Mini Greenhouse laser cut

by Fran_gabriel83 Jul 26, 2017
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Wow, that's awesome! have you tried fitting it with glas or acrylic panels, so it becomes an actual greenhouse?
I think I'm going to try that and maybe ad some grow lights for an art deco succulent propagation station.
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much for your comment. I dont try it, If you try with acrilyc or glass, please, share the result as I can see how beautifull is

Hey, thanks for the answer. I modified your files a little to make the greenhouse fit on my flower bench and hold some plants + grow lights. The grow lights are also the reason why i decided against acrylic windows for now. I am afraid it would get too hot in there without any additional ventilation. I am right now beginning to assemble the cuts. I just seem to have a bit of a problem with the angle of the roof. Did you intend those triangular support beams for the top of the roof or do they go somewhere else? I can't really tell where they are in your photos.

These triangular support beams were designed for the upper roof, but when I assemble the greenhouse I realized they weren't needed.
Looking forward to see the result.

Here's what my modified version came out to. I installed 4 strips of LED grow lights in the roof.

Wow, it looks fantastic, Congratulations

Thanks for your Inspiration & templates!

can you upload an STL file for this so its 3d printable?

Sorry. I don't work in 3D. I used autocad for this file and I don't know how to use 3D software.