Prusa i3 MK2 - Raspberry PI Zero W holder

by dktosoch Jul 13, 2017
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Tried printing this, but the screw and the nut threads came out oval and wouldn't work. :(

Sorry to hear, but I think there are some wrong with 3d printer I have problem printing it round.

Best solution for OctoPrint running on a Pi Zero w/camera I could find. Printed it using PETG and it printed really well without supports, raft, or brim except for a little lifting on the arms of the mount that connect to the bed frame, but the part still works fine. I did add an extra shell, but I would recommend trying a brim on the bed mounting part. Great model, Thanks!

How is this actually attached to the print bed? I see it will slot onto the alloy arm under the print surface but how did you make it stay there?

It fits over the aluminum arm, and has the perfect distance to heatbed.
so it is easy to mount, stays there when it's running.

What case did you use? anyway for us to print a case for this holder?

Is it true that Octopi is not running smoothly on the Zero W? Somebody told me that Octopi is not good on the Zero, if you upload the code to the Zero instead of running it from the SD-Card.
Can you share your Opinion?


I think OctoPi is running fine on Raspberry Pi Zero W, of course it is much slower to start up in Raspberry Pi 3. But when it is load I thick it is running just as fine as RPI 3.

And it's at a 1/3 of price of a RPI 3, so I think compromises fore the price.`

I hope you can use my reply.

Br. Tobias

Thanks! Sounds nice, i think i will test it.