Air boat / Swamp boat

by SlightlyAbnormal Jul 21, 2017
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Hi. I just finished printing this off and got the same motor and esc as described. Popped a 3s battery in and I'm lucky if it goes faster then 5mph.

Thx for the perfect design. Printing was easy and looked great !
I've one question:
I bought a multi-rotor esc 30A (Holybro Tekko32 35A BLHeli_32 ESC Dshot1200) and made it also bidirectional with blheli.
Does anyone now how I can connect this esc to a standard rc receiver ?


Thanks very much for this design.
I really enjoyed making it. The only problem I had to solve was with the MotorMount. I wasn't able to center the motor inside the propguard. All holes at the original MotorMount seem to be off-center. After I re-designed that, it worked like a dream. I added a drivers seat and a driver. First tests went with a 2S Lipo. It was working, but seemed a bit weak. So I upgraded to 3S.
My built-story: http://www.galepp.com/modeling/airboat/airboat.htm
Once again thanks for charing your design!

Regards, Uwe

Are you able to uplaod the file for your redesigned motor mount thanks

Anyone able to offer me any advice on how to print the hull, I keep getting failed prints I have 5 parts to print and this brill design will come to life.

Hi crazynight-
I didn't have any problems printing the hull without supports. Here is the way that I did it:

Place the back of the hull with the back of the boat on the bed. The part that prints towards the front of the boat shouldn't require supports.

Place the center of the hull with the pins pointing up. This will make a shape kind of like a U climb up off the bed. The bevels under the top side by the pins should prevent need of supports (did for me).

Place the front of the hull with the point/front of the boat pointing up. The shape of the tip allows to print without supports.

Hopefully that helps.

I liked and i am in progress of making.
About motor mount,did you use spacer for mounting motor or make hole in center of motor mount?
Otherwise Shaft is not fitting.

On the motor that I used the shaft didn't stick out far enough to be a problem. You could drill a hole for the shaft or put spacers under the mounting screws.

What servo did you use?

I made this as a gift for my dad and don't have it to check. It was a small, inexpensive servo. If you print the servo holder you can measure it to determine what will fit.

hello, first super job i would like to know how i am novice in the RC do you have a list of the material recommend to use to build this boat?

Hi SlightlyAbnorma,

the model has similarities with my boat. Especially the rear holders are a smaller copy of mine.


Swamp boat

Hi RCWeinstadt-
While I did draw this model from scratch in fusion 360 it wouldn't surprise me at all if your boat was one of the photos that I used for ideas (though I don't recall specifically, I usually use google images to get an idea of how things are made by looking at full size and toy versions). I'm sorry if you feel slighted, it was certainly not intentional.

I would be happy to give you credit or point other users to your works (though I'm not overly familiar with Thingiverse and may need guidance).

Let me know if you'd like any changes made.


The idea of ​​Thingiverse is also to show ideas and suggestions.
I am glad that you use my model as an example :)
A naming or link to my model would be nice

Thank you again for uploading this! My family and even complete strangers have had a blast with this model, it is so much fun! The look on peoples faces as they drift around the pond is awesome!!
Would you be able to upload the hull as a single piece? I have enough vertical height on my printer to print it one piece, and it would be nice to have it without the ridges for the joins. A solid model would also work great. Thanks again!!


Here is a link to me having a little fun with a 65% battery. Finally got the video up on YouTube, because it wouldn't download on here! Two of these will be running around Central Park's pond this summer! Couple of the guys live in NJ for half the year, snowbirds, and will be running them all over the place! Going to go up to 5S! I want 80mph!!

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

I've only ever ran one on 3s, I'd love to see more of your guy's videos.

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This is a very well designed model! I especially like the clever routing of the motor wires through the upright. I assume I should fill the hull with expandable foam so it won't sink if it flips? Or maybe some of those inflated plastic pillows used for packaging? I don't have any experience with boats and I would hate for this to end up at the bottom of the pond. Thank you for the upload!

I used a 12 inch piece of a pool noodle, and cut it into quarters lengthwise. They fit perfectly up against the sides. I used CA to hold it in place. Works perfectly! Had a flip over at 60mph and it didn't sink or break! Great little boat!

I'll give it a try, thanks! How do you get that much speed? Any time I give it even half throttle it does a 180. I've tried moving the battery forward and backward but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Maybe I have something out of alignment?

Which motor set up are you using? We have been using a little bigger motor, a 2306 2450kv deadpool. On a 4S it flies! I fly real and rc planes and when going full throttle, they tend to pull to the left. Depending on which way you have your motor turning, will tell you which way it will pull. Once you start out, you need to put in a little opposite rudder from the torque. As it speeds up, you will need to keep opposite rudder until you get going straight. Once your at the speed you want you can let off the rudder and it should stay straight. You only need very little movements at high speed. I'll post some more pics shortly. The wife is calling!

I'm using a RacerStar 2205 2300KV with a cyclone prop, both extras from a 220 drone and I really appreciate the help! It turns out that the problem was that the bottom of the hull wasn't flat at the first seam where the front piece attaches to the center piece. When I assembled the model I used a 3D pen to weld the pieces together and maybe I got that seem too hot? Whatever caused it, this bulge stuck out about 1.5-2 mm below the rest of the hull bottom at the seam and tapered off to flat within about 2 inches. To fix it I slowly warmed the entire seam and bowed portion with a heat gun until it was soft then pressed the hull down firmly into a granite counter top which rapidly cooled it and set it in perfectly flat. It now handles great! Here is what I think was happening: When going slow this bulge was out of the water due to the angle of the hull so the boat handled normally. As soon as the boat got on plane (bringing the nose down) this bulge hit the water causing a large amount of drag which planted the nose and swung the rear end around. Since the bulge was more or less even side to side the boat didn't have a preference for which way it spun around. If anyone has problems with stability make sure the bottom is flat! This thing is an absolute blast now! I blew through two batteries doing high speed sweeping drifts before the setting sun ended my fun. Again, this is an excellent model and a lot of fun!!

That's great! This thing is a real blast. I've been getting close to 60 and even the littlest bit of turn can sure spin it quick. SO, I cut a 2mm x 3 inch piece of a popsicle stick. and glued them to the bottom for high speed. After I glued them down with CA, i sanded enough to just feel a little bump from it. Probably sanding it down to 1mm. Now that thing can fly, STRAIGHT, and now the wind won't really affect it!

All I got to say, again is, what a great design! This has spawned a racing club at our rc airfield. FPV also! Running on 5S 1800mah and hitting close to 40mph. So far, I have printed 4 and my friends have printed 2 or 3. Should have about 12-18 boats. Pretty cool idea you had there Slightly Abnormal! Wife even made me make her one in pink with grey camo. Pic to come! Thanks again! You need to set up the tip function!lol

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

I never thought this would be anything special. I made it as a father's day gift for my Dad to run when his front yard floods.

How are you guys sealing the hull?

After printing a few of them now, I'm a real novice at this, and realized high temp near the 250's, is sealing almost completely. But being unsure of my printing abilities, of which I have NONE, I've used XTC-3D coating. One layer should fill in the gaps perfectly. But depending on what you see, you can add a second and sand it. Works perfect. Added a couple 1mm tall X 3 inch strip of plastic under the hull rear. It helps a lot at high speed, keeps it going straight without a slight breeze that will spin it out. More pictures and FPV coming. You got a great design!

I made this as a gift and I don’t have it or photos.
I used a Tupperware style container that deli meat comes in to mount the electronics.

It is an awesome design! Should be done printing it by the weekend.

Would you happen to have a pic of how you set up your electronics?

someone should post a video of one. id like to see if it would be worth printing a couple to use up my quad copter motors and bag of props

Thanks - challenge to print in ABS without warping. Great design and works well. Thinking of adding outriggers to lift it out of the water and reduce drag. Perhaps make them removable so you can switch to winter skis :)

whats shell thickness fella

I use Simplify3D. I looked and I don't see a setting for shell thickness. I used 3 shells.