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by think3dprint Jul 18, 2017
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Hello, what size of nuts is used here? and what's the dimension the screw inside have to be?

The sprockets are designed for m3 screw and nut. If you glue the nut in place, it gives you a set screw that will not strip out. There is enough clearance to drill out the center to fit a verity of shaft sizes.

Suggestion.... Make the filament "pin" a tad longer and melt the ends to hold it in place. No glue and no risk of it going down the holes and jamming. But great idea, thanks. I'm waiting for the sprockets too.

Good idea. I was surprised to find that none of the pins came out of place while testing but that would certainly increase reliability. thanks for the suggestion

I only have 1.75 mm filament so I just printed your chain at 0.6 scale and it fits fine. But I tried 150 micron and it really needs 100 (or less) at that size. I'll do some more and then test it for strength.

Let me know how it goes. I designed it for 3mm because of strength but will see about posting a version for 1.75mm filament.

Assembling some now. They feel quite strong but I need to get a proper reading. Might not be tonight though. I'll try...

OK, tested.. Gave way at 14.11 Kg, amazing! It actually failed by tearing the filament through the INNER hole. I expected it to fail at an outer one. This is plenty strong enough for me. Thanks a lot.

BTW, my chain was printed in PLA @ 200c. Like the sprockets. I did one for my (shrunken) chain but not as good as yours.
I feel a bit like A.G. Bell now I have a chain and a sprocket. I'll have to print another sprocket to see if it works!!

Posted a 1.75mm version. Holds up better than 3mm in pull test.

Was only this morning I realised that I was talking Kg and you were talking pounds! And we expect ABS to be a bit tougher than PLA too.
Mine don't look anywhere near as good as yours but it does the job. I did a 12t sprocket now I am about to print a 24t sprocket.
If I post my sprockets you will laugh at them. 1st attempt at sprockets and designed in Sketchup with a digital caliper on the chain.. LOL

ok, I'm keeping an eye out for the sprockets :)