Power Boat, Speed Boat 29"

by thepael Jul 24, 2017
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Hola , Excelente trabajo y gracias por los consejos para pegar pla y relleno es una duda que tenia desde que empecé en la impresión 3d un SALUDO amigo es un trabajo increíble Ciao.

it seems that in the project there is no back support attached to the stern through which the helix passes. is it normal?

Hi guy
What do you mean with "helix"

hello, first of all thanks for the project. I wanted to ask if you can advise me what types of glues and fillers to use since I am a novice! thank you

if you print with PLA, the best thing for glue it together is "Dichlormetane", you can buy it on net, i put some some small pieces of PLA into it (ca. 20-30%) and wait until tomorrow,it have the perfect viscosity for glue it together, if you use ABS, the best solution is Acetone.
Filler i used is an usual Car Filler (Nitro based) so it's fast drying


Yes, I print with PLA plus, so I'll try as you recommended. Instead of sanding before painting, would it be better to use some kind of primer?

Hi, i don't use a primer, i think the Nitro based Filler had an enough chemical adhesion to the PLA plastik

just wondering about how much filament did you need to make 27" boat? and about how long? Love the boat just want to make sure I got enough time and material to Finnish the project. thanks

it's about 2 years ago, but i think i used ca. 1,3 kg filament, and about 60 hours of printing, but i'm not sure, sorry
(if you load every item in your printing software , it will displayed the weight and the printing time)


Good afternoon. could you put this boat in x_t format, parasolid?
I need to make changes.

Sorry, but i can't export in x_t format

Hello to all. Beautiful project. I used your project to resize it to be able to print the hull in 3 parts (60cm). I modified the final part of the hull to apply a jet water to it. I'm still in the press. I did a mini test print.

Ciao, a tutti. Bellissimo progetto. Ho usato il tuo progetto per ridimensionarla per poter stampare scafo in 3 parti (60cm). Ho modificato la parte finale dello scafo per applicargli un jet water. sono ancora in fase di stampa. Ho fatto una mini stampa di prova.

Hello , could you share your latest recommendations in term of hardwares ( motor / esc / battery ). I’m just done printing and want to order the electronics. I want the maximum speed and not worry about run duration. Thanks !

i posted everything we installed below,
but here again:

here our installed components:
Servo:Turnigy TGY-R5180MG (it have to be small because of the height of the hull)
Rudder:https://hobbyking.com/de_de/in-line-strut-rudder-assembly-large.html (little modified the mount of the rudder)
Propeller: 2 Blades 40mm Racing ABS prop,
ESC:https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1pcs-2-7S-30A-50A-70A-100A-200A-ESC-5V-3A-5V-5A-UBEC-Brushless-Speed/32573253718.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.JxFQkL (i ordered the 80A)

Thanks ! I wanted to make sure it’s the most current. is the motor powerful enough ? 1800kv sound a bit light but i have limited jnowledge in the rc boat space ! Thanks again flr everything !

Hello, printed it at 60%, and with a 2435 brushless 4800kv, with the cheap volantex propeller and flexible shaft, it literally jumps when I apply full throttle, It's unfinished for the moment, it doesn't have rudder, not a lot of space... Tried it in a swimming pool only, and with the special insulation tape, it's 100% dry inside... I can't attach any photo...
Great work friend, very nice design...

how much your boat weighs without components only 3d print parts??? Do you have load distribution?

Hi guy,
i used for the boat ca. 800g of PLA Filament,no load distribution, i put everything (exept receiver) in the middle of the boat

Anyone know if a 3660 2050kv, 120A ESC and 2x2s Lipo would bring this thing up to speed?
I have that setup in a way to narrow home made fiberglass v-hull that sits to deep in the water and have to push hard to get it to plane, resulting in short runtime. I always wanted this type of hull, it looks so good!

I made this boat, but scaled it to 83% to make it 24" long, and have no idea what size rudder to use if any of you have suggestions they are welcome

Hi guy
it have to be about 12-15% of your hull lengh,
everything you need can you find here: http://www.radiocontrolinfo.com/rtr-boats/catamaran-hull-setup

i made many mistakes before i found this page


Very nice. Im also new to RC boats andf really like this design.
What drives the water through the system for cooling? Pure movement into the pipe system? or one of the electrical components?

in the 29" Boat, only the movement through the pipe system is enough, in my other 36" Boat, i'm installing a motor pump for more water flow,
because i "smoked" one ESC

Amazing job, this is exactely what I needed at this time (hollydays). I was looking for a real small cat or mono power boat hull without success for many weeks and spent a lot of time on 3d design... result was a sinking boat, almost a submarine...

Your cat is currently printed at 0.6 scale on a (chinese but upgraded) prusa i3.

Thanks a lot !!!!

Hey make4,

I also print it at 0.6 scale. I have no experience with RC boats. What kind of brushless motor and propeller should I buy for a boat of this size?


Is this motor okay?
I have no idea which prop I have to use:

Can you help please?

Thepeal: Great Job, thanks for sharing this.

Look at pro boat miss geico 17 wich is very close to our 0.6 scaled boats but poorly powered (like mine), there is a video : http://www.proboatmodels.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdId=PRB08019

Stock conf is slow, I think your 3s lipo conf is not a bad choice for pretty perfs.

Look at bigger 4s/6s boat videos, they are really fast.

Thanks a lot for the help... Their is not a lot of space for a big motor... It´s okay, if the boot is slow, It´s my first try. ;)

I like this one : https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-aquastar-2842-2800kv-water-cooled-brushless-outrunner-motor.html

40A, 2S to 4S, 3.10 shaft, 28mm diam (73mm long)

(outrunner should not be an issue)

i think this will be good enough, 600W of power, 2800kv with 4s Lipo results ca. 45000 rpm,
perfect - if you have enough space


Do you think that a light twin 20mm motor configuration could be a good idea for a 0.6 scaled boats ? COG would be much lower that a high power 30mm centered motor.

Hi, i think that two motors in a 0,6 Scale (44cm) boat is a no good idea, you have much more place in the middle ot the boat,
i have build in in my 36" boat two 3674 motors with two 6S- 3000mAh Lipo's , toooooooo heavy, now i modifying it with only one 3660 motor

Hi, the 3674 is heavy (330g) for a twin conf on a 36'' cat hull and 6S 3000mAh are very very heavy (2x500g) ==> 1.6 Kg (motors + batt)
You can use one powerfull 36mm (~330g) motor or two powerfull 28mm motors (~2x115g) ==> ~300g
Maybe you're expecting too much game time, did you try 1300mAh lipo ? ==> 2x6S = ~450g
==> 750g in place of 1.6Kg, maybe it could work ????

About the 0.6 scaled >> Its too late ^^, I picked motors and shaft. I'll try the twin 20mm (2x65g) with one 2S and then with one 3S 2200 mAh (a heavy one, 150g) and tell you if it was a good idea ... or not ==> MAX 280g (motors + 3S batt)

yes it was almost too heavy, i have already decomposed everything,
therefore i already ordered one motor 3660 (4800KV, 1200W), then i can drive it with 3S Lipo, i build in one 4mm flex Shaft in the hull , i will post the first results of driving it and the photos , i hope it will be good enough and fast,

good luck with your composition

Hi, could you take some detail photos, I don´t know, how I can build in the shaft. And perhaps some photos around your boat.

And sorry for my bad english ;)

Pick for example esc/bec : https://hobbyking.com/de_de/turnigy-marine-30a-bec-waterproof-speed-controller-with-water-cooling.html

A 2.3 flex shaft and a 2.3 coupler (flex to hard) : https://hobbyking.com/de_de/flex-shaft-set-centurion-450mm-catamaran-boat.html (too long but could be cut ???)

And you ll need a flexy shaft strut.

If you want more power maybe you ll need a 5mm drive and you ll need to upgrade all items AND you ll need to made extra strengh part for the hull.

But I m not sure, maybe someone will not ne agree with me.


I didn t try it at this time. It s a test with 2s system, strengh 4mm shaft with teflon and alu tube, 3700kv eflite park 400 brushless motor, emax 12A ESC. Motor and ESC are not not cooled.

I don t expect awesome speed. It s a poor conf, it s just for my son :)

Just one issue : part 1.stl is a little bit tricky to print without support (with a support, it s difficult too). I finally used a raft.

if you print is this position how you see in the picture than you don't need a support material,
i printed the boat without to scale it, my printer bed is 220x220mm (Chinese prusa i3)

I understand that it could be better at 45.

Actually, all difficults parts are printed but If my 0.6 scale works great maybe I ll try at full scale.


really great work! this was exactly what i have wished for a printed boat =) i wondered if you maybe be so kind to split the CAD/STL files in two parts so people with smaller build volumes (like on my delta) could also print this. It would be ideal if there would be some kind of rabbet to join the two halfs of the hull better together? :) I hope im not asking too much, i could even do this myself if you could provide me the CAD files :) Greetings and keep up the good work! :)

Hi guy
i posted a splited version of the hull, i hope this is helpfull for you,if you glue any piece from the boat (print with PLA) with Dichlormethan (in my description) then you don't need any rabbet ,this is so strong, the surface melts together, it's perfect.
If you want to fill some small holes on the PLA surface then you have to took some small pieces of your filament (ca. 20-30%) into the solvent, then you have a even better glue


Hi there :) thanks a lot for the splitted hull :P think i would want to print it with petg though :)

Awesome! Feel free to join my group "Maritime" so we can collect all boat enthusiasts att one place :)

i did it,
great group

here our installed components:
Servo:Turnigy TGY-R5180MG (it have to be small because of the height of the hull)
Rudder:https://hobbyking.com/de_de/in-line-strut-rudder-assembly-large.html (little modified the mount of the rudder)
Propeller: 2 Blades 40mm Racing ABS prop,
ESC:https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1pcs-2-7S-30A-50A-70A-100A-200A-ESC-5V-3A-5V-5A-UBEC-Brushless-Speed/32573253718.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.JxFQkL (i ordered the 80A)

the boat is tested with 3S and 4S (60C) Lipo,the videos are with 4S,
i ordered some more props 42mm and 45mm 2 blades,and a new 5S Lipo,when it' done, i will post the best result

Hi, where did you pick the motor cooler ?

the motor cooler is selfmade with my milling machine, but you can use something like that:
depends on your motor you use,
but i think your 2040 motor is too weakly, it have only 120W,
my used 35-36 outrunner have with 4s Lipo 875W and its small, i used a 40mm 2 blades racing prop


Thanks for the answers.
OK for the servo, 2 kg are enough to turn? Ok for the size.
I forgot to ask you, what tree did you order?

Good job :-)

Hi @mko2680

2kg have to be enough, you can't turn at full speed, we tried it and the boat overturns in water,
the other reason is, i have some of these servos at home, so i used it

what do you mean with:
I forgot to ask you, what tree did you order?

What rudder and propeller have you installed?
Which steering servo have you installed?
Thanks for the answers.

believe me, it's printed, but when it's finished and put together, the hull seems to be unstable and i glued a thin fiber glass layer inside ,
i don't want to draw the hull again with more thickness, but when polyester is hardened i see it was not necessary, than i decided to mount the canopy with screws, you can see the metal clips,now it's stable enough when it's closed.
the motor mount have to be wooden and aluminium, because the motor got hot and thats not good for PLA,wood does not conduct heat,
i will post a few more pictures

Hi, I don't mean to be rude but your third picture shows that the hull is made of fiber glass and wood and not 3D printed

... but the same picture shows lines from typicaly printed parts (deck). Maybe printed and reinforced with fiberglass ???

yes that's right,only reinforced by one layer fiberglass, but it's not necessary to do this if you mount the cockpit with screws, see on the picture the metal clips

ok thanks :)