Quick-Release Bar Clamps

by mgx Jul 27, 2017
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Will these work on 80/20 1515 profile?

Also, how strong are they? I was thinking of using them with a racing sim rig I am building.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm having a real problem getting the clamps to >not< lock. If I insert the clamp into the 15x15 bar, the cam is already engaging before the handle is even with the bar. I've included a picture, assuming it'll display. It's almost as if the design was meant to have the cam indentation rotated 90 degrees from where it is. Could this be a slicer issue? I'm using Slic3r PE, 1.41.1-rc, on a Prusa Mk3 with 3.4.1 firmware. The width of the clamp is 15.03mm. I've tried changing the filament multiplier, scaling it down 1% and 2%, and nothing so far has allowed me to engage the cam anywhere like shown in the pictures.

Please note there are multiple extrusions that are 15mm in size but different internal profile: OpenBeam and Misumi 1515 - which kind is yours?

Print quality looks good, but the perspective doesn't help, as the problem would be inside in this case. It's possible the extrusion has a different profile and is thicker inside (clamp sits closer to the extrusion) or that rounded corners make the mechanism tighter. What controls the clamping distance is the diameter&offset of lever cylinder, you can measure with 3D Builder using the ruler tool and compare with the print (see attached).

Irrespective of the cause, what I would suggest here is to just force it in: twist the lever a few times until it "gives" (you need to wear it out a bit so to say)

The best stuff is always simple. Nailed it!

These are absolutely brilliant. Great work!

now we need a rotary base for the 2020 profile.
with a table clamp :)

Can you tell me what parameters I would need to change? I know only the very basics of modeling with openscad. Solidworks is my baby.

extrusion_size - outside dimensions of the extrusion profile, eg 15mm for 1515
extrusion_groove_min - channel opening (max screw diameter)
extrusion_groove_max - max channel width (max nut width)
extrusion_groove_lip - how thick the nut lip is (what keeps the nut captive)
extrusion_groove_depth - how deep the nut channel is, from the outside of the extrusion

How would this work on larger size extrusions? I have lots of 40x40, but nothing smaller.

I don't have that profile, but you can try to modify the OpenSCAD script based on the specs/measurements (there are multiple manufacturers for 4040 and I bet there are slight differences between the profiles)