ANET A6 Z-Axis pushers wobble fix

by b03tz Jul 19, 2017
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Can you give me the link for the pusher conector between the motor and the rest of the z-axis?

Awesome. Thank you!! Will get busy on some more mods. I also ordered a Tevo Tornado. I am going to let my son have this A6 if he wants it at college. He has a long list of Star Wars stuff he wants to print :)

Do you mind giving me the link to the exact X-axis you printed? I want to print your pushers and upgrade my X-axis mounts. Thank for your design!!

Sure thing, here's the exact link to my make: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:358420

And here are all my makes: https://www.thingiverse.com/b03tz/makes to see what else I made check that out!

Also check my designs for A6: https://www.thingiverse.com/b03tz/designs

I made a lot of stuff for this printer specific. I sold it to a good friend of mine now, I got the Creality CR10S now. Also very nice!

Anet A6 X Axis
by b03tz

I've got an A6 and have done the X carriage mod too. I'm wondering what it is these pushers actually do. Would you care to explain a little more about what their function is? Thanks!

I will try to explain:

Factory design is that the z threaded rods are on flexible couplers. Is pretty good, not the best for me. The whole reason they do that is because the X carriage should be carried straight up by the straight lead rods and not be pulled by the threaded rods in any horizontal direction (this induces Z wobble, you with me untill now?)

What these pushers do, you move the threaded part from the X carriage to this pusher, the pusher can move horizontally below the x carriage since the carriage is just resting on these pushers. Now imagine your threaded rods be very crooked, the pusher would just slide back and forth under your carriage instead of it pulling on your carriage and fighting against the straight lead rod.

After this mod you can also print and install lead O rings at the top of your Z threaded rods and print fixed couplers for more precision.

I hope I explained well, let me know!

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I understand now. I didn't realize the carriages were just resting on the pusher. The slot around the guide rod bushing keeps the lead screw nut from rotating. Nice! They're similar to the ones done by dmpush (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2285530).

I did the bearing top plates by Bomber0 (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2325017), which I'm very happy with. I'd like to have an accurate measurement of the lead screw to guide rod center distance as well as what the distance from Z guide rod to Z guide rod center distance is. Do you know what those 2 numbers are?

Thanks again for your reply.

ANET A6 antiwobble
by dmpush
Anet A6 Z Top Bearing
by Bomber0

I measured leadscrew to guiderod center 23mm with my callipers.

Leadscrew to leadscrew a bit harder since my calliper doesn't reach that far. I think it's 332mm (measured at multiple places with a normale measuring tape).

My pushers are in deed similar, but he uses the leading rod to push against and I didn't like that. I'm pushing against the tube that comes from the X-carrariage. It's wider and closer. Doesn't make for an awkward looking part. Plus mine is stronger I think and thus more precise (that's partly why I added the 2 lines on the side, for more rigidity (is that a word?)).

I might do the topplates as well! I just got some bearings =D