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Quick-Fit X Carriage for @Printrbot - #30DoC day 5

by RichRap Jun 5, 2012
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Has anyone printed this? I'm curious whether it's less tall than the Printrbot Plus v1's (1303) original X-carriage. If so, it could be a way to use hotends that are shorter than the Ubis (i.e. J-head, e3d).

Will this work with a direct drive extruder and a E3D Lite hotend ?
Normally the carriage for the printrbot does not work with short extruders, I moved the support extruder somehow down so that the hotend is lower than the bottom of the carriage, but I would like the stepper to be on top of the carriage, at this moment it is at the other side so its weight its vibrating all my printer .

Any chance that we will see a LC or PrintrBot Plus version of this?

Not from me, sorry. But anyone else is welcome to make mods. I like the Printrbot's but I don't run any now.

it's work with a short J-head MKV extruder??

Does this mean the "3-way Quick-fit Extruder and Colour Blending Nozzle" can now be used with a PrintrBot?

Please confirm a working paste extruder. I suddenly find myself wanting a printrbot.

Still crossing my fingers for a three bearing quick fit carriage for Huxley Pro!

I have an original eMaker Huxley, so I think the Pro version is the same? - anyway I'll give it a shot, but it's going to take a little while, my Huxley is still in the recovery room, not printing again just yet...



Yup. It is virtually the same. Mists modifications easily apply to both.

Thanks so much, now I can put your paste extruder on my printrbot!

Hi Rich,

Is there any chance we can get your sketchup files for this one?

I'll clean them up and post them shortly.

** - Sketchup files now uploaded :)


Plate 2 has a few minor issues with holes not intersecting, but easily repaired.

(The lower-right bolt hole in the X-carriage, and the right-hand vertical hole in the plate.)

Oooh, if you're stuck for creativity for one of your other days, can we have a huxley quick x-carriage? O:-)

So I am not the only one that wants one! Come on "thingsmith!"

I had a look, and it's possible, but not all that doable or sensible. With the standard size quick-fit base it would use up 65% of the Huxley build axis on X, so I'm going to need a re-think for making a sensible sized quick-fit for Huxley.

You already made a "Huxley" quick fit extruder!... /*confused expression

The Huxley quick-fit extruder is 'Huxley sized' and designed for the Mendel/Mendelmax and Printrbot Quick-fit, it has less mass and can be moved faster, and also uses less vertical space and finally it's 1.75mm which is why I made it in the first place.