Corner Radius Router Template

by hanselcj Jul 17, 2017
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These are nice! As and observation, I have one of the metal ones and they are 4.3" on the diagonal not 6" On the 3/4" I printed. The actual diagonal of the working radius, parallel to the major diagonal is only 1.06".

Smaller means fast to print, 2 times cheaper, stiffer, stronger, and it will align better on smaller pieces where in some instances the fences may not even be in contact with the piece without a spoil board. The piece that does the work is only .58" in surface length.

I could just scale down one of the larger ones and print that, but it would be a shame to have the wrong number on it, and to lose thickness on the fences.

Thanks again.

By the way, in case any modelers are interested, the metal one I have which is for radii of 10 and 15 mm (not what I ordered :))is:

  • Two ended.

  • The square ( it has two working diagonally opposite corners, but it basically works like a triangle for any one corner) Is 2.73" square,

  • The plate is .3" thick.

-There is a hole of .86" diameter in the center.

  • The fences are 1.28" long, .198" wide, and .201 tall.

  • Ahead of each fence there is material the width of the fence and the thickness of the plate that is a transition and is .375" long, part of which is a transition radius as though the router bit had removed the first half radius of the prospective bit, presumably a .25" radius cutter.

  • The greatest plate thickness where a corner and two fences overlap is .703" thick.

  • A two ended unit like this would be a huge pain to print due to the offset fences meaning the major area would not be supported on the bed of the printer.

  • This is a copy of a woodpecker style tool.

Could you do a 5" one?

Uploaded. Just a heads up the long dimension on this thing is 11", so kind of a big print. You can get it on a Prusa i3 if you orient it correctly.

Thanks. Very usefull.
Could you also add some metric files for the non-US-woodworkers?

This guy has a whole set from 5 to 50mm. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2656537/files

It puts your finger a little closer to the bit, but not much. Let me know if you still want a set in my style.

Router templates for corner radius (metric, R5 – R50)

OH...OH!!! One more.... 3/8" LOLOLOL

When a 5/16" is too small, and 7/16" is a tad too big, you grab a 3/8"! Uploaded.

Thank You... Great selection to pick from, I'll be printing for days..... what CAD program do you use?

I go with Fusion 360. Once you know the basics, it shouldn't take long to replicate a design like this. That said, feel free to request more sizes if you need them.

Looks like you are missing 3/4"

Added, along with a few others I had created, but were missing from here.

Hi, love the design, any chance of a 1/4" version please?

You forgot to change the size imprint on the print... it shows "0.5" not the 0.25"

Good call, it looks like I made a "save as" mistake along the way. It should be fixed now.

Works great, thanks! How about adding one in 1.25”,please?

Added, along with a few others I had made but forgot to upload.

Thanks, but I stupidly confused radius with diameter. Can you add one with a 5/8” radius?

LOL! Not a problem, uploaded. Good luck on your project, what are ya making?

Making boxes and need a corner radius jig that matches the radius of my rabbetting bit so I can set the tops into the careers like this. Thanks a million!

These look great, can't wait to test them.

This is a nice set - happy to have it in my collection of jigs

I love seeing other people making jigs with their printers. Good job!