OpenForge 2.0 Encounter: Earth Shrine

by devonjones Jul 27, 2017
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This is fantastic. Printing beautifully.
One question though. I see the ruined corner floors but can't seem to locate the Cut Stone corner floors.
Am I just over looking it someplace?


I added them to this thing for you. You can also find them here:

OpenForge 2.0 Corner Construction Kit: Cut-Stone Floors
OpenForge 2.0 Corner Construction Kit: Cut-Stone Corner Backs

Thank you very much.

Hello! What floor do I use in 90 degree corners? Excellent design!

OpenForge 2.0 Ruined Corners

This is excellent!

Just a thought, but have you considered maybe kickstarting a program that allows the user to make rooms from existing tile sets, and then spit out an .stl as a for profit venture?
I know I'd probably cough up for the ability to do something like that

More of this! Next up fire, water and air.

Definitely agree this is a great idea! Keep them coming! BTW, I especially like the irregular stone walls.

Thumbs up
Nice for starters and I like the idea of creating a campaign/side quest to deal with the various shrines

Thanks for making this

This is a cool concept. Releasing individual encounters as a package makes things more accessible for newcomers. Going to make this for my next campaign!