Mouse Bungee V3 + V4

by mer_at Jul 15, 2017
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This is perfect! i live in a non-usa country (xd) so i cant buy any mouse bungees, only from amazon but it would cost too much and it would take too much time to come. Now this fixes my problem.
Also, i made a remix for the base, a small improvement, it may help some of u.

This thing is great! I had another mouse bungee but in some ways it made things worse, this is perfect!

It would be really nifty if you also changed the base to have the snapon pin. Thank you for a great design.

For folks who don't work with bearings much (like me), the .stl is shaped for 22mm outer diameter, 8mm inner diameter. On the model, the cylinder thickness (depth) is 5.2mm (not counting tapered areas) on the outside and 7.6 on the inside. Most 8/22mm bearings I found on Amazon are 7mm thick.

Nice work!
Wollte meins auch in etwa so Zeichnen aber da es schon ein sehr gutes gibt kann ich mir das ja sparen :)

this is genius. well done

I sliced off one of the sides of the base to print it on the monoprice mini. I added a nub and hole for it to fit together. I'll post a make once it's done! Thanks for the sick design!

Any updates? :D

Sorry totally forgot about this. Here are the files I made. you print the two top pieces normal and the base is now 2 different pieces. Find the glue that works best for your material and go for it.

Nice! You should add it as a remix. Will print this the next couple of days!

Posted it as a remix!

Hi dude love the design, i printed monitor mounted version, but due to amount of play it had i also designed washers to reduce about 80% of that play and i glued the bearings and shafts together heres video of play after adding washers and using superglue.


Prints great, works great.

To make a mouse bungee that attaches to your monitor, print the following files:

  • befestigung1.stl
  • bone1.v4.stl
  • bone2.v4.stl
  • cableholder.stl
  • Stift.stl

I stuck it to my monitor with VHB tape, which sticks PLA to monitors like you welded it there.

Bearings are 608 ball bearings, which you can salvage from any fidget spinner or order online. The bearings themselves don't matter that much, most of the resistance is taken up by the cord. There's a lot of play between the pegs and the bearings, but it doesn't affect the device.

Fits my Zowie FK2 just fine, with plenty of room to spare. As long as your mouse doesn't have a tagliatelle for a cord, it'll fit.

This is the best mouse bungee model on Thingiverse, period. Print it, build it, and purge yourself of your final excuse for not standing on the objective.

Works amazing after finding a sacrafical figet spinner’s bearings

Awesome! Thankyouuuu
All my friends want one too. ;-)

The pins for the bearings are too big. Ideally you should replace them with pins like in https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1332650 where they contract to let the bearing in and then snap on it to make it stay in place.

Airtight Filament Canister

+1 for snap/locking pins.

Thanks for the amazing design

This Bungee is awesome. I took it to a LAN-Party and everyone was amazed.

Thank you!

Good to know people are liking it for it's intended purpose. Not just only because they were bored and needed something to print. :)

I designed Bone1 new by myself because the space in the middle wasn't centered. I can send it to you if you want ;)

sure send it as a message
are you, by any chance, german? ;)

Yes, i messaged you ;)

Thanks. I've added the part.

This is probably my favorite thing I have ever printed. Excellent design! I've wanted a good mouse bungee for years but I was never too happy with the offerings. This design is sooo much better than any store bought bungee solutions. Thanks

Same here. Commercial bungees never really worked for me.