Updated Creality CR-10 Bearing Filament Spool Holder (V7)

by ThingMaker72 Jul 18, 2017
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So, I'm having a weird issue. I just finished printing these and the first print I did after it printed great without any issues.

My second print, on the other hand, the spool keeps popping up and off the filament holders. Is there anything I'm missing about this that is causing that? I watched it for a minute, and I noticed that as the filament gets pulled in, occasionally one side of the spool is popping off from resting on the ball bearings and then flipping off the holder overall after a few more 'pulls' of that. Is there anything you can think of that would cause this?

So, after further testing, it seems once my spool runs through enough filament, it begins to get too light for this holder. I don't know if there is a way to weigh down the spool some to make it stay in the holder, but eventually it just pops off and if you aren't watching it, it ruins the print because it can't pull the filament through.

Any chance you could add the fusion360 source? Hoping to tweak the model to fit my Alfawise U20 frame :)

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do you print this like it is laying down? Or you flip it 90% and add supports at the bottom?

Flip it upright and add supports underneath.

Hi. There was a little slop in the width of the stands on my CR10S. I ended up using some sticky foam to keep them in place on one side. The other side has the foam too but I didn't peel the backing off.

I also printed 3 of the rings to use to keep the two uprights from changing distance. I slid them onto the connecting rod.

The thinner parts of the upright where the bearings are inserted were printed at 100% but the bottom half was at 20% infill.

Otherwise it seems to be working great.

I'm new to 3D printing. When I print the base pieces do I need to add support? I've never done that before.

Recommended, the bridge between the 'feet' could be a challenge.

Printed it. Works great!

It doesn't fit 1kg spools.

I'm sorry to hear that. You must have a very special spool. All of the spools I used so far (0.5kg, 0.8kg, 1 kg, 2kg) fittet the holder.

I have a cctree spool, its diameter seems to be too much big for fit your spool support unfortunately. Anyway, even with 250g spool that fit the mount height wise, since the metal cr-10 support is inclined, there is no way to make it support the center of the spool and at the same time make it stand on your supports. And only having the roll on your spool without any center horizontal support, the spool will fall down. Do you do something to keep the spools in place?

The spool itself rests on the bearings. the diameter of the spool doesn't really matter - as I said, I used all kinds of spools so far. Since there is no friction (close to none) because of the bearings no aditional support is needed.
Just make sure, that the spool holder is in line with the extruder and it should feed from the top, not the bottom of the spool.

I was looking at the photo in the preview an I saw the metal support so I was guessing it was usable too. Anyway I am worried in case a bearing would randomly block sometimes since it would cause the spool to fall, so a little higher wall could protect from falling. I see it become unstable especially when retracting the filament. Either way well done!

I printed the rods vertical was fun to see at 50mm/s


I use a mirror tile as the surface. Someone on reddit said he washed them with soap and then let it dry. (in a hurry heat up the bed)

if you do that you need to put the whole tile in the freezer to actually get them to unstick. so now I use the 3Dlac spray to make sure it doesn't stick too well.

on topic. I like the design but it needs a washers. (I think I need to reprint

I have to say this is a very effective and simple solution to a never ending problem. Spools with different sized holes as problem are now a thing of the past. Every spool fits this. I only wish I had thought of it. Only point is that I had to make the bearing holders a few mm longer to get a nice snug fit.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Out of curiosity, did you print the connecting rod vertically or horizontally? I'm always tempted to print vertical and then, when it fails, I ask online what I did wrong the maker says "Geez, why'd you do that? Horizontal with supports!"

This post seems wide enough that it wouldn't matter but, ya know, I've thought that before and figured I'd just make sure.

Hello !

I'd like to print this but I don't know what file to print (instead of "CR-10_Bearing_Spool_Holder_v7_CR-10_Bearing_Spool_Holder_v7Körper2.stl") and how many of each.

Can you please let us know this ?

Thanks !

You need 2 of that file and 4 of Bearing support - plus one of the rod. Not sure what the other file is looks like a test for a bearing.

exactly what i was thinking ,have no clue which one to grab lol

works perfectly. if you're from the Netherlands: "Intertoys" has fidget spinners for 1 euro that each contain one correct ball-bearing.

btw: whats the function of the plastic ring?

So, in your update you said that you made a change to your part. Do I use the V7 file now then? Also do I use any other parts with that V7 file?

Yes.... Use the latest Version. Need to clean up the old files...... Will do that later

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Will this hold a 2kg spool?

Nice I will print this then!

Great..... Enjoy !

Having trouble getting the primary components to print and I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to get it to print?

Wat exacteley does not print?
You should print the holder upright with supports (touching the build plate)

What size of bearings are these made for ?

Regular 608 (fidget spinner) bearings fit

Hi, it's notclear to me what and how much part I need to print: what's the 'ring' part for? And I still need the first published part "korper7"? German names do not help indeed :)

i printed this and i love it. Thank you, if i could make one request/suggestion, can you widen out the distance of gap between the bearings, long wise .it would give more area for the spool to sit down into and less risk of the spool coming off if there is a slight snag. i woke up this morning and my roll was hanging off. print finished fine although.

Thanks for your comment. I will take a look at it within a few days and test it, to see how far i can stretch out the gap within the bearings without loosing stability.