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FIFO Rolling Can Pantry Organizer

by rebeltaz Jul 26, 2017
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Which size cans is this designed for?

Hey! I used 15oz cans of Margaret Holmes vegetables to design it.

I can't seem to find the size of that can...
Have you seen this:

Have you considered making different versions of this organiser to fit different can sizes?

Or make a 'midsection'?
You have a bottom part, and a top part, but it might be useful to be able to add extra layers to it for some product that you often use.

Parameterizing it might be an idea. Then it could be made to hold anything that's cylindrical, from cans and batteries to coin rolls and sweets... It would also make it possible for people to match it up to the depth of their shelves. Or to use different material thicknesses.
(I have a ShapeOko CnC router at home that can cut parts up to about 700x800mm or 27 x 31". cutting this out of 6mm or 1/4" Plywood should be pretty easy.)

The physical dimensions of the can are 73mm diameter by 112mm tall.

I don't know how to do parameterized versions of things, but you are welcome to take this and remix it :)

Honestly, after I printed the first one and found out how long each one took plus how much filament I needed for each one, I kind of gave up on this model. Had I a CNC router like yours, I'd be whipping these up left and right! lol

If you do happen to make this, I'd love it if would post an [I Made One]

So, what's stopping you from getting a CnC?
A ShapeOko isn't all that expensive. Or an X-carve, or...

Those measurements seems to be pretty much the same as the cans of baked beans I buy.

Which program did you use to create this design?
I think this site only supports OpenSCAD for parameterized designs. And it would require the source files for that.

lol... I beg to differ. The cheapest I saw for a ShapeOko (I looked after I saw your first message) or the X-Carve, unless I am missing something, is $1000 up to about $1500. For a self-employed mechanic with no guaranteed income - some weeks are great, some no so great - a grand is a little much to spend on a luxury item. My Tarantula was only about $250. That, I can handle :)

I had been looking at the MillRight - - which is only about $300-400 for a basic kit - with the spindle - but I just can't bring myself to buy something that will just sit around. Long before I got my 3d printer, I built a large format (4'x8') CNC from plans in a book I found and I never could come up with anything to do with it. I finally sold it to a guy on eBay.

Back to the design, I used Sketchup to design it. I'm trying to learn Blender right now, but that ain't no way I am going to tackle OpenSCAD. That program is just too much like math for my tastes! I'll upload the source files and you can give it a go, if you'd like.