Hypercube Evolution Upgrade All Parts

by NedalLive Jul 16, 2017
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What Clamp need i when i have printed 2x Standard Version XY_Carriage_HCEvo_X10 Y10?

In the same Folder are two Files:

  • XY_Carriage_Clamp_HCEvo_8mm_Bearing
  • XY_Carriage_Clamp_HCEvo_RJPM_16.2mm

What are the difference between these? and which one is right for the XY_Carriage_HCEvo_X10 Y10 Standard Version?

First I want to say thank so much for all the work you put into this printer. With the enclosure it looks very professional.

After reading though many of the comments here I wasn't able to locate an answer. There is a part on the back of the extruder setup that I don't know what it's for. There are 2 different parts, one looks thinner than the other. And in the 3rd image it looks like a mount on the back for a bed leveling sensor but it's shown with a BLTouch. I'd love to see some images of the printer all wired up.

Thank you.

Is this upgrade intended to replace parts in the https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3018572 ?

What is the purpose of this upgrade? Thank you!


It's not an upgrade for the NGEN, it's for the Hypercube Evolution.
The NGEN have already this head

Une suggestion pour la chaîne qui se fixe sur la tête ?

Any version for LMU8 long version bearing?

Have you considered using pulleys with M5 bearing holes?

Quelles sont les différences entre les versions standards et renforcées ?
La version standard a bien les écrous à la place des insert ?

toute mes version sont avec ecrou la difference est que les ente axe des axes X est augmente pour une meilleur stabilité sur les renforced
le tandard est compatible avec l'original Evo

Hi NedalLive,

The standard real pulleys have the clamps floating in the model. I cant print that. Is it possible these 2 parts could be spliced as 2 seperate .stl files like done with the motor mounts?

Someone on reddit helped me. Here are the files if someone else needs them too.


Please check the Remix of the people did a great job!

Hypercube Evolution Pulley Mount For 8 & 10mm Rod
Comments deleted.

pls add a Mount for Piezo Orion

I see from the top to the second bar is 165mm. What is the default dimension from the 2nd bar down to the 3rd bar> Thanks.


For more precision you can consult the plan of the Ngen this Thing does not have this vocation

Another thing, the rear pulley from original Hypercube Evolution has a bigger size on top of it, so it can be placed exactly in the same height as the motor mount, is it possible to make a rear pulley with this modification ?

not sorry it is not intended to be plated on the upper profile more one does not rule the printer with the edge of the piece. thanks for understanding

What are the diameters for the LM8UU space on X Carriage ? I can't seem to place them inside there, they are wayy to tight. It's the same for the Z Carriage, the LM12UU can't seem to enter.

Hi !
it looks like your printer is not calibrated
the diameters are 0.2 to 0.4 greater than the theoretical diameter of the bearing

Comments deleted.

On "Extruder Mount v5 Renforced" the botom holes are 3mm and 2.5mm diameter instead of 3.5mm.

Yes it is voluntary.
so as not to over-tighten the fan Duct, I have redissi the holes that hold it so that it plays the role of screw brake

It’’s imposible to get a m3 screw in the smaller hole.
Also the place for nut is smaller.

Oh, I was boring holes for the screw,
I think your first layer and too much crushed
there is the same everywhere and it does not pose a problem ...

I love your design!
Would you mind making a version of the HotEnd mount to fit a PrecisionPiezo Orion probe?
I have printed the reinforced v5 pictured here.

I’ve begun on a remix for this. Will post when it’s done and tested.


I printed the "X_Carriage_HCEvo_V2.1_LM8LUU" X carriage and the "Extruder Mount v5 STD" but after assembling both the endstop sensor or rather the whole extruder mount is 2mm to low and the flag of the XY-Carriage hits the upper part of the light gate.

Seems to be an issue with the dimensions of the sensor:

I loved your project very good friend even .. I saw that you made one with connection by Ima .. you will make it available I have interest in doing it

Printed in abs AWESOME!!!
Seems like everything now days is petg

I think in the standard (not reinforced) collection, there are no fan ducts included.for the extruder mount.
Which one is suitable?

Would you able to share the design of your enclosure?
thank you

I am currently working on the complete model of a Hypercube Evo NGen based on the models found here!
let me finalize the plan and realize my version to debug it and I will post the Plan / DXF / BOM and STL file
it will be equipped with a header with DB15 connector that is not mounted with screws but rather with magnets ;-)


Would you be able to share the build files, or if it is not possible add some screenshot of your assembly, because I am doing my assembly on fusion 360 based on your model.

I was so happy to find this Z carriage (renforce) and printed 4...then I've noticed that they doesn't fit to the other bed parts of Scott's build :(
Is this a known issue?

Simply shift your Z axis and release the stress in your bed
resume your settings as a new assembly

Was not that easy because the original Z-Nut-Bracket hasn't enough space to move the nut so far this direction. But I created a new one, now it suits perfect. Is there a version of the X Carriage Renforced with DB15 for 8mm rods as well? Maybe I'm stupid but I can't find it...so much files in the package :) ...Btw...really great job man!

You have been busy again my friend - ces magnifique!

Hi, awesome work :) Printing the first parts right now. Could you update the parts for using sintered brass bearings with an outer diameter of 18mm for X,Y&Z Axis? TIA Steffen

PS. using 10mm rods for X&Y and 12mm for Z axis.

Hello !
No sorry I do not have time to work on other versions.

Can you share your firmware(marlin?) source code? thanks

Sorry my Printer work with SmoothieWare

oh well can you share it anyway? Also what board are you using? thanks

I am using one of your X carriages, the V2.1 for LM8LUU, standard version , do you think you can modify it so it can have deformation strips along the back of the bearing fastener? Basically thinner wall so it can hug the bearing better and allow the force of the fastener to be better distributed on the surface of the bearing.

When I´am not wrong, it is used to describe the x,y offset of the BlTouch to the nozzle and the Trigger Z height

You have the value of offset in photo in the image of Thing!
The Z value depends on each machine and the setting of the BLTouch rod

Can you share your G31 Values for BlTouch? Thanks

What is G31 command ?


first of all: great work!

I have one question: do the fan ducts for the reinforced versions work with the standard versions? can't find any ducts for the standard versions!?

greets from Hamburg/Germany


Hello and thank you !!
Unfortunately the Duct Renforced is not Standard compatible ...
In addition, I abandon more and more Standard version to focus on reinforced I find them more efficient.
I am currently working on a reinforced version with DB15 Dsub connector for a quick change (Laser!)

Hi NedalLive, and what is the correct fan duct for the standard version?

you Can Use the Original Duct

Nedal, Your XY and x carriage are awesome! I had issues with the original x carriage part ( broken bearing holders & loose inserts ) but your design does not have these flaws. Super! Merci beaucoup!

It is a pleasure to read a message for once or nothing is asked me :-)
Thank you for using my model !!!!

If you can send me the files for solid works. Thanks.

hello I do not share the file stp thank you for your understanding !

Hello, good afternoon, I'm building a printer, and I wanted to reinforce my x-axis with the part described below, but I wonder if the measurements in terms of distances between the x-axis shafts are the same as the original. What if the x-axis is 8mm? You can leave here the two-part stl file that interconnects the x-axis with y! I am using the LM8uu bearings with diameter 15mm.
See the described image mentioned below, the support that helps to hold the x-axis to y is missing.

Hi! Is there also a XY carriage with 16.2mm diameter for the RJMP bearings?

do you have the CAD file for "Extruder_Mount_v3 STD.stl"?

yes I have it but I do not share it ...

I made this Y 10mm (------- 83mm------). Hopefully, this is compatible with your X carriage. Your X bearing holder is 8 or 10mm?

I dont understand Sorry...

is your X carriage for 8mm rod or 10mm rod?

any chance of of a reinforced retainer for E3D with a 40mm fan?

Bravo Bruno t as vraiment remis d aplomb ce design !!! Ta version est top comparé à l original

Has anyone tried the reinforced versions? I have printed all reinforced versions (before i hard my parts) and have going to install the nuts but im finding the nuts don't fit in, the holes are to small, i have heated some up to get them in but the ones in the deep nut traps are a but more difficult to do.
Also the parts for the rods are very tight as well, having to push them open to even get the start of the rod in, i thought it might have been my printer tolerances but i have printed some original rail parts and they slide in without any issues.

Hi to you,
The odds for the nuts are indeed slightly tight so that it does not turn on them even when tightening ... you had to print the piece in PLA I guess ... in fact it is indeed very difficult to return the nuts.

From where I advise to print them in ABS because more flexible

For the routers also fit slightly tight but no need to dismiss them to enter them except for the Z carriage or I am correcting the error.

The flat between the nuts varies between 5.7 and 5.6 on my pieces. diameters for rolls are usually 0.4 larger

most people of the group Francophone Hypercube pass on my version reinforced but except the Bug Z carriage I did not have a return on mounting difficulties ...

It is clear that the nuts must be depressed with a screwdriver, it does not fit the fingers

HI NedalLive,

Thanks for the reply.
Ive printed these in PETG for strength, so no PLA here.

After thinking about it, and some advise from other i managed to get the nuts in after scraping the holes out with a small screwdriver.

Ok perfect it was not win with the PETG because as hard as PLA!
Good work ! do not hesitate to post pictures in the make!
If you have ideas of evolution also I take!
FYI, I just posted a Z carriage short of 8mm

are you by any chance going to make e3d v6 + titan extruder mount option? BR

Hello, Sorry i Not working on Direct Driver version...

Hi, i take it with the rear pulleys we need to use supports for the shaft clamp.

SOrry i don't understand...

Très beau Travail Ned, je ne vois pas sur les photos si il y a une place dans le X carriage pour monter un sensor comme dans l'hypercube de Tech2c..

Salut ! et merci !
Oui en effet tu peux monté un Capteur optique de chaque coté mais il ce monte sur l'extruder mount (.coté support de hotend)

1st HYPERCUBE NEDAHEVO just finished, its homing and moving like a 5K printer, now cable chains yez jez, thanks nedalive you awsome

Thank you ! it's a pleasure and a real source of motivation to read such comment!
Do not hesitate to pot photos in Make !! It was a big help for me!

do you have a file for your hotend mount that i can use in fusion 360? I want to try and make it so i can put a bltouch behind the extruder.

There is already an Upgrade allowing that I invite you to download the Zip File and watch.

Which Material are you using for your housing?

What is the best orientation to print the X carriage (non-reinforced)? Thanks

Axis X of the cart oriented in Z on the board

Do you stil have the xy clamps STL for the reenforced version? can't find them in the .zip file..
the clamps in the reenforced map are for the normal version



Zip file regularly updated with new upgrade I invite you to relelcharged today

What are the dimensions of your M3 nuts?

My M3 nuts do not fit and measure approximately 5.9mm externally from one facet to it's opposite facet

Hi !
Thé standard ISO m3 but are 5.5mm
On my part thé location are 5.7mm

I've managed to source m3 nuts which are the standard 5.5mm. Now I can continue with the construction of the printer.. Yay!

Very nice remixes!
I'm having some issues with the RJPM 8mm bearings. On the XY connector, the carriage clamp (RJPM_16.2mm) fits perfect, but the actual carriage doesnt fit at all. There doesn't seem to be a carriage for the RJPMs, so I assumed I would use the normal carriage?
Am I missing something? Because even tightening this a little fully binds the bearing to the rod. And good luck with getting it even :p

I am currently in England for my vacancy I look at my return to France

Are those stepper motor mounts in that picture you just uploaded a new development?

They look more reinforced and do not seem to be included in the files.

Which moteur mount are talcking about ?

I am currently working on a different type of engine mount with integrated bearings to prevent the belt from being forced onto the motor shaft.

I will share it in a few weeks.

Are you able to make modifications for the y carriage and xy idler mounts to accept 5mm (instead of 3mm) and the larger nut required for 5mm bolt?

The reason why is because I have 5mm shaft pulleys not 3mm.

If you could make the change for both standard and reinforced versions, that would be great.

Thank you!


It takes a lot of time ...
I could not do that quickly sorry.

Its okay. Thank you for your time and effort into improving the parts.

Just another question: The reinforced parts will change the vertical dimensions of the extrusions; what should be the distance between the top extrusion and the extrusion which supports the Z lead screw and Z smoothrod (dual Z configuration)?

I have added at least 30mm of area you have to add 30mm to the original dimension between the two profiles
On my model 3D I have a dimension of 165mm for the cable chain
I immediately add a picture with the ratings

Thank you for the information

What advantage does the reinforced version give?

Is it better print quality?

Yes !!
this avoids rotation along the X axis (bending)
especially with the 8mm rod

Is your X axis setup for only on the optical endstop flag? The original had two flags flipped, the left low, the right high, or above the bearing, but this x carriage with the optical endstops mounts, only align with the left, lower flag. Maybe you changed already or I missed something? Great design improvement btw-JK

Indeed it is only for the Flag at the bottom left and at the bottom right

Thanks! I just download the set again and saw the Bltouch rear mount, that’s cool! Can you tell me which X bracket)s) I need to reprint, the list is confusing. I have your x carriage installed but had the original ScottC XY brackets with the end stop flags one on top and one on the bottom, I have 10mm rods and LM10uu bearings. Thanks!

Folks, do you have any tricks for removing support? I'm printing X carriage and I'm not able to remove support from the M3 holes. I'm using different Slic3r settings and I actually spent more time removing support than printing itself :(

you can be bad and download a torrent of s3d both v3.1 or v4, but thats bad Mkay ;) I got licence from a friend, maybe you want to be my friend and i can help you using my s3d copy to slice your parts ;)

Hi! I understand your pain !!
if your printer is well adjusted you can not put some at all ...
I am under Simplify it is easy to delete them ...
Otherwise increases the size of support so that they are not generated inside

I try in english ...
How do you attach the carriage to the extruder mount ?
In the center hole I use a screw, but in the 4 holes around ? What Do I put inside ?
Thank you.

Si tu imprime mes upgrade
Tu monte le chariot X et extruder mount avec 4 vis le trous du milieu est superflu à mon sens

Je suis français !


alors moi, il y a un truc que je ne comprends pas : j'ai imprimé le carriage pour les tiges en 8mm.
Comment faites vous pour ensuite accrocher la partie extrudeur sur le carriage ?
Aussi bien sur les 4 trous sur le carriage que sur les différents extruders que j'ai pu voir pour l'hypercube , aucun ne sont complétement percé (de part en part de la pièce).
Du coup on visse comment ?
Désolé si la question vous semble bête.

PS : par exemple je voulais monter cette extruder : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2543095

Hypercube Prusa i3 MK2 Direct Drive Extruder
by WF3D

Salut à toi !
Le principe d’origine est que les extruder mount et le x carriage et monter sur 4 pions et 1 vis centrale d’où Le fait que les 4 trous ne sont pas traversant ce n’est pas le cas de mes version la position des trous est la même mais il est possible de monter sur 4 vis.

ok, et question encore bête : c'est quoi ces fameux pions ?

C’est des pions de centrage en acier
Genre pions diam 3 je crois

Can you add a STP file of Extruder_Mount_v5.1 - I would like to remake it to use titan extruder and e3d.

On the parts that hold bearings, could you add the little notches that go inside the groves in the bearing? That way you wouldn't have to tighten it down so much which may cause the IGUS bearings to seize.

hello can you tell me more? I have difficulties to understand

Look at this design, last picture, it shows the notches I was talking about: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2552961

Z Axis Holder for Igus Bearing

When i print the xy carriage renforced with the 8mm diameter it always ends up with 7.5mm (0.4 Nozzle). When i print the standard hypercube evo parts, every diameter is ok. What am i doing wrong?

Just use a drill.


Ton travail est très sympa.

As tu envisagé de "fermer" les cotés des joiner afin de bloquer les roulements ? Ainsi on pourrait monter des IGUS sans avoir besoin de serrer la plaque. Ce serait toujours souple et les roulements ne quitteraient pas le joiner. Le même principe que pour le chariot que tu as fait.

Voilà un exemple sur le version Tech2C :




daul bearing XY joiner
by jinx

Salut !
Oui en effet mais je n’ai pas eu le temps de tester regarde le x carriage renforcer LM8uu j’ai fait des petit trous de 3mm pour qu’une tête de vis bloque les bearing


Do you have a STL file for the reinforced version of the XY carriage with 10mm X and 10mm Y rods ?

Hello Nedalive, i must say you did some awesome work into this things.
Could you please upload the STP file from the Extruder Mount? Maybe i can change some things to fit my 18mm Sensor Probe.

Hi Nedalive, a number of the XY carriages have a slight issue with the bottom edge of the concave linear bearing faces: https://i.imgur.com/B8oyB45.png
The distorted edge appears on the 10mm_Bearing, Double_10mm, Renforced8-10(L and R), and XY_10mm versions of the XY_Carriage files. This issue is not present in the other XY carriage files (8mmBearing, Renforced(L and R), RJPM_16.2mm).

Thank you for these awesome upgrades!

Would be awesome to get an LM10UU v3.1 X Carriage

Hello !
Difficult we will miss material thickness ...

Hello there, can you make a version of the X carriage for the IGUS bushings that have a 16mm outer diameter?

Please read the follow-up of evollution version for IGUS RJPM is available since 22/08/17

Hi Nedalive,

I want to ask you how you printed the X_Carriage_HCEvo_V3.1_IGUS.
Did you use support every where?

regards Paul

Hi !
Yes i Use Support everywhere !

Hey dude, do you have the extruder mount with a fitting for a 18mm barrel sensor (inductive or capacitive)?

What about an X-Carriage with LM8LUU?

Add tooday ! X Carriage V2.1 LM8LUU and LM10LUU

Hi, i cant find YX clamp for LM10UU with 8mm X holes, can you give me filename or link plz? thank you !!

Please, what software did you use to design them. Would you have an inventor part file so I can edit it do adapt to some specific needs? I would like to use brass bearings instead :D

Can you make a picture of the position/mounting of the X endstop plz? Thanks

Sorry i just found how to install it, its on the mounting plate, i was looking to the carriage ;D


woulr it be possible to have stl files for Z axis with 8mm rods ?
I've got some rods in this size I would like to use. And no shop near here to buy 12mm ...

Thank you.

one possible evolution for the Extruder mount you may be can close the bottom hole where the nut go for the clamp like this yoy will not loose the nuts anymore and you can insert it from the top

Your design are great thanks to you i m able to build a hypercube because originale design from scott3D is not really perfect...

hi, just...


are you schedule to issue the reinforced version for X and Y 10mm IGUS? i'm using a 4040 for 800x800 10mm is the minimum, thanks.

anyway wonderful remix

Hi !!
at the sight of your dimenssion I think even quol would have to increase again! for the moment I miss it is not in my priority ...

There is a problem on your cable chain mount, where you merged the cable chain ends onto the part that mounts to the 3030. It's supposed to be rounded on both sides of the place where the chain snaps into the mount. Where you merged the part it fills in part of the rounded recess, and the chain does not fit in.

I've gone ahead and fixed this. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2542101
Feel free to pull it back into your thing, and I can remove mine.

Fixed Cable Chain Mount for Hypercube Evolution
by jsondag

What orientation do you print the X Carriages in?

I like the design for you carriage, and that it clamps tight, but I'm curious why you used 4 screws to attach the extruder mount? It seems like the 3mm dowels with a single centre screw makes swapping easier.

Did you have problems with that attachment method? I've not yet built the printer, so if that method is problematic, I'd like to know before I start.


Hi All I remixed the Z-Bracket for a single LM12LUU: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2527941


These are fantastic remixes. Any chance of exporting any of your files as step files? I'd like to make a Chimera compatible mount with your dowel-less design, and as you know, working with STL files is pretty frustrating.

yes you want to contact me in mp

I sent you a PM, thanks!

Hello Nedalive. When I try to raise the heat bed all the way to the nozzle, the Z_Carriage_Bearing_v3 hits the screws holding the Z_Axis_Linear_RailBracket-_DoubleZ-_Right_1.1. The heat bed will not pass these screws. I am looking at the picture you posted of your build. It does not look like your bed will pass the screws either.

Switch the z rod holders. You should put the left one to the right. The beveled side of rod holders must be inside and looking each other. Yours are in the wrong position.

Hello !
Yes ive see this problem i actualy work on upgrade for Z carriage...

Thankyou Nedalive for the upgraded parts. I have printed both the LM10UU x carriage and X carriage for the Igus but realized it is for the 8mm igus bearings, I have 10mm Igus bearings and would love to know if you would please consider creating an x carriage for the 10mm bearings?

The X Carriage is not developed to welcome bearing of 10mm of this fact the material misses .... I will see what I can do as soon as I have time

Thanks Nedalive. As you can see from my makes that i tried to fit the 10mm Igus into the LM10UU X Carriage and it is slightly too big.

Thanks Nedalive. As you can see from my makes that i tried to fit the 10mm Igus into the LM10UU X Carriage and it is slightly too big.

Could you please also update all the other parts to use regular nuts instead of knurled inserts?

it is a very long and complicated stain I have to measure and reproduce the pieces because I draw under Catia V5 it handles poorly the STL ... vacant mecu being finished I cruelly lacks time ...

Thank You Nedalive for creating these parts. I just attempted to assemble the original parts on the XY carriage and I already had two brass inserts pull out while tightening. Your design fixes this and also clamps down better on the bearings. Great job!

I know these parts were designed to use a standard M3 nut and not a square nut. With that said, has anyone tried to use a square nut? Will it fit properly. I haven't printed these parts or tried a standard nut but I believe if there is any resistance, the nut will start to spin and not tighten. Has anyone had any issues with spinning nuts that will not tighten? I may be over thinking this.

Edit: I am specifically talking about the slots where the nut is slid in sideways.

I am going to reply to my own post. I have printed all of these parts and they work perfectly with regular nuts. Square nuts are not necessary. I am confident that none of the nuts will spin.

I have printed so many parts for the Hypercube EVO. These are by far the best!!!

Hello !!
Sorry for my late response ... my summer vacation being over it's complicated ... Super I'm glad to see that the pieces gives you satisfaction!

hmm it´s sucks that i found this just as i finished the last print for my hevo project. well well. never hurted to print some more here we go :D

Nice works! :) I'm just printing parts now to make my own HEVO.
Is the 10mm bearing version of x-carriage finished? It appears to only have the belt tensioning fixtures at one side - is this by design or omission?

Sorry for long Time to Respond....
I've Add today the X Carriage Realese Version Normaly Ok ! Please Find your feedback !

Cool, I will let you know how I get on with it. Just getting all the bits in for my cube now :)

There's something wrong with the models, I'm not sure what, but the surface ends up all split up after going through the slicer: http://i.imgur.com/PYqWdWL.png

Is there any way you could fix this? The parts look good, I wasn't a big fan of using those knurled inserts which are pressed using heat as that causes the plastic to expand and deform.

Hmmmm it's really strange I do not have it on mine ... I control this evening at home but my room is well out

It's working fine in Cura, I guess it has the ability to fix damaged models. I uploaded it to netfabb's online repair service and that seems to have fixed it and now it's working fine with Simplify3D as well, but that does mean the problem is with the models, I just don't know what the problem is.

Does this need square m3 nuts?

No Standard M3 Nuts

have you think about make XY carriage 10mm Y and 10mm X?

Can you make a xy joiner for 10mm rods on the x axis?

Added XY Carriage With 19.2mm Holes For Bearing 10mm Y axis and 10.2mm for the rod X Axis

That's great thank you I will print them soon and try

i don't understand ?

yep...is the only missing part :P

Very cool idea and looks great. I'm waiting for parts to build mine and might just do this from the get-go. I was wondering if you could upload this in STEP or X-T so I could easily incorporate it in my VR build? Or if your on the FB site...

Hello and Thank you ! I am on the facebook francophone (I am french) jai a very English very null ... snif I do not understand what are the step and XT?

Hypercube Evolution XY carriage (NO Brass inserts needed and less rod play version)
by warham

Great job! Can you add the remix link in the field dedier of your thing please?

I was wondering about other file formats (step or X-T). They are like STL, but when imported in a CAD program they give a model more like what was drawn, without the "triangles". In this they can be easily integrated in an assembly and use "mates" to bind them.... looks a lot better too ;) I was asking about FB because there is a group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/Hypercubeevolution/ which is for the hypercube Evolution. In the group members can post their files and such (including a few virtual builds). I've got2 on there... 1 for the single Z and 1 for the dual Z, but in X-T format if you want to see the difference.

I am under the Hypercube Francophone, these are not to designate, but I admit to you cruelly lack of time to develop. (I have 3 weeks off so I take advantage of it lol)
Give me your email I provide you a file .STEP files if you want

Thank you Nedalive, I know all too well how the lack of time is... seems that even if we added a day to the week, there still wouldn't be enough time for everything in the week! LOL I PM'ed you my address, Thanks again :)

Comments deleted.

Hello ! I am French and I confess I did not understand what you say. Can you try to explain?

Seems like a big improvement on the original. I'll use those on my second machine once my first one is done. Some of the brass inserts were really problematic to say the least!

Thank you I realize my first with my design I will do upgrade also ;-)

suggest offsetting the fan mount so the fan centers https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2420635/#files

by jcen517

Brilliant I keep it in mind I had for idea to pass the fan back the X carriage

1) Optical Endstop can't be mount.
2) Endstoppflag will not fit between sensor.

What x carriage X?

For me it's good

You can post a photo of the asembled optical endstop?

I do not have the printer with me I can not send it in the week if you want to post your pictures we will see if something is wrong

so no more 10mm X carriage?

Unless you beseech me lol but there is work ...

8mm is ok up to 400mm (for carbon tube) so the 10mm is mandatory if you want to make a big size printer... :P

Add X Carriage For LM10UU Bearing Enjoy !

Oh Man. Fantastic design!

Nutholes are in wrong place..... :( :(

Sorry i've Update !

Can you give me the exact distance from Center Nozzle to Center Sensor?
It is for the firmware.


27.5mm on the X Axis
8,75mm on the Y Axis

Writing to Extruder_Mount_v6 is over.
Which ventilation channel do I need to print?

Which duck will we use for Extruder_Mount_v6?

Hi! My design is done on the same mounting as the original parts. Normally everything could have been mixed.
See pictures attached fan Duct this mount as irigine ie without nesting with the fan

Sorry I made the mistake of printing the Fan Duct with Lol support (I can not seem to remove them)

thank you so much

According to the remarks of MIR the Extruder Mount is improved for the original Duct,
Eventually I wish to devolloper a Fan Duct with a Fan mounted on the back of the X carriage.
I have not received enough pieces but I am currently printing the XY, X Carriage and Extruder Mount

When you can implement this fanduct. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2088006
It is the best one I know.
Works perfect.

Anet A8 Fan Duct Spaceship edition
by paul0

As soon as I have a moment I will see what I can do with this fan duct
Working under Catia this software manages the STL ...

Thanks for the info.
I am now printing Extruder_mount_v6.

Thanks for the upgrades and the fast implemention.

The XY Carriage V4 seems to be fine now, the idler pulleys are in a much more defined position, the endstop flag fits in nicely. I am currently printing the 2nd XY carriage, tomorrow I should be ready for complete X/Y assembly.

Here are photos of the printed extruder mount. Three problems: There are missing two slits for the radial fan ( http://imgur.com/BfEALL6 ) and the fan duct is too short ( http://imgur.com/cdDq9Ff ). Also the wall thickness is too thin to be printed ( http://imgur.com/ZJyPE9N ).

There is more clearance needed for the optical endstops, I had to cut away 2mm.
For me the fan fits nicely, it enters the rectangular hole for 1 or 2mm.

However, the holes for the fan duct are way too high. When I put the fan duct in the correct position so that air goes to the tip of the nozzle then I cannot use the two holes provided to attach the fan duct to the extruder mount. In the picture I have positioned the duct to be at the right place.

Please see attached pics.

Thanks MIR for your Feedback Should I also lower the fan holding holes of the same fame as the Duct?

The fan holding holes should go down 5mm, see pic.


Which fan did you use?

I am using this one:

SM5015M (24V) it is a 50x50x15 fan.

I tested another fan I found on my workbench:

XD4020S12D (12V), this one does not fit well with the old versions of the duct, with the latest version it fits just fine, so great improvement overall! I just counted, including the original version from scott3d I have now printed 5 iterations of that part.....

Extruder Mount V5 and X Cariage V6 Add (Duct support holes being almost in front of the X Carriage bearing holes I reversed the vi heads and the Carriage x nuts I also leave the possibility of two height for the fan lest this last clash With the support of the E3D V6 ...) And +2mm for the optical Sensor

He helped to run in spite of all the faults.
Of course, your drawings were very helpful.
Now I'm printing new versions of the prusa i3 machine.


You think the Prusa I3 is a better Printer than HYPERCUBE?
i have a Anet A6

HyperCube is definitely a better machine than the prusa i3

There still is a problem with the extruder mount and the led-endstops. Those endstops come in two flavors, first version (with three pins to connect the cable) should work, but there's a second version that uses jst-connectors and for those connectors the extra holes for the connector are not big enough. The connectors are width/length is 5.75 x 10 mm.

Here's a picture:


I just soldered wires in place of the connector ..


Are you talking about this area? I will look for a solution but I fear there is not too much (I wish to let the passage of a screw of 30mm length is useful not?)

This is not what I am talking about, please look at the picture I added, the white JST-Connector does not fit the hole you designed for it.


Here is the only solution not to have everything to enlarge the connector JTS must now pass.

About the nut that is not drowned I have no solution except to enlarge the extruder Mount (is it still maintained?) Do this function? I can make an ear around I will integrate it to the next update.

Can you make me pictures of the whole once printed and please on the assembly of the extruder? Does the duct fan have the right Z-axis position?

My pieces commense to arrive I think to start assembly next week :-)

Will do. Your solution looks correct for the JST-connector, from my point of view you should not enlarge the parts without real need, they are right now already quite heavy, will only get worse when they also get larger.

Granted, weight does not matter that much when you use steel rods and LM8UU metal bearings, but when you try to use Carbon Fiber Rods and Igus bearings then the weight of the X-Cariage plus the extruder mount starts to matter.

Same problem here.
And in the photo there is no wall around the m3 nut, same problem at my print

Sorry I reversed two replies
For me i think delete the connect set solder directly tell me what it is
Part corrected added today Extruder mount V5 with correction for JTS connector

Comments deleted.

Printing now the Extruder Mount.
In the rear of the Extruder Mount are two space for nuts.
The thicknes of the outer wall there is to small. I guess less than 0,4 mm.
The regular Nozzle for a printer is 0,4mm.
When the Wallthickness is less than 0,4mm the slicer will not print.

Ok thank you i look quickly


Are you talking about this area? I will look for a solution but I fear there is not too much (I wish to let the passage of a screw of 30mm length is useful not?)

Comments deleted.

Hello Nedalive, I've installed the XY-Carriage. Take a look at the photo: http://imgur.com/ZzrhaCg . There is no way to access the screw to fasten the X-Rod. The space between the aluminum profile and the screw is too small.

Awesome ! Thank you for the photo it is interesting!
At first you can remove the carriage Y to lock this screw. I will look into this problem thank you!

Can you say me if it's OK for the cotation ?
i think that the 11.3 cotation Represents a risk of clash with the chassis


How about integrating the endstop flag with the XY-Carriage?

This is already the case in the last version (only in 8mm) at the moment No ?

Not the space for the flag, the flag by itself.

Directly integrate it to the piece? Or only the Flag part ?

Add tooday the V4 Clamp Upgrade LM10UU you can test

I printed all of the parts you designed. But always I finished printing one there is a update. 1 kg filament already away.
But I don't give up. I think in the end it will pay out.
I still have some good ideas to improve the HC.
When the time is come I 'll write to you.
I just can say great job up to now, don't stop.

Thank you for your comment j esper also touch to the goal quickly it is dailleur for that jai arreté of
Take care of the 10m bearing too incompatibility for the moment ... I will concentrate on that everything is ok!
Thank you for the commantaire! I remain available obviously! Good print

Do you look at the pictures?
Extruder_Mount_v3 and Retainer_E3D_HCEvo_v3 have compatibility issues.

I've take this mesure for the E3D V6 (I have not yet received mine).
it's a wrong mesure ?

For this picture (http://imgur.com/a/pFHf6) Can you give me the measurements of the sensor please?


I think there is a mistake. Unfortunately it did not sit right in its place.
E3D I was in trouble as pictured

Optical sensor measurements

Comments deleted.

Add Files to replace V3 --> Extruder Mount V4 and X Carriage V4 (modification only for Optical sensor)

how can i pin BL-TOUCH to Extruder_Mount_E3D_HCEvo? do you have any piece for that?
Thank you.

Hypercube Evolution Additions/Mods
by -Josh-

it get damage when assembly 8mm shaft as picture http://imgur.com/a/mbTAT

thx for feedback !
I thickened this area, Wait the V4 Version

Thank you, I will start a print in a few minutes, can tell you tomorrow morning if the pieces fit now..

No worries about the assembly Catia V5 visible contrary to before your comment can be that the Ø for the bearing is to adjust I return your return Good print !

Sorry, I do not fully understand what you want to say with your last comment.

Anyway, prints came out good, everything matching now.

There are some minor issues that I found so far:

The sinkholes for the screwheads are too small (on all parts) I was unable to find screws with so small heads.

The head-diameter of standard screws I have is 5.4mm, they do not fit. No big deal, but I guess quite easy to fix.

The other thing is that the nut-catches for the 30mm screws that hold the idler pulleys are not deep enough, when I use a 30mm screw it does not catch the nut, so I have to use 40mm screws which does not look nice. making the nut catches 2mm deeper should solve this issue.

I think the guy that remixed your part did a good thing, he added some distance-cones to reduce the idler-gaps, can you include that, too?

Thank you very much for the great improvement over the original design!

I saw you released a hotend mount, heating up the printer......... 3...2...1... printing it!

One more comment on the X-Carriage:

I am using Igus bearings, your design is press-fit which does not go well with the bearings, they are very sensitive to pressure from the outside. It could be worth a try to make the diameter of the holes for the bearings 15.1 or 15.2 mm. I do own a 15mm drill, I will experiment with increasing the diameter a bit to see if this makes the igus bearings usable.

The all the version I am talking about means that the E3D extruder supports are as well compatible with the X Carriage for Bearing Ø10 and Ø8mm I look in the weekend for the length of the screws of 30mm however I do not understand the problem for the bolts What are too small .... are you talking about bolt M3? At me c is this is it that it is Chinese bolts ??

I am not talking about the bolts, I am talking about the heads of the screws. Take the new Clamp for the LM10UU as an example. You have added sinkholes for the heads of the 4 M3 screws and the diameter of those holes is too small. The head of the screw does not fit in the hole.

Normally it is corrected in the last update of 21/07/2017 (File in V3)

Thank's a lot! I hope my printer is done printing the new stuff when I return home on sunday...
Keep up the great work, I hope your ordered parts arrive soon so that you can build your own HyperCube Evolution...

I have now printed the X-Carriage V4, the diameter of the holes for the igus bearings is now close to perfect. I can move the X-Carriage freely on 8mm steel rods, for 8mm carbon-fiber rods there is still a little much friction, but this will be fixed by sanding down the CF-rods just a little.

Do you think you can apply all fixes to the LM10UU XY-Carriage? My Y-Axis is 10mm

Yes I integrate for the Ø10 mm as soon as I am sure that my piece its good (we are almost there) in the week I think

Is it just me or does anybody else have the issue that the holes to connect the two parts of the lm10uu xy carriage do not match?

Corrected ! Sorry :'(

Great job, well done.
You printed already?

Yes only for chez Ø8 bearing and There is a small problem on the Cart X in 8mm version missing two pockets

For the Endstopflag?

I'm currently working on it

Normally it is corrected in the last update of 21/07/2017 (File in V3)

Just another thing, can you implement the end for that https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:11978 ?


Cable Chain

Hello Elstak
For the moment i don't have à hypercube m'y part it's in pourchasse... after assembly i look this !

i'm looking for a version to use 10mm on both axis? the X carriage is amazing... better... but i need to use 10mm rods on both axis or they bend due to the length. I'm using 10mm igus bearing, the RJUM-01-10 (are bushings with an alu cage).

Thanks to improve the EVO "experience" XD

the model have 4 pass-through shapes into the bearing seat, i think are the cylinders for the screws holes.

If you speak about the shoulder that holds the bearings noramely the Ø10 passes without contact

No, i mean check Inside the bearing "holes" , You Can see a bit of the cilinder that you had use to create the belts idler holes for screws. While you had enlarge the bearing seats you forgot to extrude over it

Hello elstak i don't understand... snif

Comments deleted.

Can you add a LMU10 version of the XY-Carriage? Really appreciate the upgrade of the clamps. Some nifty work you've done!

Hello Charlie --> it is done
Does not hesitate to give feedback
Nice Day