Wizard, Warlock, Sorcerer, and Druid Collection!

by mz4250 Jul 14, 2017
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Great collection! Printed the "unicorn sorcerer", but the upper part of the staff broke, so I cut the lower off and turned it into a dagger..

I want to offer my appreciation for the rogue in the bush stealing some treasure in the background of the pictures. XD

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Are these already in scale, or do I need to scale them?

Yup all to scale :-)

Which scale? The acolyte is 36mm with base.

Umm. Honestly no idea. I never actually measure these. They come out the same size as regular dnd minis.

Ok, I checked it out and base size determines the mini height, so a 28mm scale mini has a 28mm diameter base, not actual mini.

Most modern minis (which mz's stuff seems to match) are 32mm scale, which is measured foot-to-eye, and is effectively the same as 1/48 scale... at least height-wise.
The same scale is also commonly called 28mm, or even 25mm sometimes, since minis have been gradually growing in size over the years.
I've actually found that quite useful to know in any minis and such I've created. Any time I need to know, "how big should X be?" using "around 2% of the size of a real one" as a starting point saves a lot of guessing and rescaling.

Dragonborn Druid, both models, the heads have inverted vectors so they wont' show in slic3r. A friend asked me to print this but it is headless. The female version is fine though. FYI

Sweet CHRISTMAS! What a treasure trove. Woot! I say WOOT! udaMan MZ4250!

Would you mind making some Gnomes, like a Dragon Sorcerer, if I were to be specific? I just feel like the Tieflings are very prominent here. Thanks!

hi, do yo can create a tiefling warlock for me please .
As the image but in man.
Thanks my gmail is Tiagobrizuela01@gmail.com