Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Rigid Heddle Loom

by ProgressTH Jul 23, 2017
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looks amazing, but there are a lot of files, some seem redundant... would you consider posting a list of the files i'd actually need to print?

Not sure if this user is still active but pop open the sketchup to take a look at a fully assembled model. I'm actually working on designing my own using north american spec PVC dimensions and some smaller dimensions to keep it compact and will upload my design once I've got it completed!

How is that coming? I didn't realize this wasn't North American PVC. I'd love to print your design when it comes out.

We haven't gotten around to doing a guide for assembling yet. Not sure when we will. But it will be great to see others taking this idea and modifying it. Look forward to seeing your design!

Hey no worries, the sketchup does a pretty good job of explaining what you need to print and how many if you take a few min to look at it!

I really liked the simplicity of your design! Just finished building another that uses dowels and was not happy with the straightness of the dowels at the hardware store which lead to a mediocre build. I'm going to try PVC and a bit smaller dimensions next. After that: looking at 4-shaft looms with a beater, should be fun :)

One quick question I had, what are the small pawl pegs for? Do they just keep the pawls in place so they can't flip up?

Thanks for your design!

Yes, the pegs keep the pawls in a relatively convenient place while advancing the ratchet wheel.

I have trouble modifying this loom to fit slightly larger tubes. I couldn't get 22mm tubing, I only got tube that is 23mm ID & 25mm OD. I'm not familiar with Scetchup, what and how I have to change Sketchup file that will fit that tubes? Could you modify it and upload a remix?

In the future we may do a video on how to modify the SketchUp files we upload. At the moment we don't have time to modify on request. But SketchUp is very easy to learn and even if you have other CAD experience, you will not regret learning SketchUp. It's also free.

When designing for 3D printing, make sure to add an extra 1mm for diameters of holes the PVC pipe will fit into, and to subtract 1mm from the diameter of 3D printed parts fitting into the PVC pipe. So the knobs for example, should have an overall diameter of about 22 mm to fit into the PVC pipe, and the holes holding the warp beam should be about 26mm.

Do a test print of 2 circles for inner and outer diameter just to be sure of your printer's tolerances before changing and printing out larger pieces.

Well, I gave up on modifying sketchup file and designed new one. It's made mostly of wood, and keeps tension right. Design is open: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2542262
I have some flax planted, maybe I'll made some linen out of it. :)
Thanks for posting this.

Simple rigid heddle loom
by diehart

Wow. Very cool! I especially like the pawl and cog design you came up with. Thanks for sharing.

Is there a way to make this in a 10" (~254mm) size loom? I'd prefer having a smaller sized loom, but I can also fiddle with stuff to see if I can modify to make it a smaller size. :)

We are working on a variety of looms, but nothing small like that at the moment.

But please check out this prototype we made which is about the size you are talking about: https://hackaday.io/project/26099-opensource-textile-production/log/64189-understanding-basic-weaving-through-prototyping

It worked well enough but had lots of room for improvement. With experimentation, you might be able to make a very sturdy and useful small loom.