Modular X carriage for TEVO Tarantula(remix) (W/drag chain)

by Bookra Jul 19, 2017
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There is no part missing...

The download is missing the piece to the right of the bottom wheel

where is the file for the bottom wheel adjuster? its not in the downloaded files

it was there dont know how/why del...
anywhy i uploaded it tnx......

what spacers do you use for the wheels? the stock white spacers or do I need to add washers?

Does this use the same BOM as the original?

you ment plates?
yea ...but with the original plates u can travel only 200mm
im working on smaller plates thats travel more then 200mm

Bill of Materials, basically does it use the same nuts and bolts as the part you remixed?

Yea... All the parts the same exepet the left down part that use 3 mm and not 4 mm

BOM means bill of materials. In other words does this use the same list of hardware?

Yea exepet the left down part its 3mm and not 4mm

The mementom (torq) on the upper part is more then its down becuse the gravety center is in the upper part of the model..... : -)

why this is a more stable version?, thanks

Printed your carriage. First of all thanks for the remix :)
Some feedback
Major issue: The holes for the 2 upper wheels need to be moved a bit up (as in the original design "LPA mod") otherwise you cant fit the down L/R parts because they are blocked by the 4020 aluminium extrusion. At the moment this makes the carriage unusable.
Minor issue: The "Up_L/R" parts collide with the screws from the Z carriage. I think if you fix the wheels this will be automatically solved.
Looking forward to your next alterations

tnx i frogot thet there is big difrence between t-slot to v-slot.... i wanted it to fit v and t now im doing 2 sets t and v.
cold u sent me photo of were the Up_L/R parts collide with the screws ididnt change them from the outside so its shold fit..
next alterations.... mabe i remix chain to x car

fixed both of them
tnx for the feedback
if u have more i will like to know