cd rom stepper motor linear rail system

by Frozen-engineering Jul 18, 2017
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Could you explain better how to make the carriage work with the screw?


make a thread in drop of plastic
in middle in little thing

Very cool...have a bunch of these from old DVD/CD ROMS we harvest from old busted computersd

Where did you get the rails? the CD ROM's as well?

Planning on making me this

Mini Laser Engraver
by Czayen

ya , two old CDs .. very old , they even have a volume changer (new have same motors)
i making this too) but now waiting for motor drivers from aliexpress

I played with a few of them a while back...run it slow, they get HOT HOT HOT real fast if you run em too hard

I'll probably be hitting you up for tips/pointers if you get yours running before I do

What voltage are you running into these motors? They are designed for 5 volt not 12 volt.

im waiting for A4988 with Heatsink :3
same installed in my printer
and if they will be hot - fan can help a little , i think

no no...the motors...they are so small if you try to push them at alot of current (I set my EasyDrivers to minimum current) and the little motors got so hot I couldn't touch em (and I was just playing around with em and not actually driving a load)...which is really bad for the motors.

Than .. I will set the lowest speed of engraver)