BCN3D Sigma - STIFFER Jumbo Purge Bucket

by mshrg Jul 25, 2017
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Is there any way you could adjust and upload an additional file where the slot for the cloth is a bit wider? Currently I'm seeing it as 1.855mm and the cloth itself is 2mm. With my current print settings dialed in my slots and holes print on the small side. So it being at the 2mm gap would be perfect. Or if you upload the part file, I'd be happy to make the changes myself. Thanks!

Yes I can adjust it, but bear in mind that the original design was this wide, I didn't change it, and in fact, I feel that it could be a little tighter, the cloth moves up every once in a while, maybe my felimant is more flexible than expected (ColorFabb XT - Black).

The original filetype is .C4D (Cinema 4D R17), I don't think it's useful for most people, do tell me though if you use Cinema 4D.

Forget about the measurements, I'm sure that when you try to put a cloth inside it will fit snugly.

I was planning on using ABS for my material and I did print out a small test section and the slot is indeed too narrow for the cloth to fit. I do have my settings pretty close with shrinkage accountancy and the measurement came out to be just about what the file said it should be.

Currently the Jumbo Purge Buckets I have are made out of PolyMax PLA which holds up pretty well but does have a bit of flex to it. I was hoping for something a little more solid and something that can hold up to higher heat temperatures.

Unfortunately I use Solidworks and I'm fairly certain Cinema files aren't compatible with Solidworks.