LowPoly Darth Vader Pen Holder

by jhwblender Jul 24, 2017
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nice, people are selling this btw

nice, people are selling this btw

Had fun with Blender. Found an extra head within his belly !

When I go to print it, the top of the head is hollow. Any suggestions?

I accidentally started printing it without supports. Any ideas if it will come out ok? I scaled it down to .8 if that makes a difference.

i repaired the body. (see my "remix" here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2553725 )

now the cape is watertight and aligned with the bottom.

happy printing!

LowPoly Darth Vader Pen Holder (repaired)

Awesome! Works great. Thanks.

The cape hangs below the base of the model, so I can't lay it flat

Unable to slice this modell. When I analysed it with Meshmixer, I found his head in his stomache (why did he swallow his own head???). Also the cape has a few errors.

yup that cape definitely has issues (i think you have some self intersecting in your mesh or something. I fixed it in m 3d app will upload a remixed body

Hey sjowol, I just uploaded the most recent fixes. Can you try this latest one?

not home at the moment but will def check tonight!

assume this needs supports btw huh? i printed without which resulted in some nice results ;)

Oops I spoke too soon, it loads correctly but when slicing huge parts of the cape still disappear

Looks like the cape isn't watertight. Can you repair the model?

When I slice it the cape seems to disappear.

I see both comments you made. The cape is indeed watertight, although I noticed that there were a few non-flat edges that could potentially mess up a slicer (I am currently fixing those now). First though I would try changing the "Shell Thickness" settings in your slicer. I've had thinner things disappear in my slicer before mainly for that reason.

Very cool man! Gotta print one for my friend.