18650 Battery Holder

by SpikeUK Jul 15, 2017
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Printed three of these today very Nice
Thank-you for sharing

You're very welcome, glad you like it. Thanks for commenting and posting your make.

How about adding a little nub on top for a keychain? I'd love to have a single cell case to carry one extra battery around in my pocket as a keyfob.

I did consider that. But I thought it would be safer to have it in loose in your pocket, rather than on your keys.
If the 'ring' broke off you could loose your battery. Worse still, if your away from home you wouldn't be able to vape either.
I'm happy to add something if you could let me know how you would like it attached.

Well if I knew how I wanted it attached I'd just take the model and do it :) I really have no idea, i don't have enough experience with the materials to be able to conceive of a good way to attach a ring without it being too brittle.

How about a 2mm thick semicircle intersecting the face of the cap of the container, with a 4mm hole in that semicircle 2mm from the outside edge? Is that something that's doable and durable?

Ah! Good point :-)

Sure, thats doable, but the weakness would be with the inter layer adhesion.
I'll try to explain. If I've understood you correctly, you are suggesting turning the cap over so that the flat surface is facing up, then add a semi-circular ring to the top with the side facing up.
The weakness would be that the cap/ring would be printed with the layer adhesion being the only thing stopping the top of the ring breaking.
It would also need to be printed with supports for the inside of the cap.
I'm happy to do it if you want to give it a try.

It might be a little stronger if the ring were to protrude from the side of the cap, do you think this would work for you?

Yeah, that makes sense, and is exactly what I meant by not understanding the materials enough yet to have a decent suggestion. But yeah, it seem like if the ring were on the side, that would be stronger.

It's getting late here, but I'll see what I can come up with in the morning.

Good morning mate. Added the loop for a keyring with picture of print so you can see it works.
I've made it a bit meatier than discussed previously.
Let me know how it goes.