AnyCubic Delta Vortex Fan Shroud For PLA V3

by grandysims Jul 25, 2017
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I'm having problem with the printing size, when i'm printing it it will print it with 0.5 mm larger than the normal size! What can i do so i cand print it normal size ?

I am not certain exactly what you mean but I will attempt to answer a few different situations.
1) if the part is printing oversize in all dimensions then your calibration of your printer is off. You can work thru the calibration issue using the many utube videos avaliable for delta calibration or you can simply scale the part down in whatever slicer software you are using.
2) if the part is printing corectly in x and y but is to tall in z then your effector to nozzle distance is different from the Anycubic that I used to design this. Many slicers allow for scaling in one axis only which would give you the ability to adjust the z axis as needed
3) If your printer needs a different scale then I inclused a STP file so you can import it into a cad program of your choice and modify it as needed.

I hope this helps you to get what you need..

Thanks for this. I have been using for a few months, but just recently I switched from PLA to PETG and I've been getting thermal failures. It wasn't an issue until I went to higher temperatures and the block isn't able to maintain 245 °C. By blocking off the center air opening with my soldering iron and a stick of PLA it will work, but I'm in agreement with the other posters here about the thermal issues and I'm now pretty certain it is the center opening. I plan to modify this design and reprint so my "fixed" one can be replaced. This is a very good looking design and it printed easily. I hope the simple mod will make it work better.

I had thermal protection errors when the fan would come on with this fan duct, the one side nearest the sensor is blowing directly on the sensor on my machine.

I am sorry you are having problems with this. This is the first I have heard of the duct causing this issue. I wonder if Anycubic has changed anything in the kits they are shipping now?

It happens, the duct on the thermistor side on my printer blows directly on the sensor, I had two failed prints at the same point and started a new one and watched it doing fine and turned the fan to 100% and watched the heat drop from 205 to 190 then it shut down with a Thermal error.

At least I know the fan works lol.

I put the stock duct back on and 18 hours into a print with stable temps.

I am thinking of changing the duct on that side to point more down or be smaller and try it again.

Please modify it to work for your printer. I included the stp file so people could modify it in the cad program of their choice.

This is a great design. Although, I did shave about 2mm off of the height in order to avoid the occasional first level warping edge or trip lines of threaded PLA.

Thank you for this model. Printed fast and well, attached beautifully, and yields much better results even with the stock fan. Highly recommend this fan shroud.

Thank you so much for this. I've tried several options here on Thingiverse and they all seemed to do okay, but depending on the part's orientation could still leave certain edges uncooled, which lead to warping. This one seems to be working great and does not appear to have that issue after several prints. It had no issues with the overhang in the attached pic.

Works perfectly. The PLA isn't melting at all, the quality of my prints has improved. Thank you for sharing!

Your welcome, I am glad it is working for you. Mine has been running almost non-stop for several months now and still works well.

This is the best filament cooler for the Anycubic that I have used. Works great and even with a heated bed, no issues with sagging or cooling. I can bridge much father and more accurately than with any other filament cooler. Works great with the 5015 fan mod!

Please share the link to 5015 fan mod. Thank you!

5015 Fan mount Anycubic Kossel

Thank you! I have done another for a long time, it works perfectly! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2646472

5015 Fan Holder / adapter for ANYCUBIC
by NickYhe