Articulated Crayfish

by 4MULE8 Feb 8, 2014
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Is there any way to get the solid files for this? I am making a fishing bait and need to manipulate a little for hook and tie points. Great design though. I was dreading having to try to model this!

It looks incredible in whatever that weathered brass PLA is. Or did you paint it after printing? I'd like to know more about how you got that look.

Genius design!!
As funny to print as to assemble.
Thanks for sharing.

It's my pleasure! I get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing people printing and enjoying models I've designed!

Thanks for the tip too!

are you a god of design? XD thanks

I just have a small printer, but I want to try it. My printer is 100mmx100mmx150mm, is it the model small enough or does this scale down well?

This model should be fine for a printer that small. I've grouped the parts into several "plates" for easier printing, which I think are all small enough to fit on a 100 x 100 platform. If any of the groups are too big you can always just print the pieces individually.

Sweet, thanks! :)

This looks really fantastic.
But the Claws look very small for me, I have searched for pictures and i found it here.
I would like to enlarge the Claws but so I enlarge the connection.
Does anyone have an idea how to do that?

This is really cool model!!! I've Makerbot Mini and when printing the legs it came out slanted. Tried twice n still yet slated...the head printed fine. Can anyone help? thank you in advance


Sorry about the delay replying. Is it the front legs (claws) that aren't working? Maybe the pieces are coming unstuck from the bed while printing? I'm not familiar with Makerbot printers / Makerware, but if it has an option to generate a "brim" then definitely try enabling that. Also, PLA plastic sticks really well to blue painter's tape, so you could try putting a layer of that on your print bed if the parts are falling over.

Just got around to making this. It is a fantastic model!

When I read that no glue is required, I was a little skeptical, but sure enough, everything fits together perfectly and securely.

This is a masterpiece of design for 3D printing, probably the most outstanding thing I've printed in a while.

Thanks for your comments! I'm glad it worked well for you!

Super cool! Plus instructions! I'll defs make one within a few weeks, once I find the time!

Not sure if it would be possible, but would you be able to remix this into a Scorpion with similar articulation?

Great design! Printed really nicely.

Thanks for the absolutely masterful handling of beautiful biological form.
Signed - a university professor of invertebrate biomechanics.

Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback! And thanks for posting your assembled results too!

is there any way you could post some of the smaller parts and legs individually. some of mine messed up and i don't want to redo the whole four of them

Good idea! I've uploaded a zip of the 26 individual STL files for you.

Thank you so much!!!! Being from New Orleans this is really cool!

No problem! I look forward to seeing your printed results.

Thank you, kind sir! I'm a little biased, but they make a pretty fun desk toy!