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3-path dice tower base with openlock dungeon tile texture

by bainite Jul 19, 2017
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I'm sorry to say that due to 3dPyroPrint's refusal to abide by the Creative Commons's Intellectual Property Licensing, I will no longer be posting designs. It's been a fun few years, but I cannot abide rudeness.

I can't get the open lock to print correctly at any setting, it ends up a mess. Any tips?

First, let's isolate to see if it's a problem with the model. If you have not re-downloaded a copy, do that and try printing the fresh copy. If you still are having issues, try printing 3dbenchy ( and see if that prints correctly.

#3DBenchy - The jolly 3D printing torture-test by

Got it. I was not paying attention to it being the clip. Thanks!

I have downloaded the Open Lock files but, which item am I to print for the base to connect together? Thanks

It uses the "openlock clip" from thingy (if I understood you correctly, and you are looking for the tile connecting-together thingy.


I'm loving the whole piece, making it for a secret santa i'm in! the only problem is that i cant find how you hold the individual pieces together? is there a link to a file for certain clips or anything? sorry if i'm just being dense haha.

It uses the OpenLock clip ( I left the clip out of my remix, since it gets updated fairly often.


Looks great! Thank you!

This is great, printing your dice tower for a friend whose birthday is Saturday. That said, though, this is too big to print on my printer as-is. Any chance you could make it easily breakable into two parts so that it could print on a Flashforge Finder? Thanks!!!

Sure! I chopped it into four manageable pieces. You'll definitely need to use glue to put them back together. I did not make it a snap-together proposition. Just easy, straight cuts. ;)

2017-07-20 edit: Duh! This should be an OpenLock-compatible part... The quartered pieces NOW should snap together. ...why didn't I think about this yesterday?

Awesome, thank you! I'll be printing this sometime over the next week.

I'm working on applying/embossing a brick texture onto the entrance/fence area. Hopefully, I'll upload the textured version in the next couple of days. :)

2017-07-19 update: The fence and opening now has brick-like texture. I removed the old ugly textureless stl. ;)

I should print this, cause I did make the 3 path dice tower, and the die shooting all over the table is a fairly irritating problem :-)