AT-ST Scout Walker

by MaakMijnIdee Jun 6, 2012
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may i ask how much the smaller version is scaled down? as i want to use the remixed rear panels, which are made for the original version.

I print this files with 265%. And the walker is really big (82cm high).
The legs are very difficult to print, but how you can see it works.

Could you tell me if the new files added in January 2019 are the legion or near as please?

I know this has been asked but how tall is it? Can't find any answers.

Some people need to read the instructions before asking questions in these comments lol

Having successfully made these before at varying scales I have measured this design vs. the new Legion kit . All you need do is scale this to 120% and use this base https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2839515

Star Wars Legion Socle 100mm / Base 100mm

Maybe the base model scale changed or Cura is throwing me for a loop, but when I scaled up the model to 120% a single leg was far more massive then it should have been. I found that scaling everything down to 65% was actually a great size for legion. At 120% as single footpad was over 50mm across, which on a 100mm base is comical. Plus, looking at the real-life pictures of the Legion AT-ST the foot pads seem to be about 25-27mm across. So whichever slicer you use just keep that in mind. Happy printing!

I'm having a problem with the head main part. Whenever I preview the print, it is skipping from about 58-80 mm. I have tried a different slicer and it seems to be working, but the print quality of this slicer is better and I would prefer to use it. Does anyone know what is happening?

head main part isnt even a solid model. Cant slice it.

Does anyone know what scale this is in? How tall is the finished version?

Hi there,
I am about to attempt to 3D print this model at 200%!
wish me luck.
supports for the legs on right??

Anyone using Cura to print this? I cant get it to print the "straps" on the back of the legs or the connective parts on the "toes". Seems to be too small for cura to even include in the slice. Anyone else run into this issue or have a fix for it?

Same in Simplify3D. Also tried Cura. Toes are not complete (smaller model)

Hi how are people connecting the hip leg and thigh parts there are holes but no printable parts to connect?

From the instructions "In some of the parts there are alignment holes. The diameter of these holes should be 3.2mm so you can insert a smal piece of filament to align and connect (by glueing) the parts together." If you use a smaller diameter fillament, then you can design some pegs that will fit...

Hi how are people connecting the hip leg and thigh parts there are holes but no printable parts to connect?

Hi how are people connecting the hip leg and thigh parts there are holes but no printable parts to connect?

Hi how are people connecting the hip leg and thigh parts there are holes but no printable parts to connect?

Any chance you have the legs broken down further? i.e. separate stls for the foot, lower leg and upper leg? I'd like to have some freedom of movement in the ankle and and knee areas for better pose-ability. The mesh is just too much of a mess in this format to try and piece out (I'm assuming its a scan of some sort).

Does this need support? The legs have a tiny bit on the back that floats :( I wish the legs could be printed flat instead of standing.

Are you sure this isn't Bandai's 1/72 scale AT-ST? Just some of that detail I didn't think was possible with 3D printers unless there's been a quantum leap in technology...

Just way too accurate to have been 3D printed.

dude look deal with it you have been in way to much sarcasam

One year later, people still don't get it was a compliment! Good print! Looks like a model kit!

Not true. I have a printer that can print to an accuracy of 25µ.

finally some one how is smart

25 micro...?

And what point specifically are you asserting isn't true?

Sorry, µm. (Microns). I'm asserting that your statement of this level of detail not being possible in a 3D printer is not true. I work for a 3d printing company and we do this detail all the time.

Mike, upgrade your hotend, get a smaller nozzle, and tune your printer if you have trouble printing.

While your incredulity is a nice compliment to the designer and those posting their copies, there is nothing that strains technology here. Click the "makes" link if you're still amazed by what a properly tuned printer can output - there's lots of nice examples of this exact print , and you can make your printer work just as well with a small amount of effort.

Very cool model, though could do with some cleanup, looks like a 3d scan with a lot of fuzzy bits around edges like the bottom edge of the feet, holes in the plates of the legs etc, and some details are clearly not printable without a lot of support, like those paper thin parts of the legs that start with a line going straight out into the air etc, could look nearly identical with a 45 degree part joining the rest of the structure and thick enough to be more than one single line of plastic, the legs are complete madness, should be split into the foot and leg parts clearly, the legs are nearly flat and would be a lot easier to print lying down than standing up.

Despite your comments, there seem to be quite a number of fine prints. . .

Is there a step by step instruction guide for assembly?

As a n00b in 3d-printing, but a fan of star wars and model building this is quite a nice challenge to print and build. I have one issue I would like to see how you all do it? On the mouth piece there are two long barrels.. When I try to print them on our MakerBot Replicator 2X the barrels will eventually leave the printer to print in the air. The barrels seems to be too thin to print... Tried lowering the temperature to 210C already but that didnt make a difference. Any tips on how to properly print thin things with the MakerBot?

I would suggest trying a different orientation. If you can't get it to work with printing the mouth piece straight up and down, try to angle it and give them some supports. It'll require some post-processing, but it will ensure your parts come out.

Hi Bro. Nice design! How much is its weight?

Hi! This is a really great model, but I'm having trouble printing the legs. I'm using a Makerbot Replicator 2, and whenever I try to print the legs, they always come out as a huge twisted clump of plastic. Please help! I really need this for a project I'm doing.

I had the same problem with the legs, also they were too tall for my printer, so I split the STL files up into more manageable prints. You'll have to glue them. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:24451/#remixeshttp://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

AT-ST Scout Walker

Thanks... I had the same problem and was a bit surprised that Simplify3D did not warn me...
I'll try to print your files very soon.

Hi nihil98,

the legs are probably the worst part for printing since they're very fragile. That lack of strength may lead to vibrations during of the printed layers resulting in a nozzle crashing slightly into a printed section and tossing it over.

I had some strength issues on other prints on my Ultimaker which I solved by adding some manually drawn structure beams. You might actually have a look at Meshmixer 2.0. It's support option may be useful fo adding some extra, easy to remove, beams around the legs.

Hope this helps and looking forward to see a picture of your print!

PS: I you like Star Wars, you can also check my R2-D2. It's on 'the other' 3D file sharing site ;-)

Thanks! I just need some help on making the beams, as I have never used Meshmixer before, and I can't really understand it. Please help!

I can't see where the sketchup file is, can someone please direct me to it?

The Original Sketchup files were the problem of the inprintable files. They wer removed for this reason.

Could you upload it anyway and explain to not use it. I want it for reference purposes of the size and how to put it together. That would be greatly appreciated.

This object is getting there now since Sven Grundmann repaired my faulty STL's and made them printable! The files are available now in two version, 1 large (Ultimaker max'ed) and 1 smaller version for your convenience.

Sven also sent me a picture with his AT-ST Walker which is now the new default picture for this object.

All credits to Sven. Great job!

Currently the legs are too tall to be printed. Is it posable to split the legs into several parts. ie a foot, shin and thigh.

I have the same problem :'(

It's the only thing stopping me!!

Guys why don't you just sale it down so it fits your printer??

I scaled the model up to Ultimaker scale. The legs are the largest parts in the assembly so I made these something like 190-200mm tall.

You can download the Sketchup file if you like and either rescale the parts or cut it into smaller part if you like. I also had a look at this but found it pretty hard to find a good solution for a base plane in the model besides not loosing detail in the legs.

nice model but unfortunately it wont slice properly in kisslicer or slic3r i look foward to seeing if some one else manages to print it though as i would love to give it a go myself but see no way of doing it without goos gcode

I got the all the pieces to slice. I used KISSlicer (free version) for the "Head main part_neu.stl" file and it worked perfectly. Its now my fall-back slicer for anything SLICR3 can't handle.

Hi flint_read,

does this problem occur on all the parts or just on a few of them? I will have to check. As mentioned I had some problem in Sketchup to get the parts manifold. I can still try to do a better job on that.

For me, its only happening on the Head main part_neu.stl file. All others have worked well. I'm using the latest version of Slicr3 and Repetier-Host Mac. Hardware is Orion delta printer from SeeMeCNC.

I have only tried the legs so far so can't say if it's all parts

It will print better if you split off the flat leg parts and lay them down on the print plate if you see what I mean

I would love to print this but so far have had no luck slicing it

could you provide an obj file?
as i can edit that in lightwave and or zbrush here and may be able to fix up the files a bit

Great job. The .skp file seems to contain only one of the 19 pieces though.

Cyclone already gave the answer I was thinking of. It seems I saved it with all but one part hidden. You can show the parts fron the Structure browser by right-clicking -
gt; Show.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

They are hidden. Select in the outliner and unhide.