Settlers in Space (Catan) (Multi-Color)

by MosaicManufacturing Jul 21, 2017
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Why are there no #4's and why are there 3 of the other numbers (2 for 2 and 12)? Seems like there should be 1 each 2 & 12 and 2 each 3 through 11 (excluding 7). Loving this print. Am trying to print with single color printer and piece various colors together.

Hello, Sorry if I'm being dense, but do these need to be printed on a dual extruder or would it work to print the pieces individually and then slot them together?

There are no dumb questions here. These parts were designed to be printed with multi-color/multi-material printing systems like Palette (http://mosaicmfg.com).

However, some folks have printed them in a single-color:

Edit: The pieces will not slot together if printed individually.

Thanks for clearing that up - congratulations on such a great version of settlers! I'll keep the files until I can print in multicolour...

The Trading tiles should be printed twice and then discard one Titan, right?

Great work! I've started printing this, and am having an issue with the rim pieces.

My first observation is that they appear to need support. The puzzle piece is an overhang, so without support it will just sag down to the build plate.

My second observation is that on my prints, the puzzle pieces do not fit into each other. The male portion seems too large for the female. The Resource chips also don't seem to fit their holes on the rim pieces. This surprises me, as the number game pieces fit inside of the one tile I've printed so far perfectly. Am I doing something wrong, or are tolerances just tighter on the rim pieces?

I'm printing with PLA, 0.2 mm.

You're correct, the rim does require supports. We will change that in the instructions. Thanks for pointing this out!

It is a snug fit and I did have to round the corners of the male pieces with a file. If you're really having trouble and they won't fit, I can make another STL or if you're interested I can give you my Solidworks file and you can adjust the pieces.

The tolerances should be the same on both the number tiles and the rim pieces (e.g. 2:1, 3:1). They should be 0.5mm smaller than their containing holes.

You can scale the circular tiles down by a few % if you're having issues with fitting them properly (~98%?).

Thanks for the response! If you don't mind the Solidworks file would be great so I can tweak it for a perfect fit. Thanks!

Sure thing—please email support@mosaicmanufacturing.com and mention the Settlers/Solidworks file!

Are these files able to be printed on single extr printer? I know I wont get the seperate colors but will they still print? Thanks

Hi @AdriansGalaxy,

Yes, you can! Someone on reddit has printed one of the pieces (it looks like this). You will simply have to group the models together in your slicer.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any q's!

All water tiles are done (it's hard to remove the supports without breaking a leg... on the tower), all core tiles done, all numbers and trade markers. On to Bio!

Awesome! Sounds like you might finish the first community-made Settlers in Space. Can't wait to see it!

Well now I feel like I need to rework my slices and print more at once so I am.

Awesome. Thank you. Will try it for sure.

Good luck with the prints! Please share the 'Makes'; we'd love to see them :)!

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What a great game and concept! It looks just gorgeous! :)

It's so awesome that you guys release this for free! Can't wait to print it!

this is the coolest thing i've seen all week. idk how to say with words how awesome these prints look. keep up the good work all!

Thanks for your kind words, @eggbowl! Javen, Mosaic's designer, has been working hard to bring Settlers in Space to life. We're super excited to finally be able to share it!