate. :)
I've separated all the parts for the 5-6 one; I could make a thing...

Has anyone else had a Visual C++ Runtime error when they Compile and Render the Open SCAD file?

Yep. Ever manage to solve it?

Great job ! But i printed it in scale 70% to reduce the time, one of the parts broke ... in makerware i would like to print only this part, but it's impossible to me to delete parts without removing them all, could you help plz ?


Can post/ send me the parts all separated?


Could you post a file of just the snap in pins? One printed mis-formed and I don't want to start a project of everything again just to get one pin. It would help a lot!

As you can see in the comments below, there are lots of free programs to let you separate parts from a plated STL. Also, you can go to the snap pin ancestor of this thing and export them from Customizer. This uses the default pins from that library. Or you can export them directly from the OpenSCAD file included here.

what specs do you print at?

At this point, I print pretty much every one of my designs at the MakerWare default medium settings on a Replicator.

Hi Emmett,
I've printed each part out separately on a replicator 2 at 0.2layer and 40%infill (printed all pins together with 80%infill) but cant get the pins into the holes, any advice ? Thanks

The new ones are out! Awesome!
Whenever I show off my prints the giant gear heart always gets attention.
Thanks and great job.

This is so awesome!

Sure, it's under a license that allows commercial use, so go for it. A number of people sell its previous iterations. I'm always happy to see people selling them, since I don't have time to myself.

With your blessing, I would like to start making and selling these on ebay and local give a donation to The British Heart Foundation, with full credit to you as the designer.

Fantastic, go for it. Post a link here if you like.

Awesome! I was more wondering if it would cause problems if scaled up or down? Thanks for yet another great design.

Oh, Scalable, that's somewhat different. Go for it; it's not tested, so good luck. At some point the pins will be too thin to print well and the snaps will probably lose some grip.

Very nice instructional video Emmet. I'm sure a lot of people appreciate your efforts.

What free editor would you recommend to separate the plated parts?
I have netfabb, but the plate is difficult to cut apart where the gears that overhang each other (I think I can do it, it's just going to be tricky); I'm hoping there's a better tool for the job.

Repetier-Host and Cura can both do it. It's not too hard in Meshlab either. I'm sure there are also many others that can detect unconnected objects and save them separately.

Slic3r can also split them

Ok, time for my stupid question... I'm using Repetier-Host, but I can find nothing that will allow me to separate parts... I'm using a Mac; maybe that Mac version doesn't have that feature?

Ironically, netfabb (basic) has queried me in the past when opening .stl files, that there were separate objects, should it separate them; but not for this plate. :(

I'll look into some of the other options. Thanks.

I got it done in netfabb; just needed to properly rotate in a few places to be able to use a 'plane' cut to remove pieces of nearby parts that were under an overhang.

Use OpenSCAD on the SCAD file and just generate the parts you want.

Do these (or any others) work in PLA?

All the ones pictured are PLA, so yes. These pins work much better than previous versions.

I love the new pin design! They look great and I can't wait to try them!

The pins really are great. Printed in ABS and they popped in and out just as you'd like them.