Parametric Wallet

by BadPractice Jul 22, 2017
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im using cura and it's not rendering properly. what setting do i need to change?

How durable have these been?

Expect 1-2 years

printed great on the cr-10s with your recommended setting. took 10 hours.


What type of filament do you print this with?

would it be possible to add a way to change the number of money slots? because i personally prefer to be able to separate emergency money and something like a ticket that wont fit in a card slot from my spending money

I dont think i can do. It has been so long since i wrote it

Theres a big problem with the customizer... I printed the default 4 slots model and it went well... Since I use this everyday now, I wanted a 5 slots versions. I reprinted a 5 slots versions and to my surprise, the first slot is not even attached on the base of the wallet, so the card slide all the way out and the wallet is useless... I wasted more than 30 hours of print with that, I should have checked the stl before printing!

You can clearly see the problem on this remix : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2480503

My Customized Parametric Wallet

did you adjust walletHeight? It looks like you increased the slots to a size bigger the wallet. Otherwise you can reduce the amount of drop per card.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I my script does not adjust things like the wallet height automatically since i can not know how people want it exactly. This way you have more options.

Nope I did not adjust wallet height, just the slots number... The purpose of having customizer for theses type of things is to automate all theses settings.. It should adjust other sizes by default when you increase or decrease slots number. I will regenerate the model according to your advices. Thanks!

I understand your point of view but in my opinion this limits the user. For example your problem could also be solved by adjusting the heightDecreasePerSlot parameter to something like 5.

There are multiple ways to solve certain issues and i don't know what outcome the person wants.

Is the wallet long enough to fit USD or will it need to be resized?

The wallet is scaled to fit any Euro bill. It is not sized for Dollar bills and i don't know if they will fit. However if you remix it for USD bills, it would be nice if you name it accordingly so future American can find it easily.

awesome! i would love to try this with nylon!

And i would love to see your make!

Can this be printed in normal PLA, or does it have to use Flex Filament?

I only did flex. Be a scientist and try it out ;)

Hi there! First of all, good job! It looks amazing! :D
I tried to print it, but began to get wavy from 1/3 of the total height, and some layers dettached.
At what speed did you print it? Maybe it's going to fast... :/

Sorry to hear that. I don't know how fast i went exactly but the entire print took about 12 hours. I have a original prusa though. That's a good printer with low tolerance

you can either try going slower or using thicker walls

Thanks for the advice. I'll try to print it with thicker walls. :)

8,5h Druckzeit, so groß sieht es gar nicht aus o__o

Die meisten Wände sind genau 1 Layer breit. Da muss der drucker eben extra vorsichtig (und langsam) drucken

This design looks awesome! How durable is it though? Would you exchange your normal wallet for this 3d printed one in everyday life's use?

I am using the wallet on the picture for about half a year now. So far its holding fine

That's what I wanted to hear! I'll be printing it soon. Thank you!

Feel free to post your make! I would love to see it!

Was würde passieren wenn ich diese Geldbörse in normales PLA ausdrücken würde? hahaha

Du würdest den Weltfrieden auslösen und Krebs heilen!

Ne ensthaft: Da PLA in so dünnen Layern sehr flexibel ist hast du eventuell eine chance das es halbwegs funktioniert. Pass halt auf das die Wand so eingestellt ist, dass sie nur 1 Layer dick ist.

I did try make this wallet to. It was fantastic using ninjaflex. (Not semiflex). I will upload picture soon.

I am glad to hear that. Cant wait to see your wallet :P

Hello again. I just have added 3 picture of the wallet. Hope you like my printed version :)

What kind of material did you use. im thinking about using TPU. But if PLA works than id use that too

Thank you for your comment!

I have Tested both TPU and flexible PLA. While flexible PLA works acceptable good, I would recommend TPU because the stiffness is closer to a normal wallet.

The wallet on the picture is printed in flexible PLA since i run out of TPU :(