Modular 3D printable Sound Bar / Center Speaker

by jongdepaul Jul 22, 2017
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Excellent design! I built a Bluetooth speaker using this and used version 1 of the speaker fascia file as that was perfect for the speakers I had.

I've attached an image of the final build and I've also documented it all (including the electronics) in the following video.


Thanks and great work on the video too! I posted a comment in YouTube :)

Nice design! Lucked up finding it searching for speaker hole stencils of all things for a speaker box build i'm working on. Working on printing all the parts as we speak. What power button did you use? I cant seem to find one that small.

Hi Sash, I used a micro toggle switch like attached. Should be easily available from your electronics components shop and ebay etc

This is great! You mentioned you used the Kemo 12w amplifier. Did you use one for all 10 speakers?

Also, how are you powering the Kemo amp(s)?


Hi there, thanks for liking the design :)

I used one amp to drive the lot - I powered it with a regular run of the mill power adapter that's sufficiently rated for the amp. Currently I have actually removed the amp as I've got the array setup as a center speaker on my surround system in the family room. It's hooked up straight to the center channel of the surround amp. Like most surround systems the center channel is "mono" so I wired the drivers in series / parallel to get to an impedance suitable for my amp.

Do you have the same enclosure plans for 3" speaker?

I dont have it at hand for 3" but could do it yes. It will take some time though

Have you tried calculating the size difference and scaling the models up by that percentage in your slicer? That could possibly do the trick for you and would certainly be quicker than waiting for time poor me to do a new design.

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Hi, nice work! i'm interested in this thing, can you share the electrical system? thanks!

saludos desde Argentina!

Hey!... Would it be possible for you to upload the solid model files for adding features. My software wont let me edit STL files very easily. I'm going to add 2 matching end enclosures with vents and mounting for a UTV.

I love what you have already done. Prints look great.


Hi there,

I will see what I can do but that will take a couple weeks (I'm on holidays now).

I'm glad the prints worked for you!

No problem...Thanks

Hey! Can you put up a link to the exact speakers you purchased? I'm in the US, but I assume they came from China, right?

Hey! Thanks so much, I'll check these out when/if the time comes. Looks like a good option to add sound to some projects I have on my list.

They look and sound quite good for the price. I might order another 10 soon :)